Meritorious Service Awards » 2021 Recipients

2021 Recipients

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within" -Maya Angelou


In spring of 2021, we held 29 building/department virtual ceremonies, where board members personally recognized Meritorious Service Awards nominees for their outstanding contributions toward student achievement, learning and teaching. On April 26, 2021, the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category for 2021.


Congratulations to CVSD's 2021 District-Wide Meritorious Service Award Honorees:


Certificated Employees: 

  • Matt Chisholm, Central Valley Virtual Learning Elementary
  • Dan Oster, Mica Peak High School
  • Lauren Waterbury, Learning and Teaching Center
Classified Employees: 
  • Traci Brown, McDonald Elementary
  • Deanne Drassen, Liberty Lake Elementary
  • Lisa Frizzell, Human Resources
Employee Teams:
  • Meals for Kids Team for Spring 2020: Nutrition Services, Transportation Services, Paraeducators and Delivery Drivers
  • Professional Development Team: Elisa Cayce and Emily Fletcher
  • Outreach Team
    • Renee Pryor, Leader
    • Lauren Waterbury, Leader
    • Jennifer Ashlock
    • Kimberley Baumann
    • Christina Belknap
    • Jennifer Chase
    • Katelynn Clark
    • Rachael Crooks
    • Kristin Day
    • Katrina Fuher
    • Natasha Gerasimchuk
    • Leslie Helms
    • Quinn LeSage
    • Janet McDonald
    • Caesy Morphis
    • Connie Mott
    • Shannon Phillips
    • Annmarie Rabe
    • Veronica Risken-Oakes
    • Melissa Scott
    • Christina Seybold
    • Tim Teterud
Community Organizations: 
  • Learning Support Sites: 
    • Boys and Girls Club CARE Project
    • HUB Sports Center
    •  Legacy Church Liberty Lake
    • ONE Church
    • Opportunity Presbyterian Church
    • Redeemer Lutheran Church
    • Valley Real Life
    • Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene
    • Sun City Church
    • Valley Assembly
    • Valley Point Church
  • Spokane Valley Partners
These recipients were selected by board members from those nominated by colleagues, students and parents below. 

Congratulations to CVSD's 2021 Meritorious Service Nominees: 


In 2021, there were 298 total nominees. A total of 818 individual certificates were given to 203 certificated and classified individuals, 70 employee teams, and 25 community members/organizations—nominated by peers, parents and students.


Elementary Schools


Adams Elementary School:

Alyssa Roibal - Certificated
Jen Druffel - Certificated
Kate Francis - Certificated
Kayla Starkey - Certificated
Kelly Stephens - Certificated
Lindsay Abbey - Certificated
Matthew West - Certificated
Megan Smith - Certificated
Mike our bus driver - Classified
Natalie Levine - Classified
  • Adams Core Subs: Alison LaFrance, Carson Lamphere, Kim Hadley
  • Special Education Educational Support Staff: Melissa Grytdal, Joanne Hamacher, Kathy Poffenberger, Shannah Dunagan, and Jennifer Davey
  • Special Education Team: Kim Gilbert, Mindy Benzel, Brittany Powles
Broadway Elementary School:
Greater Spokane Valley Rotary Club
Jen Higgins - Classified
Jenni Welch - Certificated
Sue  Ewan and Ron Overbeck: Sue Ewan, Ron Overbeck
Tanya Ward - Certificated
  • Secretarial Team: Jessie Waters-Finchum, Janelle Schumacher

Chester Elementary School:

Christina Seybold - Certificated
Cindy Sothen - Certificated
Denise Kennedy - Certificated
Heidi Dill - Certificated
Jeff Laden - Classified
Jennifer Stewart - Certificated
Lauren Camp - Certificated
Marianne Wherity  - Classified
Sara Schultz - Certificated
Shelly Mahn - Certificated
  • 5th Grade Teacher Team: Katie Stewart, Heidi Dill
  • Administration Team: Mrs. Sothen and Mrs. Weisbeck

Greenacres Elementary School:

