2017 Recipients

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a gift and not giving it." – William Arthur Ward

Meritorious Service nominees were recognized by School Board members during special celebrations held in March 2017 in each CVSD school or building. On March 30, 2017, the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category. The recipients were selected by board members from those nominated by colleagues, students, and parents below.

Congratulations to CVSD's 2017 District-Wide Meritorious Service Award Honorees:

  • Heather Dresback, Summit School, Certificated
  • Heather Speziale, University High School, Certificated
  • Doug Lawson, Transportation for Greenacres Elementary, Classified
  • Katsumi Honsey, University Elementary, Classified
  • Kurt Bubna, Mica Peak High School, Community Member
  • Karch Polgar, Spokane Valley Tech, Community Member
  • Jennifer McPherson, Spokane Valley Tech, Community Member
  • Transportation Shop Foreman and Mechanics, Team
  • Strategic Literacy Elementary Tutors, Team

Congratulations to CVSD's 2017 Meritorious Service Nominees: 

Elementary Schools

Adams Elementary School

  • Carol Cleveland, Certificated
  • Georgia Lyonnais, Certificated
  • Julie Custer, Certificated
  • Lupe Wolfe, Certificated
  • Ruth Knowles, Certificated
  • Team, Adams Elementary Staff, Team

Broadway Elementary School

  • Jamie Kaiser, Certificated
  • Julie Caffrey, Certificated
  • Liz Stebbins, Certificated
  • Lori Johnson, Certificated
  • Martha Agnew, Certificated
  • MaryBeth Hildahl, Certificated
  • Alicia Johnston, Classified
  • Broadway PTO, Community
  • Tabatha Copeland, Community
  • Broadway Elementary-ER Cooperating Teacher Team, Team

Central Valley Kindergarten Center

  • Kim Kyle, Certificated
  • Laura Gottberg, Certificated
  • Central Valley Kindergarten Center Staff, Past and Present, Tem

Chester Elementary School

  • Jenny Stewart, Certificated
  • Shelly Mahn, Certificated
  • Ed and Mary Ellen Schultze, Community
  • Lisa Church, Community
  • Greenacres Elementary
  • Joe Stuckrath, Certificated
  • Justin Collyer, Certificated
  • Mary Plunkett, Certificated
  • Patrick Kerley, Certificated
  • Caroly Gant, Classified
  • Doug Lawson, Classified

Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Joanne Comer, Certificated
  • Debbie Maynes, Classified
  • Greg Goodell, Classified
  • Sandra Baesler, Community
  • Library Team, Team
  • PTSA Second Year Board Members, Team

McDonald Elementary School

  • Jody Dohrmann, Certificated
  • Dale Alling, Classified
  • Traci Brown, Classified
  • Heather Parent, Community
  • Jana McDonald, Community

Opportunity Elementary

  • Brian Hasting, Certificated
  • Danielle Maxwell, Certificated
  • Laurie Spence, Certificated
  • Leslie Geldien, Certificated
  • Anita Hofstee, Classified
  • Marcie Rockstrom, Classified
  • Jim Crowley, Community
  • ABLES Ladies, Team

Opportunity Elementary Staff, Team

  • Title Team, Team
  • The Opportunity Elementary Nutrition Crew, Team

Ponderosa Elementary

  • Certificated, Dana Hilpert, Certificated
  • Classified, Dana Kern, Classified
  • John Toothaker, Classified
  • Stephanie Bell, Classified
  • Ponderosa Secretarial Team, Team
  • Ponderosa Supervisory Team, Team

Progress Elementary School

  • Patricia McGowan, Certificated
  • Raeann Ducar, Community

South Pines Elementary

  • Brittany Olson, Certificated
  • Courtney Fleck, Certificated
  • James Roibal, Certificated
  • Jim Olson, Certificated
  • Kim Baumann, Certificated
  • South Pines Elementary School Staff, Team

Sunrise Elementary

  • Cynthia Barbeau, Classified
  • Rose Francis, Certificated
  • Sunrise PTO, Community
  • Sunrise Staff, Team

University Elementary School

  • Rose Hone, Certificated
  • Dani Crandall, Classified
  • Jesus Moreno, Classified
  • Katsumi Honsey, Classified
  • Erin Ramirez, Community
  • Jessica Quirk, Community
  • Kelsey Voss, Community
  • Lia Culwell, Community
  • Raeann Ducar, Community
  • University Elementary School PTO officers, Community
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Team, Team

