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2010 Recipients

2010 - Meritorious Service

The outstanding contributions of Central Valley School District employees and community members are recognized each year by the Board of Directors through the Meritorious Service Awards. Initiated by the School Board in 1985, the awards honor exemplary contributions by individuals and organizations toward student achievement and our district’s primary focus – learning and teaching.

All of the nominees for Meritorious Service Awards will be recognized at special celebrations at each Central Valley School District building. The Board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Awards in each of the four categories on Monday, March 22, 2010. The recipients were selected from nominations submitted this year by colleagues, students and parents.

2010 Meritorious Service Award Recipients

Eric Parker, Central Valley High School - Certificated Employee 
Central Valley High School (CVHS) Director of Bands Eric Parker has remained an integral part of the program since he graduated from CVHS in the Class of 1996. Ten years later, Parker became the Director of Bands where he is highly respected by students, faculty and Band Boosters for his passion for teaching music and his dedication to the Band Program. Parker works tirelessly to advance the CVHS music program and offer extra opportunities for students to learn and experience community-wide music events to inspire their future as musicians.

Betty Foley, Learning and Teaching Center - Classified Employee
Although Betty Foley is the Central Valley School District (CVSD) Purchasing Secretary she has been instrumental in the launch and coordination of the Professional Development Training Program for all CVSD classified staff. Foley spends many hours organizing the classes and then she attends them. She is always striving to learn more to achieve excellence through education and to encourage other staff members to do the same. Foley’s co-workers refer to her as their inspiring “cheerleader” and greatly appreciate her workplace contributions.

MJ Bolt, Barker High School and HEART Program - Community Member/Organization
An active Central Valley School District parent volunteer and community volunteer, MJ Bolt was recently named Barker High School’s Community Liaison. She has headed many school and community events including “Barker Gives Back”, “Change Challenge” and numerous food drives. Bolt established the CVSD PTA Council’s “HEART in Hand” fund to provide much needed help to homeless families in the Central Valley School District. As a person who sees a need to help children and families, Bolt’s energy and heartfelt commitment to serve others has benefitted many in our community.

Fifth Grade & Special Education Team, South Pines Elementary - Team
Team members: Andrea Bennett, Jennell McLaughlin, Brandi Ottersen, Keri Watson, Aaron Wilhelm and Rose Wilson
This group of fifth grade and special education teachers has created a unique and successful model of teaching that truly addresses the needs of students first. Students are taught in subject blocks with flexible group dynamics for each block. Much of the program’s success is due to the “Team” concept. They collaborate as a team before school, after school and throughout the day. They support each other and their students in a safe and caring environment. Parent and student feedback has been enthusiastically positive. This team puts student learning first!

2010 Meritorious Service Awards Nominees:

Elementary Schools

Broadway Elementary
Jamie Kaiser, Certificated Employee
Ron Overbeck, Classified Employee

Chester Elementary
Irma Gross, Certificated Employee
Kelly Anderson, Classified Employee
WSU Master Gardeners Youth Program, Community Member/Organization
SMART Coordinators Team (Toni Skeman and Mike Warner)

Greenacres Elementary
Supervisor Assistants Team (Karen Wheldon, Jennifer Monroe, Faith Czarapata, Jamie Owens, Stacy Boden, Roberto Davilla, Lori Melaas, Trina Fletcher, Caroly Gant, Kim Hermes, Linda Shea and Allan Culley)

Liberty Lake Elementary
Paula Barth, Classified Employee

McDonald Elementary
Carol Bray, Certificated Employee
Arlene Godfrey, Certificated Employee
Chris White, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer
Amy White, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer

Opportunity Elementary
Kellie Breslin, Certificated Employee
David Noll, Community Member/Organization, Redeemer Lutheran Church
Kurt Bubna, Community Member/Organization, Eastpoint Church

Progress Elementary
Lynne Ludington, Classified Employee
Terri Stenson, Classified Employee
Karen Canfield, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer
Third Grade Teachers/Job Share Team (Paige Laws and Sharon Naccarato)

South Pines Elementary
Brandi Ottersen, Certificated Employee
Fifth Grade & Special Education Team (Aaron Wilhelm, Team, Rose Wilson, Team, Brandi Ottersen, Jennell McLaughlin, Andrea Bennett and Keri Watson)

Sunrise Elementary
Jan Tyson, Certificated Employee
Ken Wendt, Certificated Employee
Sandy Gass, Classified Employee
Chris Wyatt, Community Member/Organization, Parent Volunteer

University Elementary
Kelly Parsons, Certificated Employee
Nancy Johnston, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer
Office Staff Team (Leanne Rainwater and Kim Thies)

Middle Schools

Bowdish Middle School
Laverne Overbeck, Certificated Employee
Barry Borth, Classified Employee
Pam Kelley, Community Member/Organization, Parent Booster Club

Evergreen Middle School
Mike Ruscio, Certificated Employee
Nancy Davis, Certificated Employee
Jody Shogan, Certificated Employee
Marci Highley, Classified Employee

Greenacres Middle School
Sandy Phillips, Certificated Employee
Michelle Hamlin, Certificated Employee
Eva Waddell, Certificated Employee
Sue Gairson, Classified Employee
Kari Hansen, Classified Employee

North Pines Middle School
Kim Koch, Classified Employee

High Schools

Barker High School
MJ Bolt, Community Member/Organization, Parent Volunteer

Central Valley High School
Katie Louie, Certificated Employee
Brandon Mack, Certificated Employee
Eric Parker, Certificated Employee
Geri Bacheller, Classified Employee

University High School
Jane Scott, Community Member/Organization, Parent Volunteer
Counseling Department & Secretarial Team (Barbara Berkseth and Patty Maxwell)

Non-traditional Schools

Summit School
Janet McDonald, Certificated Employee
Susan Peavey, Certificated Employee
George Moon, Certifcated Employee
Karen Livingston, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer
Mary Hartman, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer

Educational Centers

Early Learning Center
Karen DeRowe, Classified Employee
ECEAP Team (Barbara Sattler, Janice Ray, Karen Hittle, Cathy Greiner, Tracy Williams, Kristi Blackwood, Debbie Volkmann, Linda Mace, Peggy Finnicum, Katie Nesbitt, Melissa Salveti, Casey Lee, Brenda Dutton, June Chandler, Carole Burns, Almaz Ainnuu, Darey Bible, Martha Hood, Kathie Olson,Carolyn Tibbals, Laura Hanson, Allie Campbell, Melissa Haskins, Marion Schweisthal, Julie Crowley, Janice Rozella, Sue Hammond, Deb Bernhard, Suzy Lindgren, Brenda Briggs, Carol Gregory, Darlene Boyer and Kay Irons)

Kindergarten Center
Jeanne Termath, Certificated Employee
Lyle Hansen, Classified Employee

Learning and Teaching Center
Kari Gossett, Classified Employee
Betty Foley, Classified Employee
Colleen Field, Classified Employee