Carlie Gotfredson - Certificated
Heidi Sine - Certificated
Karen Wheldon - Classified
Megan Lawler - Certificated
Patrick Kerley - Certificated
  • Valley Real Life: Jan Roseleip, Steve Allen, Carolyn Lanes, Larry Carroll, Bev Bergstrom, Delsa Marshall, Karen Thompson, Caleb Betts, Lois Havlicek, and Val Fields
  • 4th Grade Teacher Team: Aaron Lynn, Sarah Phillips, Shawna Walker, Taryn Weller
  • Administration Team: Lindsay Kent, Laurie Spence
  • Extended Resource and Resource Room Teachers: Rachel Reiber, Junei Michelbook, and Wendy Bucknell.
  • Greenacres Elementary PTA: Brian Ewasko, Colleen Ewasko, Alma Myers, Lindy Pessein, Allyson Bennett, Bekah Johnson, Chrysta Cress
  • Math is Cool Coaches: Taryn Weller, Julie Zimmerman, Kim Rubright

Liberty Creek Elementary School:

Anna Burt - Certificated
Connie Boni - Community Individual
Eric Dobney - Certificated
JC Kim - Classified
Kayli McKinney - Certificated
Sarah Pratt - Classified
Jen Denenny - Classified
Lorissa VonWolfrandt - Classified
Tim Riles - Certificated
  • Corp Sub Group at Liberty Creek Elementary: Amanda Guilbault, Anna Burt
  • Office manager Team: Dawn Simmelink & Susanne Hoff

Liberty Lake Elementary School:

Becky Renken - Classified
Deanne Drassen - Classified
Jen Tesky - Certificated
Joan Greiner - Certificated
Kara Lustig - Community Individual
Renee Williams - Certificated
  • Supervisory Assistants: Becky Renken, Kristy Alvarez, Heather Carroll, Julie Baggerly-Walker, Michele Carter
  • Custodial Team: Greg Goodell, Jerry Brayman and Rick Smith

McDonald Elementary School:

Jessie McNabb - Classified
Paula Kircher - Classified
Rick Bushyeager - Classified
Stacia Kapelke - Certificated
Tracy Brown - Classified
Tracy Sontrop - Certificated

Opportunity Elementary School:

Abi Kim - Certificated
Allison Regnier  - Certificated
Andrew Walters - Certificated
Becky Banks - Certificated
Brent Howard - Certificated
Christa Neumann - Certificated
Hannah Thompson - Certificated
Katie Higgins - Certificated
Kristin Hein - Certificated
Leslie Geldien - Certificated
Mandi Rehn - Certificated
Mr. Walters  - Certificated
Mrs Breslin  - Community Individual
Mrs. Banks - Certificated
Mrs. Kunz - Certificated
Taylor Kennedy - Certificated
Ms. Richardson  - Certificated
Nicole Foster - Certificated
Sandy Terry - Classified
Sharon Stevenson - Certificated
Sierra Campbell  - Certificated
Susan Kunz  - Certificated
  • Custodian Team: Dave Calhoun, Chuck Warner
  • Opportunity Kitchen Team: Sandy Terry,  Heather Raynor,  Kitchen Team Member
  • Social Justice Team: Andrew Walters, Nicole Foster and Carina Mauro

Ponderosa Elementary School:

Ande Seines - Certificated
Beth VanEtten - Classified
Christy Swan - Certificated
Dana Hilpert  - Certificated
Heather Ralph - Certificated
John Klemme - Classified
Mary Gowdy - Classified
Nurse Lindsey Morrell  - Classified
Traci Collins - Certificated
William Bronsch - Classified
  • Ponderosa Elementary Special Education Team: Natalie Urbiha, Amber Slye, Keri Watson, Heather Stanley, Cath Christy, Kendra Wellner, Sara Bascetta, Michelle Beaker, Holly Dillon, Lidiya Crosby, Tonia Norris, Patti Branson, Lisa Mertens, Nicole Black, Mandi Jennings, Christy Nettles
  • Specialist Team : Dana Hilpert, Debbie Knowlton, Heather Brown
  • The Ponderosa Special Education Team: Keri Watson, Natalie Urbiha, Amber Slye, Christy Nettles, Amanda Jennings, Nicole Black, Yana Clovis,  Cathy Christy, Kendra Wellner, Tonia Noris, Sara Bascetta, Holly Dillon, Michelle Beaker, Lidya Crosby, Jerry Mertens, Lisa Mertens and Patti Branson

