Meritorious Service Awards » 2011 Recipients

2011 Recipients

Employees, parents, students and community members nominated outstanding individuals for service to students and the district in the following four categories: certificated employee, classified employee, team and community member/organization. The Central Valley School District Board of Directors honored six recipients with district-wide 2011 Meritorious Service Awards on March 25, 2011. Initiated in 1985, the annual awards honor exemplary contributions by employees, teams, community members and organizations in support of student achievement in Central Valley Schools. 


2011 Meritorious Service Award Recipients:


Rik Austing, Horizon Middle School – Certificated Employee
Over the past 30 years, Rik Austing has contributed his energy, enthusiasm and considerable teaching talents at all levels of the Central Valley School District. The secret to Rik’s success is that he understands kids, how they learn and how to teach them. He cares about his students, builds on their strengths and expects them to achieve. In addition to being a valued colleague and collaborator, Rik continues to work to make himself a better educator and his school a better place to learn. He is an exceptional employee and teacher who uses his skills, talents, and personality to enrich the community around him. 

Shirley Brick, Ponderosa Elementary – Certificated Employee
Shirley Brick is invaluable to special education and resource students at Ponderosa Elementary, and she is equally appreciated by her staff members. She is an extraordinary worker who sees the potential in every child. Her co-workers appreciate her helpfulness and thoughtfulness and know they can always count on Shirley. In addition to her teaching position, Shirley serves as the Central Valley Education Association (CVEA) Representative and Treasurer. She continues to attend PTSA meetings and after school and evening programs to gain knowledge and provide input from a teaching perspective.


Jeff Haynes, Transportation – Classified Employee
Jeff Haynes has been a bus driver for Central Valley School District since 1987. It is remarkable that he has never missed a single day of work due to illness. He is a model employee and adored by his colleagues, students and their parents. Jeff opens the Transportation Department every morning before 5:30 a.m. He advises district administrators on road conditions and bus routes. Outside of work, Jeff is an active community volunteer helping with food drives, clothing drives and helping senior citizens. His solid character and work ethic is appreciated by all!


Ronda Stewart, University High School – Classified Employee
University High School is honored to have Ronda Stewart as part of the employee team. Ronda wears many hats including paraeducator, community and school volunteer, Public School Employee (PSE) Treasurer and Building Representative, Classified Staff Professional Development Class Facilitator and reliable friend to colleagues, students and parents. She works with warmth and patience and earns the respect of staff and students. Ronda is skilled with technology and uses her knowledge to enhance her work. She is known for going above and beyond her job requirements. For example, Ronda completed 350 hours of Classified Staff Professional Development classes in three years and earned her “Class C” driver’s license in order to drive students to locations off campus, if needed.


Tom Lundstrom, Liberty Lake Elementary and S.C.O.P.E. Volunteer – Community Member/Organization
Tom Lundstrom is a long-time member of the Liberty Lake S.C.O.P.E. (Sheriff Community Oriented Policing Effort) and tireless volunteer working to keep the students at Liberty Lake Elementary safe. He patrols the streets daily, putting up safety cones at intersections where students walk to and from school. He is the eyes and ears for parents and staff of students out of sight from home and school. Tom has been instrumental in establishing and organizing the Operation Identification Program where children are fingerprinted and photographed for parents to have available in case of an emergency situation. He has spent countless hours securing volunteers, handling orders and processing the fingerprinting and photographs for this important service. Tom has announced his retirement this year. His dedication and positive impact to the Liberty Lake Elementary community will be missed.


Summer Transition Team, Central Valley High School – Team (members include Jason Allen, Shirley Andrews, Katie Bousley, Katie Louie, Philip Plesek, Cheryl Regnier, Adrienne Schoenberg)
This group of five teachers, a school counselor and an assistant principal form a collaborative group to help students make the often-challenging transition into high school. The team worked diligently to develop a “transition summer camp” to introduce at-risk students to high school and emphasize the importance of getting off on the right track academically. The results of the transition program are outstanding! This year’s first semester grading reports, for the sophomores who attended the camp in 2009, revealed that every student passed all classes. No F’s! In addition, 54 percent of these students are back on track for on-time graduation. This is approximately a 20 percent decrease from the at-risk 10th grade students that did not attend the transition camp. The caring attitude and connections made with the students by this Summer Transition Team are greatly reducing the school’s academic failure rates and improving timely graduation goals.

2011 Meritorious Service Award Nominees:
The accomplishments of every nominee were celebrated by School Board members during in-school visits from February 28 through March 25, 2011.


