2018 Recipients

"We must stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives."– John F. Kennedy

Meritorious Service nominees were recognized by School Board members during special celebrations held in March 2018 in each CVSD school or building. On March 26, 2018, the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category. The recipients were selected by board members from those nominated by colleagues, students, and parents below.

Congratulations to CVSD's 2018 District-Wide Meritorious Service Award Honorees:

  • Dr. Mary Jo Buckingham, Director of Special Services, Certificated
  • Victoria Pau, North Pines Middle School, Certificated
  • Tim Gump, Ponderosa Elementary, Classified
  • Dave VanVlaederen, Liberty Creek Elementary, Classified
  • Scott Gabbert, Central Valley High School, Community
  • CVHS Athletic Trainer & Coaches, Team
  • CVHS Theatre Department, Team

Congratulations to CVSD's 2018 Meritorious Service Nominees: 

Elementary Schools

Adams Elementary

  • Julie Custer, Certificated
  • Jan Frisch, Certificated
  • Scott Marlow, Certificated
  • Laurie Wendt, Certificated
  • Adams PTSA: Michele Allen, Darcie Harnett, Lisa Kirishian, Vicky Klemme, Chari Lodge, Monica Shearer & Valerie Zotto, Community
  • Valerie Zotto, Community
  • STRIVE Team: Kim Gilbert, Janice Jarvis, Jamie McMaster, Sandra West, Team

Broadway Elementary

  • Missy Champagne, Certificated
  • Stephen Hart
  • Mary Beth Hildahl, Certificated
  • Jamie Kaiser, Certificated
  • Jennifer Moore, Certificated
  • Jill Munstedt, Certificated
  • Judy Polley, Certificated
  • Alicia Johnston, Classified
  • Cherne Haskell & Greg Repetti, Valley Hospital, Community

Chester Elementary

  • Christina Seybold, Certificated
  • Jenny Stewart, Certificated
  • Michelle Neils, Classified
  • Lesley Sandon, Community
  • Evergreen Middle School
  • Kyla Watson, Certificated
  • Tom Molter, Certificated

Greenacres Elementary 

  • Wendy Bucknell, Certificated
  • Lindsay Kent, Certificated
  • Megan Lawler, Certificated
  • Classified, Mike Bayle, Classified
  • Kim Cantrell, Classified
  • Doreen Davis, Transportation, Classified
  • Alicia Dickson, Classified
  • Carolee Gant, Classified
  • Jamie Owens, Classified
  • Linda Shea, Classified
  • Don Shenk, Classified
  • Karen Wheldon, Classified
  • GES Supervisory Team: Linda Shea, Don Shenk, Caroly Gant, Kim Hermes, Stacey Boden, Karen Wheldon, Tammie Kindley, Alicia Dickson, Valerie Lester, Mike Rathbone, Mellisa Rice, Marilyn Byerly, Team

Liberty Creek Elementary

  • Stacy Pecha, Certificated
  • Jenel Thew, Classified
  • Dave VanVlaenderen, Classified
  • Aggie Aguilar, Community
  • Kim Martins, Community
    LesLee Sanders, Community
    Other Creek Grant Winners, Community
  • Farmers Insurance, Community
  • Meet The Masters Team: Sophie Terry, Kate Vaughan, Erin Zsada, Parent Volunteers, Community
  • Alisha Alsaker & Kim Kyle, Team
  • Spokane Valley Partners Food for Thought - Weekend snack program, Community

Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Kate Alva, Certificated
  • Cheryl Monson, Certificated
  • Jeff Rachoy, Certificated
  • Deanne Drassen, Classified

McDonald Elementary

  • Gail McCandless, Certificated
  • Certificated, Laurie Parr, Certificated
  • Katsumi Honsey, Classified
  • Jenni Spedick, Classified

Opportunity Elementary

  • Angie Gates, Certificated
  • Stephanie Lancaster, Certificated
  • Mandi Larson, Certificated
  • Meriah Peplinski, Certificated
  • Lloyd Stallings, Certificated
  • Sharon Stevenson, Certificated
  • Hannah Thompson, Certificated
  • Sean Caulford, Classified
  • Patty Besseler, Community
  • Jim Shiner & Leadership Team, Valleypoint Church, Community
  • The Custodial Team: Marcie Rockstrom, Greg Stone, Lisa Chason, David Calhoun, Team
  • Mandi Larson & Lloyd Stallings, Team
  • Opportunity Staff, Team