Progress Elementary School:

  • Classified Team : Barb Carlson, Jeannie Eastman, Mary Nicholls, Linda Langsett, Sarah Moss, George Berryman, and Ok Smith
  • Fab Four Valet Girls: Becky Rossler, Kyndra Bunkelman, Brooke Rasmussen, and Lacey Gross
  • Specialist Team : Missie Olson, Gwen Cadwallader, Pam Popp 

Riverbend Elementary School:

Cheryl Chandler - Classified
Christy Swan - Certificated
Colleen Nilson - Classified
Dixie Banta - Certificated
Jeff Dufresne - Certificated
Jen Moore - Certificated
Julie Woodring  - Classified
Lauren Hollister - Certificated
Loreli Plagman - Classified
Mitch Weller - Certificated
Mrs. Carly Smith - Certificated
Mrs. McLaughlin - Certificated
Nathan Clark - Certificated
Patti Simmelink - Classified
Shirley Brick - Certificated
Vickie Cunningham - Certificated
Riverbend Teaching Staff
  • Riverbend's Supervisory / Para & Secretarial Team: Deb Lansford, Colleen Nilson, Cheryl Chandler, Linda Sparley, Julie Woodring, Lorelei Plagman, Cassandra McCullum, Terri Stenson, Tracy Kinney, Charity Cluver, Chandra Newbill, Patti Simmelink, Kelly Nordquist
  • Core Sub Team: Shanna Hale, Jennifer Walker
South Pines Elementary School:
Dianne Stark - Classified
Katy Neal - Certificated
  • School Assistants: Angela Green, Katelyn McAllister, Jenilee Schmidt
  • South Pines Specialist Team: Andrew Phillips, Kirsten Albrecht,  Jeannette Fennel
Sunrise Elementary School:
Eileen Nelson - Certificated
Paige Laws - Certificated
Perry Magers - Community Individual
Social Connections Program: Eileen Nelson, Debbie Crow, Kari Vigesaa, Cindy Courtney
  • Student Success Team: Laura McKee, Jeanne Termath, Paige Laws, Travis Howell,  Eileen Nelson, Carly Purvine, Arreal Blakesley, Rose Francis
  • Sunrise Elementary Nursing Team: ArReal Blakesley, Hannah Hoy, Lindsey Morrell
  • Sunrise PTO: Taraka Pyper, Jessica Gardner, Conni Olson, Sarah Carter, Michelle Spear, Angie Terhaar, Stephanie Burkhart, Kim Finger, Stephanie Jerdon
  • Administrative team: Travis Howell, Paige Laws

University Elementary School:

Cathy Walter - Certificated
Chrissy Miller - Classified
Linda Honn - Certificated
Paul Medellin - Classified
Jeanna Medellin - Classified
Rachael Krum - Certificated
Raeann Ducar - Community Individual
Stephanie Martin - Certificated
Middle Schools


Bowdish Middle School:

