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2015 Recipients

2015 - Meritorious Service

Meritorious Service nominees were recognized by school board members during special celebrations held in each Central Valley School District building between February 27 and March 20. On March 23, 2015 the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category. The recipients were selected by board members from among the individuals and teams nominated this year (named below) by colleagues, students, and parents.

Congratulations to Our 2015 District-Wide Honorees!

2015 Meritorious Service Award Honorees

(Left to right): Melissa (Missy) Scott, Kim Pearman-Gillman, Marty Dickinson, Robin Barnhart, Scott Kingsford, Rick Sheppard, Jim Durning, Cindy Noll, and Jay Rowell.  Not pictured: Rick Doehle. 

Melissa (Missy) Scott, Counselor, McDonald Elementary – Certificated Employee
There seems to be little at McDonald Elementary in which Missy is not somehow involved. She has organized numerous events from free back-to-school haircuts, the Christmas Tree of Sharing, holiday meals for families, and the Food for Thought backpack program - all benefiting students and families with economic challenges. In addition, she seems to seek out ways to positively influence the entire student body by helping them prepare for life after McDonald. Whether it is encouraging good school attendance, encouraging PACE character traits of the month, or the 5th grade job program, she truly helps prepare the whole student, and student body, for a positive future and school career.

Kim Pearman-Gillman & Marty Dickinson, Bond and Levy Co-Campaign Chairs – Community Member/Organization
planning began for the 2015 Bond & Levy campaign, it was clear a strong force would be needed to lead the charge. Ultimately, two strong forces combined to help ensure the levy and the bond (the first in nearly two decades!) would to pass, safeguarding excellent educational opportunities in the district for all students. Marty led the development of a strategic communications plan and marketing plans to cement the key messages of the campaign. Kim spearheaded the fundraising efforts, generating more funds than any previous campaign. Both co-chairs garnered community support and were able to rally key individuals in the community to formally endorse the campaign. They dedicated countless hours of personal time and the success of the campaign was due largely to their work and talents. 

Robin Barnhart, Teacher, Central Valley High School – Certificated Employee
Teachers are often called to above and beyond the call of duty, in and out of the classroom. As the DECA advisor at CVHS, Barnhart often organizes events and trips for students to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their future careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. This past year one of her DECA state qualifying students used a wheelchair and Barnhart worked to ensured his travel to and participation in the state competition would not be impacted by any transportation or other access challenges. She made sure he “felt included and encouraged” and even managed to research and arrange a more economical means for wheelchair transportation than originally planned – saving district funds. Her nominator noted, “She goes the extra mile. She’s awesome!”

OpenEye, District-wide – Community Member/Organization
Located in Liberty Lake, this company supports a number of schools within CVSD by providing over 20 mentors to young students. As noted by a nominator, with schools at capacity one-on-one time with students is not always possible but the OpenEye mentors offer support, encouragement, and the ability to be “fully-present” with students. These mentors may be found in schools weekly, connecting and building relationships through a variety of activities – helping with homework, eating lunch, brainstorming ways to cope with challenges, listening, and having fun! The nominator continued, “They bring joy to each student with their genuine care and concern for students’ needs.” Award accepted on behalf of OpenEye by Scott Kingsford, Rick Sheppard, and Jim Durning.

Cindy Noll, Head Secretary, Opportunity Elementary – Classified Employee
As they are the first face many visitors see, it is key to have a positive person in the front office of any school. Cindy’s nominators noted she fills this role with “love and grace.” She is constantly working to improve herself and her school through dedication to efficiency and a willingness to do “whatever it takes.” Cindy is noted as having “boundless optimism” and a “humble spirit,” both of which serve her, and the Opportunity family, well in her daily interactions with students, parents, and staff, especially in challenging situations. Endless stories exist of times Cindy has gone out of her way to make a difference in a student’s life – from making a connection with a student having a rough day, or taking steps to ensure a student is comfortable in class, Cindy is, as noted by a nominator, “the heart of Opportunity”.

