Meritorious Service Awards » 2014 Recipients

2014 Recipients

Meritorious Service nominees were recognized by School Board members during special celebrations held in each Central Valley School District building between February 24 and March 21, 2014. The Board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Awards in all four categories during the March 24, 2014 meeting of the Board. The recipients were selected by Board members from among the individuals and teams nominated this year by colleagues, students and parents.


Congratulations to Our 2014 District-Wide Honorees!


Meritorious Service Award Honorees: 

(Left to right): Scott Krentel, Lynda Hall, Rustin Hall, Jennell McLaughlin, Cherie Willis, Doreen Dagon and Sandy Mills.

Jennell McLaughlin, South Pines Elementary - Certificated
A positive communicator, innovator, team player and continuous learner, Jennell McLaughlin is an exceptional teacher who goes above and beyond. She serves on many district-level committees and is highly involved in various roles such as co-leader of the South Pines Student Council and the Science Lead for South Pines Elementary. Her peers seek her out for advice and expertise in teaching and in science. When teaching her 5th-grade students, Jennell differentiates her instruction for all learning styles, and takes a hands-on, critical thinking approach. Jennell is connected to the community she lives and works in, and coupled with her desire to improve instruction, she brought “Wheat Week” and “Fish in the Classroom” to South Pines – programs that engage and challenge students in science. 


Scott Krentel, McDonald Elementary - Certificated
All principals wear many “hats” in their position, requiring a skillful balancing of multiple demands and responsibilities. Scott Krentel has mastered this balance. He demonstrates support, care and effort in his servant-leadership approach to everyone he interacts with at McDonald Elementary and the community. Scott is described by others as an essential leader who creates high expectations, but comes alongside his team to help them reach their goals. His genuine connections with students, staff, parents and the community create a positive, energized, productive environment. Scott is a respected leader who is true to his word, and who creates a welcoming, lasting impression with the entire McDonald Elementary community.


Cherie Willis, Early Learning Center - Classified
Cherie Willis has a unique, creative approach to life. She is described as inspiring, kind and positive, and one who takes the time and effort to be in-tune with her colleagues. If a desk has been decorated on a co-worker’s birthday, it’s the work of Cherie who used her break time to make that person feel special. She also devotes many hours outside of work, comforting students who are in the hospital, visiting staff and family who are ill, and volunteering in the community. Cherie is dedicated to making the learning environment fun, fresh and engaging for more than 60 children who come to Child Care by using new learning techniques gathered from the numerous classes, trainings and conferences she attends, as well as industry magazines and Internet.


Rustin & Lynda Hall, University High School - Community Member/Organization
For more than 20 years, Rustin and Lynda Hall have volunteered for countless leadership, theatre, choir, sporting and class activities. From building sets, sewing costumes, creating posters, serving and buying food, donating materials, selling tickets and products, to chaperoning students locally, statewide, nationally and internationally, the Halls have been a loyal pillar of support in the district. The pair has spent thousands of hours in volunteer service. They’ve helped build spectacular production sets for U-High that far exceed a typical high-school level drama production, supported the Horizon Middle School music and choral programs, and volunteered with many Ponderosa Elementary activities such as the Veterans Assembly, ice cream socials, carnivals and fundraisers. Chances are, if you name a school or an activity, Rustin and Lynda Hall have somehow contributed. 


Secretarial Team Sandy Mills and Doreen Dagon, Sunrise Elementary - Team
This dynamic duo puts the “Sun” in Sunrise Elementary. Working together to create a positive, welcoming environment, Sandy and Doreen run the daily office operations smoothly and professionally, with attention to detail, and always with genuine care for each and every student, staff member and parent. They stay updated on best practices by taking staff development classes. They assist with and serve on district committees and are called regularly by their secretarial colleagues for advice or guidance. Sandy and Doreen have such knowledge and experience, that when one is absent, the other is able to seamlessly maintain the daily operations of the school office. The staff at Sunrise Elementary feels fortunate to have this golden pair of secretaries greeting and welcoming all that come through our door.


Congratulations to our 2014 Meritorious Service Award Nominees!


Elementary Schools


Adams Elementary

  • Judy Rasmussen, Teacher - Certificated
  • Natalie Levine, Paraeducator - Classified
  • Eileen Green, Paraeducator - Classified

Broadway Elementary

  • Penny Neste, Title 1 Teacher - Certificated
  • Community of Christ Church Homework Club - Community Member/Organization
  • Ron Overbeck and Mike Whipple, Custodial Services - Team

Chester Elementary

  • Betty Cornell, Supervisory Assistant - Classified

Greenacres Elementary

  • Sara Ball-Vadeboncoeur, Teacher - Certificated
  • Nevada Sample, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Caroly Gant and Stacey Boden, Valet Attendants - Team

Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Pat Lutzenberger and Liberty Lake K-Kids - Community Member/Organization
  • Michelle Carter, Theresa Hanaway, Debbie Hunt, Richard Smith, Cynthia Stephens, Julie Ward - Kitchen Staff - Team

McDonald Elementary

  • Jan Frank, Music Teacher - Certificated
  • Scott Krentel, Principal - Certificated
  • Sid Johnson & Members of the Spokane Valley Baptist Church - Community Member/Organization
  • Janis Adams, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Tammy Mansfield, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Sue Jones & Susan Peterson, McDonald Secretaries - Team

Opportunity Elementary

  • Rick Markealli, Music Teacher - Certificated
  • Kathi Schleider, Speech Teacher - Certificated
  • Elizabeth Belcher, Supervisory Assistant - Classified
  • Gayle Johnson, Resource Room Paraeducator- Classified
  • Ruth O'Neall, Paraeducator - Classified
  • Sean Caulford, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Margie Mieske and Rob Ridalls, Volunteers - Community Member/Organization
  • Mackenzie Svelmoe, Sharon Stevenson, Katie Norman, Hannah Malsam - Kindergarten Teachers - Team