Chris Klesch - Certificated
Dave Benner - Certificated
Kyle Hjelm - Certificated
Lisa Tupling - Certificated
Michelle McGinnis - Classified
Shayna Gerken - Classified
Shayna Gerkin - Classified
  • The Bowdish Staff: Lee Bailey, Dave Benner, Rick Bushyeager, Pat Dempsey, Kathy Doohan, Ben Flanigan, Jim Fortner, Laura Fortner, Stephanie Garrett, Shayna Gerken, Corey Gregerson, Kevin Hatch, Luke Henderson, Kyle Hjelm, Rick Holestine, Nick Isotalo, Kathy Jackson, Robin Kimball, Chris Klesch, Teresa Leuschel, Laura Lindley, Michelle McGinnis, Haley Mills, Chris Mitchell, Ruth Mize, Dennise Mundell, Jennifer Murdock, Deb O'Keeffe, Tonya Page, Lynn Parsons, Gail Phillips, Eric Roal, Kyle Schafer, Julie Smith, David Stuhlberg, Tiffany Thompson, Corey Triebwasser, Lisa Tupling, Crystal Ugolini, Pete Whipple, Paula Wiemer, Jen Wigen, Misti Young, Beau Siegel,  Shannon McGowan, The Kitchen Staff
  • Bowdish Leadership Team: Dave Benner, Kathy Doohan, Jim Fortner, Cory Gregerson, Kyle Hjelm, Shannon McGowan, Tonya Page, David Stuhlberg, Stephanie Garrett
Evergreen Middle School:
Allen Kohler - Certificated
Annie Rabe - Classified
Kim Trent - Certificated
Natalie Nootenboom - Certificated
Owen Jones - Certificated
Robin Ekholm  - Classified
Tom Molter - Certificated
  • 2 AI Classrooms Staff: Karissa Alder, Samantha Blair, Sarah Cornell, Paula Folsom, Andi Friberg, Andrea Gillette, Cindy Graham, Hayley Jones, and Haley Lewis
Greenacres Middle School:
Chris Gagnon - Certificated
Jennifer Chase - Certificated
Patrick Moore - Certificated
Sarah Scates - Certificated
Vern DiGiovanni - Certificated
Horizon Middle School:
David Black - Certificated
Jaime McMaster - Certificated
Jennifer Ashlock - Certificated
Lisa Church - Community Individual
Tiffany Florez - Certificated
North Pines Middle School:
Ashley Sea - Certificated
Beth Weinrich - Certificated
Deb Acker - Certificated
Julie Arlt - Classified
Mark Pierce - Classified
Rhiannon Catlett - Certificated
North Pines Bus Drivers
  • North Pines Special Program Team: Adrienne Sale, Acacia Smith, Victoria Pau. Betsy Casteel, Beth Weinrich, Leslie Knight, Christina Cavanaugh, Julie Arlt, Lisa Hager, Angie Moeller 
Selkirk Middle School:
Alison Walton - Certificated
Brenda Hill - Certificated
Cherie Holm - Certificated
Connie Mott - Certificated
Jason Putz - Certificated
Kristin Taylor - Certificated
Lynn Frucci - Classified
Michelle Sutton - Certificated
Paul Gerard - Classified
Rachael Kettner - Certificated
Stacy Pecha - Certificated
  • Administration Staff : Ty Larsen, Alison Walton, Connie Mott
  • Selkirk Breakfast and Lunch Crew: Kay Frank, Evie Adams, Melinda Hansen
  • Selkirk custodial team: Paul Gerard, JC King, Jesse Moreno, Roxsan Kane, and Viktor Timokhin
  • Selkirk Health/Fitness teachers: Chase Rasmussen, Shelley Wolff, Audra White, Ali Bartlett, and Cherie Holm
  • Selkirk Mentoring Committee: Ty Larsen, Alie Montang, Connie Mott, Natalie Tinkham, Jordyn Bradley, Cherie Holm

High Schools


Central Valley High School:

Eric Parker - Certificated
Heather Galloway - Certificated
Joe Pauley - Certificated
Kathryn Teske - Certificated
Katie Bousley - Certificated
Kevin Egeland - Community Individual
Lauren Waterbury - Certificated
Leanne Donley - Certificated
Mason Flemmer - Certificated
Megan McMurtrey - Certificated
Michael Muzatko - Certificated
Mona Bak - Classified
Morgen Larsen - Certificated
Mr. Gretch - Certificated
Nathan Hunt - Classified
Rebecca Juhnke - Classified
Rich Hein - Certificated
Richard Hein - Certificated
Ryan Hartshorn - Certificated
Sophia Arnold, YASV - Community Individual
Tiera Irby (Como) - Certificated
Tim Teterud  - Certificated
Vince Eberly - Certificated
Clyde Woods  - Certificated
  • Central Valley High School Nutrition Staff: Deanna Almeida, Therese Gomez, Kim Lorentz, Patti Howard, Carla Clark, Tammy Sater, Karen Robb, Patricia Johnson, Leah Arnold
  • Central Valley High School Season 1 Coaches: Jason Allen, Kara Nitteberg, Tami Rebstock, Megan Fraser, Amelia Gubler, McKenna Markquart, Sydney Rebstock, Geoff Arte, JJ Giachetti, Dave Durand, Dennis McGuire, Doug Pecha, Katie Bousley, Kyle Genther, Kara Ames, Rob Rowe, Aaron Gruis, Annie Weisbeck, Phil Plesek, Ryan Butner, Travis Harmon, Brian Spencer, Karl Freeman, Randy Hendrick, Jay Hanley, Craig Kent, Branson Schmidt, Mark Butner, Chris Sullivan, Roman Chodorowski, Justin Pessein, Ross Brunelle, Trystian Arnold, Logan O'Neill
  • CV Janitors: Mike Copley, Bradley Fluno, Dave Dunn,  Jessie McNabb, Debbie Bickelhaupt, John Heitshu, Larry Belcher, John Packwood, Tawnia Embree, Toby/Tom Eshbach.
  • CVHS ELD Team: Vince Eberly, Tamara Mosar, Katherine Hoot
  • CVHS Live Streaming Team - Alan Wardsworth, Duane Barnhart, Ron Beard, Michael Barnhart:
  • CVHS Secretaries: Marlene Morrow, Jenni Voelker, Shannon Arlt, Angie Ranniger, Lori Wilson, Karen Santora, Elizabeth Driscoll, Karolyn McDevitt , Chris Campanella, Brea Lyonnais, Lani DeBuhr
  • CVHS Special Education Department: Erin Teterud, Brice Gretch, Wendy Jones, Russ Tarmann, Matt DiDesidero, Cari Nielsen, Shaun Williams, Melissa Spivey, Alanna Evans, Clyde Woods, Stephanie Painter, Elizabeth Mallinen, Rebecca Juhnke, Dori Hawks, Darcie Jernberg, Cathy Franks, Lisa Johnson, Stephanie Morgan, Sarah Wylie, Keri Arthur, Xiuwen Zhang, Aimee Colby, Jessica Williams, Lauren Parker, Roberta Glatt, Colter Langan, Shara Yackel, Mona Bak, Jennifer Cantrell, Lorie White, Linda Beck, Sandra McCune, Keri McNabb, Jay Rudd, Melody Morse, Shawna McNabb, Brenda Ventress, Linda Howard, Maria Olson.
Ridgeline High School:
Abby Frandsen - Certificated
University High School:
Chris Hill - Certificated
Hana Miller - Certificated
Joe Turman - Certificated
Kristen Creese - Certificated
Liz Wardsworth - Certificated
Megan Perkins - Certificated
Scott Sutherland - Certificated
Victoria Caswell - Certificated
  • UHS Counseling Team: Patricia Shelley, Loretta Kron, Matthew Flieger, Ernie Aguilar, Tabatha Copeland, Julie Evans, Jenny Bryant, and Nicole Rippee
  • University High School Music Department: Garrett Newbill and Matt Johnson
  • University High School Special Education Department: Kylie Paluck, Sherie Van Orsow, Heather Chronister, Kara Sharpe, Doris Tharp, Kaysha Reinhart, David Carpenter, Heidi Seaman, Geri McIntire, Samantha Kern, Julisa Green, Laura Kramer, Kristine Hendrickson, Kaleb Madison, Dan Dodge, Andrew Huffaker, Colleen O'Campo, Julie Evans, Jordan Allen, Karen Ayers, Mary Lou Baab, Debbie Bach, Debbie Bayley, Ying Chen, Laurie Cook, Julie Daily, Kristine Dale, Jen Daniel, Cindy Dimmler, Delphine Dixson, Elizabeth Fonteyne, Josalynn Green, Hope Harper, Cheri Hawkes, Veronica Hoyt, Debbie Hunt, Julie Imes, Beth Marquette, Tanya McRae, Lorene Sandoval, Cynthia Oglesbee, Bert Paluck, Susan Polley, Joel Rabe, Barb Rhoads, Patty Sager, Sue Smith, Amber Sohns, Shauna Stanley, Maureen Steward, Lisa Urdahl, Kristi Walson, Dylan Willard-Biagi, and Mardi Williamson.

