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Open Doors

Open Doors Youth Reengagement

Open Doors exists to help make a high school diploma a reality for young adults who may have previously disengaged from academics. Through this program, those who are 16 – 21 (and who have dropped out of high school or are not expected to graduate before turning 21) can earn this credential – opening more doors in work and life. 

Community Partnerships with Graduation Alliance, Next Gen Zone, and Gateway to College make CVSD’s Open Doors program possible and provide students with performance-based and individualized support. 
Interested students are encouraged to reach out to a counselor at their former school for more information or email us directly. (Contact information to the right.) 

High school graduation or a GED is possible for everyone. We will help you make this step into your future. 

In 2023, 60 CVSD students earned high school diplomas through Open Doors; 5 earned their GED.

CVSD's Open Doors Partners:

•    Graduation Alliance – High School Diploma issued by resident high school
•    Next Generation Zone - GED
•    Gateway to College – High School Diploma issued by State of Washington / AA Degree

Information for current Open Doors Students may be found here