Ponderosa Elementary

  • Heather Brown, Certificated
  • Sasha Deyarmin, Certificated
  • Sarah Forest, Certificated
  • Shannon Rigsby, Certificated
  • Mary Anne Sullivan, Certificated
  • Tim Gump, Classified
  • Darcy Gisolo, Ponderosa PTSA, Community
  • Sarah McNeice, Ponderosa PTSA, Community
  • Kindergarten Teaching Team: Ellen Briggs, Lisa Johnson, Yvette Ornelas & Ande Seines, Community, Team

Progress Elementary

  • Patricia Reed, Certificated
  • Barb Carlson, Classified
  • Prime Time Mentors: Destini Aguilar, Betty Dursh, Nate Hartman, Anna Graves, Toni Mankins, Cameron McDaniel, Jessica McDaniel, Rachel Milsap, Makinzie Poitevint, Fay Rodgers, Julia Rogers, Lauri Roskamp, Kelsey Scott, Carol Stobie, Debbie Thomas, Trevor Walker, & Charles Williamson, Community
  • Reading Buddies, Spokane County Library District: Bonnie Alonzo, Megumi Angela Bernardo, Lorin Hills, Kim Howard, Calista Jay, Philip Kahn, Allison Roland & Jamie VanWormer, Community

South Pines Elementary

  • Kimberly Baumann, Certificated
  • Angela Boudreau, Certificated
  • Alissa Clary, Certificated
  • Stan Koep, Certificated
  • Karel McElfish, Certificated
  • Merry Dale, Classified
  • Sarah Gossett, Classified
  • Angela Moeller, Classified
  • Para Educator Team: Mandee Bell, Libby DeLong, Melia Maughan, Robbin Roseborough, Laura Stockman & Shara Yackel, Team

Sunrise Elementary

  • Margie Beschta, Certificated
  • Patty Black, Certificated
  • Chris Campanella, Certificated
  • Sarah Larson, Certificated
  • Sue McCollum, Certificated
  • Jeff Haynes, Transportation, Classified
  • Amy Sullivan, Classified
  • Isabelle Cook, Isabelle's Dancetime Studio, Community
  • Sunrise PTO: Co-Presidents: Tara Depew & Katie Horgan, Co-Vice Presidents: Barb Robertson & Tricia Shoemaker, Secretary: Devon Gay, Treasurer: Taraka Pyper, Special Events: Jen Small, Little Red Easel/Art Director: Teresa Herambourg, Community
  • Custodial Team: Ryan Bemiss, David Dunn, Cindy Mertins, Jesse Moreno, Team

University Elementary

  • Ktee Burget, Certificated
  • Kristen Comer, Certificated
  • Casey Ferguson, Certificated
  • Andrea King, Certificated
  • Adrienne Sale, Classified
  • Ashley Kenner, University PTO, Community
Middle Schools

Bowdish Middle School

  • Peggy Barker, Certificated
  • Kathy Doohan, Certificated
  • Ruth Mize, Certificated
  • Michelle McGinnis, Classified
  • AVID team: Amanda Harris, Jim Fortner & Tonya Page, Team
  • 6th Grade Support Team: Kathy Doohan ER, Mrs. Leuschel EA, Ruth Mize PE, Mrs.Nesbitt EA, Mr. Northern Teacher, Gail Phillips Band, David Stuhlberg Teacher, Courtney Wright SLP & Maureen Weisbeck AP, Team

Greenacres Middle School

  • Patricia Dempsey, Certificated
  • Mike Fosburg, Certificated
  • Rachael Kettner, Certificated
  • Janet McDonald, Certificated
  • Michelle Sutton, Certificated
  • Danielle Zirbel, Certificated
  • Deborah Bernhard, Classified
  • Jerry Carlson, Classified
  • Kim Scott & Linda Wohlers, Classified
  • Linda Wohlers, Classified

Horizon Middle School

  • Starla Fey, Certificated
  • Corinne Sather, Certificated
  • Horizon Office Staff: Kim Thies & Cindy Ward, Team
  • Kitchen Team, Team

North Pines Middle School

  • Vicki Arnold, Certificated
  • Betsy Casteel, Certificated
  • Jared Mendenhall, Certificated
  • Darcy Nord, Certificated
  • Victoria Pau, Certificated
  • Kitchen Staff: Karen Bennett, Susan Bruno, Becky Christofferson, Sierra Hamm, Marilyn Palmer & Deatra Parr, Classified
  • Tina Townsend, Classified
  • North Pines Booster Club: Tabatha Copeland, Courtney Fuchs, Todd Fuchs, Kim Helm, Martin Pike & Rachel Skirvin, Community
  • Rebecca Wasley, Community
High Schools