Rick Doehle & Jay Rowell, Human Resources and Maintenance Admin Team – Team 
“Common focus,” “students first” and “a can-do attitude” are just some of the phrases used to describe this duo. They also “share an ability to be really nice people…[with an] ability to cut to the issues when needed and make things happen.” Whether it is creative problem solving, correcting issues, being present at school functions, or making pulled pork for the staff, Rick and Jay go above and beyond for the students, families, and staff of CVSD.


Congratulations to Our 2015 Meritorious Service Award Nominees!


Adams Elementary

  • Jeff Dufresne, Principal (Certificated) 
  • Mark Hollenbeck, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Heather Simpson, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Scott Kingsford, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)


Broadway Elementary

  • Sarah Creighton, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Sue Ewan, (Classified)
  • Kay Bryant, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Jill Wakeling, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Broadway Elementary School Staff (Team)
  • Integrated Kindergarten Specialist Team: Missy Champagne, Kelsey Erdman, Katie Ferris, Janine Franke, Cheri Johnson,  Jennifer Moore,  Tonia Norris,  Tracy Sontrop,  Jenni Welch, and Michelle Womack
  • Parent Pick Up Team: Chie D'Amico, Bobbi Robinson, and Sandy Wing


Chester Elementary

  • Teresa Humphrey, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Cindy Sothen, Principal (Certificated) 
  • David Buchmann, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization) 
  • Becki Herndon, Teacher (Team) Resource Room Team
  • Tori Orndorff, Paraeducator (Team) Resource Room Team

Greenacres Elementary

  • Lucinda Sporleder, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • David Bronson, Rayna Delcambre, Jonathan Dimmler, Kathie Drake, James Durning, and Leslie Summers -  Volunteers from OpenEye (Community Member/Organization)


Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Shelly Bajadali, Assistant Principal (Certificated)
  • Heather Graham, School Nurse (Certificated)
  • Cheri Hoagburg, PTSA Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Rick Sheppard, Daniel Cartagena, Jesse Korpi, Nicholas Monkman, Brent Peck - Volunteers from OpenEye (Community Member/Organization)


McDonald Elementary

  • Melissa Scott, Counselor (Certificated)
  • George Berryman, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)

Opportunity Elementary

  • Mary Kenna, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Sabrina Richardson, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Sharon Stevenson, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Mandi Larson, Principal (Certificated)
  • Cindy Noll, Head Secretary (Classified)
  • Bridget Breneman (Classified)
  • Bette Devine, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Marcia Tracht, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Shannon Duncan, Angela Gates, Suzie Kunz, Heather Simpson - Special Education Team (Team)


Ponderosa Elementary

  • Heather Brown, Music Teacher (Certificated)
  • Cathy Weaver, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Larry Barker, Night Custodian (Classified)


Progress Elementary

  • Ashley Segadelli, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Pam Popp, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Matt Chisholm, Principal (Certificated)
  • Jack Retherford (Classified)
  • Terri Stenson, Lynne Luddington - Progress Paraeducator Team (Team)
  • Stephanie Grivois, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Trish Abraham, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Andy Hail, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Progress Elementary School Community (Community Member/Organization)


South Pines Elementary

  • Brittany Olson, Teacher (Certificated)
  • James Olson, PE Teacher (Certificated)
  • Tina Gering, Stephanie Roberts, Robbin Roseborough, Jen Kelson, Tina Jordan, Amy Awberry, Derrick Hardin, Stephanie Denny, Blair Keymer, Joe Hofer, Jen Daniel, Doreen Takisaki, Mary Lou Babb, Mary Boek - Comprehensive Intervention Team (Team)


Sunrise Elementary

  • Jeff Haynes, Bus Driver (Classified)
  • Teresa Herambourg, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)


University Elementary

  • Cathy Walter, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Josh Wolcott, Principal (Certificated)
  • Dale Alling, Technology Field Technician (Classified)
  • Jaunna Carlson, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)
  • Nancy DeLaurentis, Linda Honn, Kelly Parsons - University Elementary Specialists (Team)
  • Linda Honn, Christine Larkin, Shawna Mallonee, Joan McCarron, Kim Nurvic, Deb Palfenier, Tammy Pelfrey, and Katie Taylor - PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) (Team)




Bowdish Middle School

  • Angela Poole, Teacher (Certificated)
  • Rod Gudgel, ISS Supervisor (Classified)