Ponderosa Elementary

  • Tiffany Cicchetti, Teacher - Certificated
  • Deb Knowlton, Teacher Librarian - Certificated
  • Shannon Duncan, School Psychologist (also serves Sunrise and Chester) - Certificated
  • Lynda Curtis, Head Secretary - Classified

South Pines Elementary

  • Jennell McLaughlin, Teacher - Certificated
  • Carla Bradford, Jennell McLaughlin, Brandi Ottersen, Amber Parviainen, Emelie Pospisil, Angela Wagner, Amy Wellsandt, Rose Willson - SPACE Teachers - Team

Sunrise Elementary

  • Teri Rowell, Teacher Librarian - Certificated
  • Jennie Conrad, Assistant Cook/Supervisory Assistant - Classified
  • Nancy Huettl, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Sandy Mills & Doreen Dagon - Secretarial Team - Team
  • Toni Bergstedt & Anna Owens - Extended Resource Room Teachers - Team

University Elementary

  • Daneen McRae, Teacher - Certificated
  • Katie Taylor, Extended Resource Teacher - Certificated
  • Vickie Dawson, Title 1 Reading Specialist - Certificated
  • Becky Light, Paraeducator and Supervisory Assistant - Classified
  • Diane Aikman, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Deb Walker and Becky Light, Special Education Assistants Team - Team

Middle Schools


Bowdish Middle School

  • Kathy Doohan, Extended Resource Room Teacher - Certificated
  • Tawnya Bruns, Math and Science Teacher - Certificated
  • Dave Bouge, Principal - Certificated
  • Eric Roal, Teacher - Certificated
  • Vivian Fanic, Head Cook - Classified
  • Jerilyn Matthews, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization

Evergreen Middle School

  • Debbie Herman, Teacher Librarian - Certificated
  • Deborah McClelland, Art Teacher - Certificated
  • Helen Rock, Language Arts/History Teacher - Certificated
  • Paula Kircher, Paraprofessional LPN - Classified
  • Jackie Tanneberg, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization

Greenacres Middle School

  • Dan Owens, Teacher - Certificated
  • Jeff Smith, Teacher - Certificated
  • Beth Hall, Assistant Secretary - Classified
  • Teresita Kissinger, Supervisory Assistant - Classified
  • Staci Martinez, Ashley LaFranz and Cassie Bennett, Volunteers - Community Member/Organization
  • Dr. Ulrich, Liberty Lake Eye Care Center - Community Member/Organization

Horizon Middle School

  • Kayla Wagner, Behavior Intervention Tech - Classified

North Pines Middle School

  • Maya Heissenbuttel, Gateway to Technology Teacher - Certificated
  • Angela Warner, Special Education Teacher - Certificated
  • Vicki Arnold, Technology Teacher - Certificated
  • David Boudy, Volunteer - Community Member/Organization
  • Deb Hemenway and Evergreen LDS Ward, Community Member/Organization

High Schools


Central Valley High School

  • Michael Muzatko, Teacher/Technical Theatre Curriculum Coordinator - Certificated
  • Katie Louie, Teacher - Certificated
  • Karen Santora, Supervisory Assistant - Classified
  • Paul Gerard, Custodian - Classified
  • Claude Booth, Custodian - Classified
  • Key Club students and advisor Krista Larsen - Community Member/Organization
  • FCCLA students and advisor Carolyn Schafer - Community Member/Organization

University High School

  • Julie Evans, Special Services Counselor - Certificated
  • Brian Schmidt, Teacher - Certificated
  • Doris Tharp, Teacher - Certificated
  • Ken VanSickle, Assistant Principal/Activities Director - Certificated
  • Wally Watson, Teacher - Certificated
  • Rustin & Lynda Hall, Volunteers - Community Member/Organization
  • Kara Twining, Social Media Safety and Education Team - Team
  • Linda Slater & Arlene Wollan, Attendance Office Team - Team
  • Tammy Lallier, Cheryl Lewis, Judy Looker, Jan Pierce, Vicky Seward, Linda Slater, Arlene Wollan - Main Office Classified Team - Team

Non-Traditional Schools & Education Centers


Barker High School

  • Jana McKnight & Dan Oster, Senior Class Advisors - Team

CV Kindergarten Center

  • Amy Milliken, Teacher - Certificated
  • Lisa Marsh, Counselor - Certificated (also counselor at Greenacres Middle School)
  • Judy Woodard, Paraeducator - Classified

CV Early Learning Center

  • Amber Stuart, Special Education Case Manager - Certificated
  • Trudy Byus, Lead Interpreter for the deaf - Classified
  • Barb Sattler, ELC Administrator - Classified
  • Cherie Willis, Child Care Lead - Classified

Learning & Teaching Center - District Office

  • Lauri Trader, District Courier - Classified
  • Evan Sorensen, Administrator - Staff Development - Certificated
  • Kathy Stockbridge, Early Learning Specialist - Certificated
  • Neil Prescott, Retired Administrator - Community Member/Organization
  • Brent Howard, Social Media Safety and Education Team - Team Each

Summit School/Spokane Valley Learning Academy

  • Anna Brandal, Trailblazer (5/6) Teacher - Certificated
  • Karen Ridl, Assistant Secretary/Media Assistant - Classified
  • Chrissy Mack and Jen Lang, Volunteers - Community Member/Organization
  • Summit Auction Committee - Community Member/Organization