Middle Schools

Bowdish Middle School

  • Matt Walter, Certificated
  • Mrs. Parsons, Certificated
  • Peggy Barker, Certificated
  • Secretary Staff, Team

Evergreen Middle School

  • Deb Herman, Certificated
  • Janice Boyd, Certificated
  • John Parker, Certificated
  • Mariena Gonder, Certificated
  • Mike Gharst, Certificated
  • Mo Gonder, Certificated
  • Debbie Ransier, Classified
  • Paula Kircher, Classified
  • Janice Boyd/John Parker, Team

Greenacres Middle School

  • Bri Kirsch, Certificated
  • Cherie Holm, Certificated
  • Grady Emmerson, Certificated
  • Lisa Marsh, Certificated
  • Emily Autor, Classified
  • GMS Custodial Staff, Classified
  • June Chandler, Classified
  • Sue Gairson, Classified
  • Linda Abrams, Community
  • 7th Grade Language Arts Team, Team
  • Greenacres Middle School Custodial Team, Team
  • PBIS Team, Team

Horizon Middle School

  • Connie Mott, Certificated
  • Matt Hildahl, Certificated
  • Seth Parsloe, Certificated
  • Sharon Phinney, Certificated
  • Tiffany Florez, Certificated
  • Horizon WEB Leaders, Team

North Pines Middle School

  • Kim Hunter, Certificated
  • Tina Townsend, Classified
  • North Pines' CI teaching Team

High Schools

Central Valley High School

  • George LeBret, Certificated
  • Kyle Genther, Certificated
  • Lawrence Bernbaum, Certificated
  • Jim Breslin, Classified
  • Karen Santora, Classified
  • Mavia Adams, Classified
  • Robert Smallwood, Classified
  • Central Valley HS Marching Band Staff, Team
  • CVHS Secretarial Staff, Team

University High School

  • Brandon Deyarmin, Certificated
  • Chris Mitchell, Certificated
  • Heather Speziale, Certificated
  • Kara Sharpe, Kelvin Martin, Samantha Kern, Certificated
  • Loretta Kron, Certificated
  • Michael Conklin, Certificated
  • Robert Bartlett, Certificated
  • Julie Daily, Classified
  • U-High Assistant Principals and Dean, Team
  • Unity Coaches, Team

Non-Traditional Schools and Education Centers

Central Valley Early Learning Center

  • Sandra Honeychurch, Certificated
  • Darlene Boyer, Classified
  • AIM/ECEAP Team, Team
  • ELC Office Staff, Team
  • Family Support Staff, Team

Central Valley Virtual Learning

  • Alison Walton, Certificated 
  • Debbie Hemenway, Classified
  • George Berryman, Classified

CVSD Learning and Teaching Center

  • Kent Martin, Certificated
  • Susie Giesa, Certificated
  • Lisa Hagen, Certificated
  • Cheri Kaatz, Publications Manager, Classified
  • Eric Bartholomew, Classified
  • Pat Hatch, Classified
  • Sue Gates, Classified
  • Vincent Butler, Classified
  • CVSD Transportation Shop Foreman and Mechanics, Team
  • Payroll Department, Team
  • Route 305, Team
  • CVSD Transportation Department 'Dispatch Team', Team
  • LAP Strategic Literacy Tutors, Team

Mica Peak High School

  • Dan Oster, Certificated
  • Shannon Truitt, Certificated
  • Tessa Johnston, Classified
  • Kurt Bubna, Community
  • Nedra Anderson, Community
  • High School Buddy advisors Mica Peak, Team
  • M.I.C.A. Teaching Team, Team
  • MPHS Secretary Team, Team
  • Resource Officers, Team

Spokane Valley Learning Academy

  • Entire Spokane Valley Learning Academy Team, Team

Spokane Valley Tech

  • Ray Landry, Classified
  • Jennifer McPhearson, Community
  • Karch Polgar Community
  • Marcus Bresko & Teresa Herambourg (SVT PTO) Community
  • STEM Camp Instructors, Team
  • SVT Admin: Camille Nielsen and Scott Oakshott, Team

Summit School

  • Cory Young, Certificated
  • Dan Powell, Certificated
  • Heather Dresback, Certificated
  • Jennifer Olsen, Certificated
  • Leslie Huff, Classified
  • Cynthia "Cindy" Presta, Community
  • Custodians, Team