Elementary Schools


Adams Elementary

  • Judy Leise, Certificated Employee
  • Marta Reiner, Certificated Employee
Chester Elementary
  • Ron Snyder, Classified Employee

Greenacres Elementary

  • Marcia Haney, Classified Employee
  • Brad McCormick, Community Member/Organization, PTSA Board
  • Kim Claypool, Community Member/Organization, PTSA Board

Liberty Lake Elementary

  • Greg Goodell, Classified Employee
  • Tom Lundstrom, Community Member/Organization, Liberty Lake SCOPE/Volunteer

McDonald Elementary

  • Carol Bray, Certificated Employee
  • Carolyn Hillstrom, Certificated Employee
  • Jody Dohrmann, Certificated Employee
  • Kevin Longworth, Certificated Employee
  • Mary Bauman, Certificated Employee
  • Dara Keen, Classified Employee
  • Kathy Barton, Classified Employee
  • Linda Sparley, Classified Employee
  • Sue Jones, Classified Employee
  • Dorothy Peterson, Community Member, Volunteer
  • Jennifer Morgan, Community Member, Volunteer
  • Tammy Mansfield, Community Member, Volunteer
  • Tonia Norris, Community Member, Parent Volunteer

Opportunity Elementary

  • Robin Kimball, Certificated Employee
  • Kathy Hansen, Classified Employee
  • Terri Crum, Community Member/Organization, Contributor/Volunteer

Ponderosa Elementary

  • Shirley Brick, Certificated Employee

Progress Elementary

  • Brenda Vandouris, Certificated Employee
  • Lynne Ludington, Classified Employee
  • Special Education and Kindergarten Paraeducators, Team (Diane Birkner, Jeanie Eastman,
  • Sandra Knight, Rita Hart, Carol Charles, Tina Townsend and Travis Cross)

South Pines Elementary

  • Blair Keymer, Certificated Employee
  • Val Clapper, Certificated Employee
  • Tina Simpson, Classified Employee

Sunrise Elementary

  • Shannon Duncan, Certificated Employee
  • Nancy Huettl, Community Member, Parent Volunteer
  • Sunrise Leadership Team, Team (Sarah McNeice, Sandi Larsen, Peggy Barnes, Eric Kramer, Jeni Davaz, Sarah Schmaltz, Linda Stumbough, Rachelle Ahumada, Tammy Nichols, Rose Francis and Monika Hawkinson)

University Elementary

  • Stacy Hammond, Certificated Employee
  • Angela Coleman, Community Member/Organization, PTSA President

Middle Schools


Bowdish Middle School

  • Kathy Doohan, Certificated Employee
  • Abida Dar, Classified Employee
  • Vivianne Fanic, Classified Employee
  • Stephanie Gibson, Community Member/Organization, Parent Booster Club

Evergreen Middle School

  • Deborah Herman, Certificated Employee
  • Helen Rock, Certificated Employee
  • Ellen Ruscio, Classified Employee
  • Marci Highley, Classified Employee

Greenacres Middle School

  • Linda Benoit, Certificated Employee
  • Patrick Thomas, Certificated Employee
  • Todd Rowell, Certificated Employee
  • Lynn Hicks, Classified Employee
  • Greenacres Middle School PTA, Community Member/Organization (Sarah Martin, Anne Bixby, Stormy Jones and Kathy Shirley)
  • The Chefs, Team (Vicki Scoggins, Deatra Parr, Renee Shoop, Mary Lou Hendrix, Arlene Wollan, Tana Moorehead, Squeaky May and Tiffany Hagen)

Horizon Middle School

  • Rik Austing, Certificated Employee
  • Rosanna Steele, Classified Employee

North Pines Middle School

  • Patty Woodbridge, Classified Employee

High Schools


Central Valley High School

  • Dr. Roberta Rice, Certificated Employee
  • Robin Barnhart, Certificated Employee
  • Debbie Carlson, Classified Employee
  • Lori Wilson, Community Member/Organization, Band and Color Guard Booster Club
  • Summer Transition Team, Team (Jason Allen, Katie Bousley, Katie Louie, Philip Plesek,
  • Cheryl Regnier, Adrienne Schoenberg and Shirley Andrews)

University High School

  • Jan Pierce, Classified Employee
  • Ronda Stewart, Classified Employee
  • Svetlana Melnik, Classified Employee
  • Debbie Davis, Community Member/Organization, U-High Booster Club Member

Non-Traditional Schools & Education Centers


Barker High School

  • Liberty Lake Kiwanis Club, Community Member/Organization

CV Early Learning Center

  • Babs Velategui, Certificated Employee
  • Casey Lee, Classified Employee
  • Janice Olson, Classified Employee
  • Special Services/ECEAP, Team (all staff)

CV Kindergarten Center

  • Marylou Moglia, Certificated Employee
  • PTO Board Members, Community Member/Organization, Kindergarten Center PTO

Learning and Teaching Center - District Office

  • Terrie VanderWegen, Certificated Employee
  • Jeff Haynes, Classified Employee
  • Damon Smith, Community Member/Organization, DCI Engineers
  • Accounts Payable, Team (Birgit Hodgson and Martha Poffenroth)
  • Human Resources, Team (Sue Brown, Teri Douglas, Kristi King, Lisa Riordan, Tracy Turner and Sue Watilo)

Summit School

  • Janet McDonald, Certificated Employee
  • Sarah Ellis, Certificated Employee
  • Katrina Dituri, Classified Employee
  • Anne Marie Keck, Community Member/Organization, Choir Coordinator/Volunteer
  • Cindy Presta, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer
  • Ruth Penick, Community Member/Organization, Volunteer