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All buses are on time and running their regular routes.

Please call our route conditions hotline (558-5572) often for up-to-date information as conditions may change as the day progresses.

Closures & Delays:
Inclement Weather/Snow Procedures for Students & Parents:

  1. Call the Bus Route Conditions Hotline: 558-5572
  2. Watch for a notification email or phone call from Central Valley School District
  3. Click here for School Delays and Closures
Please note: If buses are unable to travel to your student's regular stop due to inclement weather, your student will need to go to their alternate stop. 

Alternate Snow/Emergency Routes:
* East Liberty Lake -- Idaho Rd & Greenridge area
          * Rt 101 CVHS/GMS & LLE/LCE --- Idaho Rd
          * Rt 122 CVHS/GMS & LLE/LCE --- Greenridge
* West Liberty Lake/Tum Tum & Quinemose area
          * Rt 135 CVHS/GMS --- Quinemose
          * Rt 132 LLE/LCE      --- Tum Tum
          * Rt 146 LLE/LCE      --- Quinemose
* Saltese Flats
          * Rt 102 CVHS/GES
          * Rt 154 GMS
* Linke/Chapman
          * Rt 111 CVHS/EMS
* Bella Vista
          * Rt 157 UHS/HMS/CES
* Painted Hills
          * Rt 116 UHS
          * Rt 616 HMS
          * Rt 121 CES

More than 70 routes serve our district’s 27 schools. Routes and times may change during the year, based on student enrollment. 

Please note: If your student receives special education transportation, then transportation has already been arranged according to their IEP and you do not need to register.
*Registering your child for transportation is for informational purposes only for our transportation team. Once you register, please identify your child's closest bus stop by viewing the Bus Routes / Schedules below.

Bus Routes / Schedules:
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