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Superintendent & Administrative Team

Ben Small, Superintendent

Ben Small has been an active member of the Spokane Valley community since he was named Superintendent of the Central Valley School District in 2008. He has more than 16 years leading school districts as Superintendent, driving strategic vision in school systems, and using a collaborative leadership style that develops common purpose.

In 1990, Mr. Small began his career in education teaching middle school in Walla Walla. From 1996 to 2008, he led in the Columbia School District as the middle school Principal, Executive Director for Teaching and Learning, and for five years as the Superintendent.

He earned his Associate of Arts degree from Spokane Falls Community College, holds his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees from Eastern Washington University, and earned his Superintendent Credential from Washington State University.
In Central Valley, Superintendent Small leads a preschool-12th grade school system of nearly 14,000 students and over 2,100 employees in 28 schools and learning centers over an 80-square-mile area.
Mr. Small is a founding board member and past president of PACE - Partners Advancing Character Education and past Chair of the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the WSU College of Medicine Dean's Advisory Council, the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Admissions Committee, the Washington Association of School Administrators-Professional Standards & Ethics Committee, the Spokane County United Way Board of Directors, the Board of Trustees of Greater Spokane Incorporated, the Spokane Area Workforce Development Council, Providence Health Care Community Ministry Board, and is a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Spokane Valley.
CVSD Administrative Team for the 2019-2020 school year:


  • Ben Small, Superintendent
  • Jay Rowell, Deputy Superintendent
  • Jan Hutton, Assistant Superintendent of Finance
  • Kent Martin, Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Learning & Teaching
  • Tim Nootenboom, Assistant Superintendent of HR, Facilities, & Technology
  • Terrie VanderWegen, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Learning and Teaching
  • Rick Doehle, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Eric Hoglund, Executive Director of Elementary Learning & Teaching
  • Matt Lambert, Executive Director of Secondary Learning & Teaching
  • Bill Ash, Director of Assessment and Title/Special Programs
  • Eric Brewer, Director of Secondary Special Education
  • Molly Carolan, Director of Elementary Special Education
  • Rob Curnow, Director of Technology
  • Corey Groh, Director of Finance
  • Mathew Knott, Director of Business Services
  • Marla Nunberg, Director of Communications
  • Caroline McRoberts, Assistant to Superintendent

Principals, Assistant Principals & Deans

  • Barb Sattler, CV Early Learning Center Director
  • Nicole Karaus, Adams Elementary Principal
  • Lori Johnson, Broadway Elementary Principal
  • Deena Allen, Broadway Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Cindy Sothen, Chester Elementary Principal
  • Moe Weisbeck, Chester Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Lindsay Kent, Greenacres Elementary Principal
  • Laurie Spence, Greenacres Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Kim Kyle, Liberty Creek Elementary Principal
  • Alisha Alsaker, Liberty Creek Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Jen Tesky, Liberty Lake Elementary Principal
  • Matt Walter, Liberty Lake Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Scott Krentel, McDonald Elementary Principal
  • Mandi Rehn, Opportunity Elementary Principal
  • Brent Howard, Opportunity Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Sasha Deyarmin, Ponderosa Elementary Principal 
  • Christy Swan, Ponderosa/Riverbend Elementary Assistant Principal 
  • Matt Chisholm, Progress Elementary Principal
  • Jeff Dufresne, Riverbend Elementary Principal
  • Stan Koep, South Pines Elementary Principal
  • Tim Nootenboom, Sunrise Elementary Principal 
  • Paige Laws, Sunrise Elementary Assistant Principal
  • Melanie Kilgore, University Elementary Principal
  • Walt Clemons, Summit School Principal
  • Laura Lindley, Bowdish Middle School Principal
  • Jen Chase, Bowdish Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Mike Syron, Evergreen Middle School Principal
  • Randey Thompson, Evergreen Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Vern DiGiovanni, Greenacres Middle School Principal
  • Grady Emmerson, Greenacres Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Josh Wolcott, Horizon Middle School Principal
  • Jason Francek, Horizon Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Lora Jackson, North Pines Middle School Principal
  • Nate Bartlett, North Pines Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Ty Larsen, Selkirk Middle School Principal
  • Alison Walton, Selkirk Middle School Assistant Principal
  • Kerri Ames, Central Valley High School Principal
  • Robin Barnhart, Central Valley High School Assistant Principal & Activities Director
  • Tricia Campbell, Central Valley High School Assistant Principal 
  • Brandon Deyarmin, Central Valley High School Assistant Principal
  • Katie Louie, Central Valley High School Assistant Principal
  • Tim Teterud, Central Valley High School Dean
  • Keven Frandsen, University High School Principal
  • Rob Bartlett, University High School Assistant Principal
  • Quinn LeSage, University High School Assistant Principal
  • Hana Miller, University High School Assistant Principal
  • Ken VanSickle, University High School Assistant Principal & Activities Director
  • Jim Carbajal, University High School Dean
  • Kamiel Youseph, Mica Peak High School Principal
  • Dan Oster, Mica Peak High School Dean
  • Camille Nielsen, Spokane Valley Tech & STEM Academy Principal
  • Abby Frandsen, Spokane Valley Tech & STEM Academy Assistant Principal
  • Janice Boyd, Spokane Valley Learning Academy, Central Valley Virtual Learning and Able Learner Program Principal
  • Jesse Hardt, Ridgeline High School Principal (school opens fall 2021) 
  • Jerrol Olson, Planning Principal

Certificated Administrators

  • Camille Nielsen, Interim Director of Career & Technical Education
  • Jerrol Olson, Facilities Department
  • Katrina Fuher, Student & Family Engagement Coordinator
  • Rachel Crooks, Student & Family Engagement Coordinator

Classified Administrators

  • Bill Coder, Custodial Supervisor
  • Sandy Hope, Payroll Manager
  • Cheri Kaatz, Publications Manager
  • Denice Kwate, Nutrition Services Supervisor
  • Greg Mitchell, Technology Supervisor
  • Shannon McKenzie, Accounting Manager
  • Jeff Pflieger, Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager
  • Bill Santiago, Purchasing Manager
  • Shanda Simpson, Nutrition Services Assistant Supervisor
  • Steve Verhoef, Transportation Supervisor

Certificated Interns

  • Leah McCollum-Michelsen, Adams Elementary
  • Andrew Walters, Opportunity Elementary
  • Shannon McGowan, North Pines Middle School