Non-Traditional Schools and Education Centers


Central Valley Early Learning Center:

Adrienne Roberts - Classified
Karen Brown - Classified


Central Valley Virtual Learning Elementary:

Matt Chisholm - Certificated
Mitch Weller - Certificated


Central Valley Virtual Learning Middle School:

Kelly Stephens - Certificated
Laura Fortner - Certificated
Robin Kimball  - Certificated
  • CVVL Middle School Leadership Team: Ronni Brown, Connor Kuhl, Andrea Parkins, Robin Storms
Learning and Teaching Center (District Office):
Benjamin Small - Certificated
Eric Bartholomew - Classified
Greater Spokane Inc.
Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce
Jan Roseleip - Community Individual
Lauren Waterbury - Certificated
Lisa Frizzell - Classified
Lisa Hagen - Certificated
Matt Lambert - Certificated
Melissa Hammer  - Classified
Melissa Hammer - Classified
Spokane Teachers Credit Union
Spokane Temple - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Spokane Valley Fire Department
Spokane Valley Partners
Sue Gates - Classified
Terrie VanderWegen - Certificated
Transportation Department
Valley Real Life
  • The SEL Sub Committee: Kimberley Baumann, Melissa Scott, Megan Fraser, Analisa Holcomb-McCann
  • 2021 Central Valley Citizens for Education Co-chairs: Meagan Garrett, Lindsay Miller
  • Central Valley Learning Support Sites: Boys and Girls Club CARE Project, HUB Sports Center, Legacy Church Liberty Lake, ONE Church, Opportunity Presbyterian, Redeemer Lutheran, Spokane Valley Church of the Nazarene, Sun City Church, Valley Assembly, Valley Point Church, Valley Real Life
  • CVSD Campus Resource Officer Team: Trevor Jones, Brad Smith
  • CVSD COVID leadership team: Jay Rowell, Brian Asmus
  • CVSD Outreach Team Leaders: Lauren Waterbury, Renee Pryor
  • Elementary Curriculum Support: Elisa Cayce, Emily Fletcher
  • Elementary School Secretaries: ALL Elementary School Head and Assistant Secretaries
  • Elementary Virtual Learning Professional Development Team: Emily Fletcher, Elisa Cayce
  • Nutrition Services/Kitchen Staff: Denice Kwate and all Leads and Kitchen Staff
  • Professional Development Team : Elisa Cayce, Emily Fletcher 
  • Sun City Church: Jenni Spedick, Jami Austing
  • The District Outreach Committee Members : Quinn LeSage, Tim Teterud, Janet McDonald, Jennifer Chase, Connie Mott, Rachel Crooks, Annie Rabie, Jennifer Ashlock, Kimberley Baumann, Christina Belknap, Katelynn Clark, Kristin Day, Katrina Fuher, Natasha Gerasimchuk, Leslie Helms, Shannon Phillips, Melissa Scott, Christina Seybold, Caesy Morphis, Veronica Risken-Oakes.

Mica Peak High School:

Dan Oster - Certificated
Elizabeth Wilson - Certificated
Geri Bacheller  - Classified
Kamiel Youseph - Certificated
Lynne Wilberding - Certificated
Star Chavez - Classified
  • MPHS Para-Educators : Nancy Combs, Kelli Dexter, Margaret "Greta" Boyer, Kris Kilduff, Angela Priest, LeAnna Kennedy, Susie Pace, Cheryl Pirozok, Debbie Walker, Deborah Finney, Christine Morris, Laura Belfry, Dana Moosman, Kristin Husband, Kaylee Williams, Tina Simpson, Tina Gering, Chie DAmico, 
    Paraprofessional Team: : Debbie Walker, Kaylee Williams, Kristin Husband, Chris Morris, Dana Moosman, Debbie Finney, Laura Belfry, and Cheryl Pirozak
  • School To Life-Endeavor Transition Program Paraeducators: Nancy Combs, Kelli Dexter
  • Vision Team: Jenna Jackson, Tina Simpson, Tina Gering

Spokane Valley Learning Academy:

  • Spokane Valley Learning Academy Staff: Cheryl Abbott, Grace Cook, Amanda Jeppson, Traci Mantz, Meghan Suda, Karen Thompson, Paula Ward

Spokane Valley Tech / STEM Academy:

Ashley Loncon - Certificated
Birgit Hodgson - Classified
Lyndi Miles - Certificated
Lyndi Myles - Certificated
Mark Bitz - Certificated
Trent Horrell  - Classified
Summit School:

DM Freed - Certificated
Erika Addington - Certificated
Katie Gilson - Certificated
Mary Koch - Certificated

Walt Clemons - Certificated

  • Summit Attestation Volunteers: Stephanie Rehaume, Kathy Seaboldt,  Sabrina Torres