Central Valley High School

  • Susan Dolan, Certificated
  • Krista Larsen, Certificated
  • Brandon Mack, Certificated
  • Dennis McGuire, Certificated
  • Dennis Mitchell, Certificated
  • Cathy Franks, Classified
  • Lisa Johnson, Classified
  • Lorraine White, Classified
  • Dennis & Lisa Crumb, Community
  • Scott Gabbert, Community
  • Athletic Trainer & Coaches: Mark Butner, Ro Chodorowski, Karl Freeman, Jeff Morrison, Justin Pessein, Travis Richardson, Brian Spencer, Team,  ,  
  • CVHS Theatre Department: Michael Muzatko, Director; Kevin Egelend, Technical Support; Jason Allen, Choreography; Eric Parker, Instrumental Music; Andrea Olsen, Vocal Music; Suzy Orth, Costuming; Will Long, Producer/Set Construction, Team

University High School

  • Mary Hansen, Certificated
  • Mike Hawkinson, Certificated
  • Michael McClenathan, Certificated
  • Dan Obenchain, Certificated
  • Don Owen, Certificated
  • Lori Schneider, Certificated
  • Jon Schuh, Certificated
  • Wally Watson, Certificated
  • Lori Schiermeister, Classified
  • Maureen Steward, Classified
  • Kristine Walshon, Classified
  • Jay Jordan, Community
Non-Traditional Schools and Education Centers


Central Valley Early Learning Center

  • Verne Reed, Certificated
  • Debbie Volkmann, Certificated
  • Adrienne Roberts, Classified
  • Melissa Salveti, Classified

Central Valley Virtual Learning

  • Deb Hemenway, Classified
  • Sophie Long, Classified

Learning & Teaching Center (District Office)

  • Dr. Mary Jo Buckingham, Certificated
  • Elisa Cayce, Certificated
  • Tori Hendricks, Certificated
  • Eric Bartholomew, Classified
  • Spencer Corey, Classified
  • Bond & Levy 2018 Campaign Steering Committee, Community
  • Scott Niebuhr, Spokane Valley Firefighters Local 879, Community
  • English Language Development Team: Vince Eberly (ELD Specialist) and Vera Tupikov (Bilingual Paraeducator) at CVHS; Betsy Casteel (ELD Specialist) & Kim Koch (Program Paraeducator) at NPMS; ELD TOSAs/Specialists for all Elementary & Middle Schools: Kristin Day, Natasha Gerasimchuk, Tamara Mosar, Mary Kay Hughes, Team
  • Print Shop: Cheri Kaatz & Vince Butler, Team
  • Transportation Hospitality Committee: Chris Cronk, Melissa Hammer, Jo Kinerson, Tammy McMahon, Shelmarie Moe, Team
  • Transportation Dispatch Office staff: Molly Best, Karen Deruwe, Karla Graham-Hauck, Jenny Janson, Sheryl Polignoni, Monica Stanley, Janet Terpko, Team

Mica Peak High School

  • Michael (Mike) Johnson, Certificated
  • Karisa Nord, Certificated
  • Greta Boyer, Classified
  • Jimmie Glasco & Sally Sale, Classified
  • LeAnna Kennedy, Classified
  • Angela Priest, Classified
  • Brandi Anderson, Community
  • Michelle Barnett & Spokane Valley Fred Meyers, Community
  • Angie Pettyjohn: Speech Pathologist; Conn Wittwer: Physical Therapist; Kristi Conley: Occupational Therapist, Team
  • Team, Stephanie Liljestrand & Loralee Paulson, Team

Spokane Valley Learning Academy

  • Traci Mantz, Certificated
  • Ashley Pittenger, Classified
  • Spokane Valley Tech
  • Mark Bitz, Certificated
  • Ashley Loncon, Certificated
  • Birgit Hodgeson, Certificated
  • Elizabeth Warren, Certificated
  • Ray Landry, Classified


  • Marlene Davis, Certificated
  • Leslie Huff, Classified
  • Supervisory Team: Christina Jeromchek, Joline Marczynski, Sue Marro, Marie Nesbitt, Kamin Sandford, Janelle Schumacher, Cheryl Schwahn, Jessica Tollefsen, Team