Evergreen Middle School

  • John Parker, Principal (Certificated)
  • Janet Hall, Marci Highley, Carol Schuchart - EMS Secretaries (Team)


Greenacres Middle School

  • Mason Flemmer, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Laura Hull, Assistant Principal (Certificated) 
  • Jeff Smith, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Alec Vermaire, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Matt Bolster, Trevor Conley,  Kurt Dehmer, Ryan Patterson, and Rebecca Vangrimbergen - Volunteers from OpenEye (Community Member/Organization)


Horizon Middle School

  • Dara Keen, Jen Lehman, Shirley Williams, Linda Sandberg, Melinda Hansen, Michelle Walker  Horizon Kitchen Crew (Team)


North Pines Middle School

  • Deb Pritzl, Head Secretary (Classified) 


Barker High School

  • Trevor Jones, School Resource Officer (Classified) 
  • Katrina Bech, Teacher (Team) ITRACC
  • Justin Chissus, Teacher (Team) ITRACC
  • Karisa Nord, Teacher (Team) ITRACC


Central Valley High School

  • Geoff Arte, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Robin Barnhart, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Joseph Pauley, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Paul Gerard, Custodian (Classified) 
  • Karen Santora, Paraeducator (Classified) 
  • Dusty Beaman, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization) 
  • Bill Pierce, Volunteer (Community Member/Organization)


University High School

  • Briane Green, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Wally Watson, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Transportation Department (Team)
  • University HS A111 Paraeducators (Team): Joanne Hamacher, Melissa Hammer, Julie Imes, and Addy Pol



Central Valley Kindergarten Center

  • Laura Gottberg, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Heidi Sine, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Dave VanVlaenderen, Custodian (Classified) 
  • Issac Grambo, Ken Latoszek,  Sean McCall, William Rhoads, abd Rhiannon Thompson - Volunteers from OpenEye (Community Member/Organization)


Early Learning Center

  • Carole Burns, Bookkeeper (Classified) 
  • Debi Denmark, ECEAP Teacher (Classified) 
  • Sue Hammond, Secretary (Classified) 
  • Karen Hittle, Family Service Coordinator (Classified) 
  • Child Care (Team):  Nahlah Abdal-Wahed, Heather Bauer, Kelly Beirouty, Holly Celtik, Sara Compos, Beth Handwerk, Kevin Hughes, Tiffanie Kerbs, Deanna Kiki, Janice Olson, Kari Sheldon,  Oanh Thai, Eddie Thomas, Georgena Verhage, Cherie Willis, and Rhonda Wilson. 


Learning & Teaching Center (LTC) – District Office

  • Dr. Terrie VanderWegen, Assistant Superintendent (Certificated)
  • Melissa Danelo, Special Education (Certificated)
  • Pat Hatch, Nutrition Services Driver (Classified)
  • Allina Holmquist, Business Manager (Classified)
  • Melanie Rose, Director of Communications (Classified)
  • Marty Dickinson and Kim Pearman-Gillman - Campaign Co-chairs (Community Member/Organization)
  • Rick Sheppard, Jim Durning and Scott Kingsford - Open Eye (Community Member/Organization)
  • Rick Doehle and Jay Rowell - Human Resources and Maintenance Admin Team (Team)
  • Allina Holmquist, Colleen Franke, Kari Gossett, Colleen Reilly, Patty Harrison, Cheri Myers, Connie Busch - Payroll Department (Team)
  • Dr. Terrie VanderWegen, Abby Frandsen, Leslie Heffernan, Jen Chase, Alison Walton, Jen Teske, Natasha Gerasimchuk, Kristin Day, Lisa Hagen, Elisa Cayce, Tori Hendricks, Brent Howard - Staff Development Team (Team)


Spokane Valley Tech

  • Mark Bitz, Instructor (Team) 4th Grade STEM Camp Team
  • Lori Buratto, Instructor (Team) 4th Grade STEM Camp Team
  • Camille Nielsen, Academy Principal (Team) 4th Grade STEM Camp Team


Summit School/Spokane Valley Learning Academy (SVLA)

  • Jen McDonald, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Ryan Monson, Teacher (Certificated) 
  • Jolene Marczynski, Supervisor (Classified)