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Parents/Guardians: Please check back on August 28th for up-to-date routing information for your student, or join us for our Transportation Open House being held on Tuesday, August 27th from 4:30-6:30 pm at our District Office in the Board Room. (19307 E. Cataldo) There, you will be able to get your students bussing information. 

More than 70 routes serve our district’s 27 schools. Routes and times may change during the year, based on student enrollment. 

  • Delays & Closures - All buses are on time and running their regular routes.
  • Bus Route Conditions Hotline: 558-5572
Please note: If your student receives special education transportation, then transportation has already been arranged according and you do not need to register.
*Registering your child for transportation is for informational purposes only for our transportation team. Once you register, please identify your child's closest bus stop by viewing the Bus Routes / Schedules below.

Bus Routes / Schedules: