Meritorious Service Awards » 2024 Recipients

2024 Recipients

In the spring of 2024, we held over 30 building/department virtual ceremonies, where board members personally recognized Meritorious Service Awards nominees for their outstanding contributions toward student achievement, learning and teaching. Subsequently, the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category for 2024.


Congratulations to Our District-Wide Meritorious Service Award Honorees


Certificated Employees: 

  • Abby Deocariza, Adams Elementary, Teacher
  • Katie Louie, Central Valley High School, Principal
  • Connor Kuhl, Evergreen Middle School, Teacher
  • Ken Matheison, University High School, Teacher
  • Garrett Newbill, University High School, Teacher
Classified Employees: 
  • Trudy Byus, University Elementary,  Interpreter Specialist
  • Jesse McNabb, Evergreen Middle School, Head Custodian
  • Mary Scott, Opportunity Elementary, Paraeducator 
Employee Teams:
  • Academic Leadership Team, Broadway Elementary School, Academic Leadership Team:  Lori Johnson, Ross Johnson, Natalie Nootenboom, Katie Sullivan, Jessica Armstrong, Carolyn Hughes, Analisa McCann, Bridget Duricic, Amy Norton
  • English Language Development Team, North Pines Middle School: Betsy Casteel, Alicia Hardesty, Michael Kiddy

  • George Orr, Chester Elementary
  • Geoff Dean, Ridgeline High School
  • Garden Club, University High School:  VaLynn Woolley, Anya Turner
  • Prime Time Panda Mentors, Opportunity Elementary: Phil Swistak, Mike Vlahovich, Tim Klingenberg, John Merriman, Stan Richmond, Kelsey Garcia, Tanner Hiebert, Njere Morris, Drew Corson, Aaron Kuchenski
These recipients were selected by board members from those nominated by colleagues, students and parents below. 

Congratulations to CVSD's 2024 Meritorious Service Nominees

In all, there were 753 total nominations, resulting in nearly 1000 Certificates of Recognition for 582 certificated and classified individuals, 94 employee teams, and 77 community members/organizations—nominated by peers, parents, and students. Please click on the arrows to the right to see the nominee lists.


Adams Elementary School:

Melinda Benzel, Certificated
Karrie Blakesley, Certificated
Abby Deocariza, Certificated
Mason Flemmer, Certificated
Hannah Hirt, Certificated
Nicole Karaus, Certificated
Leanne Larkin, Certificated
Stephanie Burkhart, Classified
Shannah Dunagan, Classified
Jamie Johns, Classified
Katie Oens, Classified
Kathy Poffenberger, Classified
Joana Silva, Classified
Alyssa Roibal, Community Individual
Ruth Scott, Community Individual
Grades 3-5 Alternative Inclusion Program Team: Nicole Karaus, Katrina Fuher, Janelle Babinski, Riquie Severson, Chari Lodge, Melia Maughan

Broadway Elementary School:

Lori Johnson, Certificated
Analisa McCann, Certificated
Natalie Nootenboom, Certificated
Amy Norton, Certificated
Mike Lehman, Community Individual
Kerry Vaught, Community Individual
Academic Leadership Team: Ross Johnson, Natalie Nootenboom, Katie Sullivan, Jessica Armstrong, Carolyn Hughes. Analisa McCann, Bridget Duricic, Amy Norton
Interventionists: Bridget Duricic, Katie Sullivan, Jessica Armstrong, Carolyn Hughes
Kindergarten Team: Cassie Thompson, Taylor McMains
Long-Term Substitutes: Bri Bowden, Virginia Standow, Heather Parent, Jenni Grant, Julia Simpson
SBA Interim Work Group: Bridget Duricic, Carolyn Hughes, Katie Sullivan, Jessica Armstrong, Amy Norton, Becky Greene, Jen Higgins, Amanda Hutyler
Secretaries: Jessie Waters, Brook Powell
Supervisor Team: Sue Ewan, Mary Birkenbuel, Alicia Johnston, Jen Higgins, Kelsie Johnson, Dani San, Ashley Williams, Sammy Girton
Wellness Committee: Analisa McCann, Sue Ewan, Cassie Thompson, Julia Simpson, Julie Caffrey, Whitney Titus, Jessica Armstrong


Chester Elementary School:

Katie Brooks, Certificated
Becki Herndon, Certificated
Shelly Mahn, Certificated
Sara Schultz, Certificated
Jenny Stewart, Certificated
Moe Weisbeck, Certificated
Sarah White, Certificated
Todd Wilson, Certificated
Karly Carroll, Classified
William Erickson, Classified
Diane Hutchens, Classified
Jeff Laden, Classified
Karley Nilles, Classified
Tori Orndorff, Classified
Nichole Pardee, Classified
Kristalyn Peterson, Classified
Sandra West, Classified
Stewart Young, Classified
Alysha Davis, Community Individual
Bennett Davis, Community Individual
Lauren Heal, Community Individual
Janet Kohn, Community Individual
Norma and David Leach, Community Individuals
George Orr, Community Individual
Kelly Reynolds, Community Individual
Ashley Richard, Community Individual
Sheila Richard, Community Individual
Shelia Richard, Community Individual
Linda Sandberg, Community Individual
Anya Turner, Community Individual
Mary Ellen Wall, Community Individual
4th/5th Combo Teacher Team: Alicia Hebden, Heidi Joppa
Educational Support Team: Jeff Laden, Stewart Young
Kindergarten Team: Bonnie Davis, Denise Kennedy, Susan James
Night Custodian Team: Don Pulliam, Jeff Laden
Special Education & Administration Staff: Christy Swan, Maureen Weisbeck, Becki Herdon, Yana Clovis, Christina Seybold, Paige Thurman, Melissa Faire, Becki Herdon, Victoria Orndorff, Kristalyn Peterson, Jennifer Weller

Greenacres Elementary School:

Christina Belknap, Certificated
Jordyn Betz, Certificated
Wendy Bucknell, Certificated
Justin Collyer, Certificated
Alicia Dickson, Certificated
Lindsay Kent, Certificated
Aaron Lynn, Certificated
Elizabeth Mischke, Certificated
Gail Pennestri, Certificated
Andee Quinn, Certificated
Heidi Schneider, Certificated
Traci Ward, Certificated
Annie Arnzen, Classified
Vickie Gaspar, Classified
Beth Jorgenson, Classified
Jordan Mason, Classified
Keela Miller, Classified
Vicki Warwick, Classified
Linda Hume, Community Individual


Liberty Creek Elementary School:

Sarah Forkner, Certificated
Laura Gottberg, Certificated
Kayli Griffis, Certificated
Lisa Marsh, Certificated
Lindsey Pell, Certificated
Kayla VanSickle, Certificated
Aubrey Weekes, Certificated
Mariah Henry, Classified
Maggi Holbert, Classified
Chrisie Zeckser, Classified
Clark Ness, Community Individual
Tiffanie Papich, Community Individual
Kenzie Spalinger, Community Individual
OT and PT Team: Eric DeMers, Nicole Toupal 
LAP Academic Specialists: Aimee Schulhauser, Emily Risley 
Secretarial Team: Janelle Schumacher, Michelle Bieker

Liberty Lake Elementary School:
Jennifer Antonietti, Certificated
Connie Callihan, Certificated
Amy Clark, Certificated
Amy Dickeson, Certificated
Tara Downie, Certificated
Brittney Goldman, Certificated
Courtney Lawson, Certificated
Carmen Parker, Certificated
Carly Score, Certificated
Lauren Waterbury, Certificated
Heather Carroll, Classified
Becky Renken, Classified
Rebecca Renken, Classified
Karin Bruhn, Community Individual
Jennifer Martens, Community Individual
WIN Team: Jeni Davaz, Kay Anderson, Suzie Madden, Jennifer Antonietti, Rebecca Ramsey, Brittney Goldman, Amy Dickeson, Jamie Lakoduk, Amy Clark 


McDonald Elementary School:

Abby Clark, Certificated
Scott Krentel, Certificated
Laurie Parr, Certificated
Kelly Lenhart, Classified
Sidney Mansfield-Cole, Classified
Tina McClearn, Classified
Alicia Medford, Classified
Nursing Team: Lani Richards, Paula Kircher

Opportunity Elementary School:

Selina Corson, Certificated
Rachel Dunn, Certificated
Shauna Fox, Certificated
Christine Henson, Certificated
Cheri Hooper, Certificated
Angie Mabry, Certificated
Susan McMillan, Certificated
Katie Norman, Certificated
Pam Popp, Certificated
Allison Regnier, Certificated
Sheree Seamone, Certificated
Becca Taylor, Certificated
Taylor Vallance, Certificated
Diane Birkner, Classified
Matt Fusco, Classified
Kathy Hanson, Classified
Anita Hofstee, Classified
Mary Scott, Classified
Christmas Committee: Becca Taylor, Heather Brayman, Ally Dach, Jen Hollenbeck, Pam Juliano, Amber Perry, Taylor Vallance, Katie Norman, Brent Howard, Kathy  Hansen, Cindy Noll, Anita Hofstee, Melissa Ford, Brian Hastings
Secretarial Team: Anita Hofstee, Cindy Noll
Trauma Informed Classroom Practiced Facilitators: Analisa McCann-Holcomb, Terrie VanderWegen
Opportunity Welcoming Committee: Angie Mabry, Larry Beck, Sabrina Richardson, Taylor Kennedy, Kellie Breslin, Kathy Hansen, Jen Hollenbeck, Katie Norman

Ponderosa Elementary School:

Ellen Briggs, Certificated
Heather Brown, Certificated
Jennifer Chissus, Certificated
Sasha Deyarmin, Certificated
Sarah Forest, Certificated
Dawn Guilbault, Certificated
Lindsey Morrell, Certificated
Dana Murray, Certificated
Sara Sanchez, Certificated
Samantha Stroh, Certificated
Kiendra Tesmer, Certificated
Keri Waston, Certificated
Tonia Merkel, Classified
Kellie Robb, Classified
Trina Villa, Classified
Stacey Carper, Community Individual
Joseph Cluever, Community Individual
Mardy Martin, Community Individual
Lexie Mortensen, Community Individual
1st Grade Team: Mary Hoekema, Laura Faulkes, Joy Derrick
2nd Grade Team: Shannon Rigsby, Traci Collins, Dawn Guilbault, Lisa Vogel
4th Grade Team: Jen Chissus, Samantha Stroh, Ray Gruis 
Kindergarten Team: Ellen Briggs, Nikki Minnihan
ISI Para Team: Alana Hoehner, Andrea Hormel, Lauren Rowe 

Progress Elementary School:

Kelli Jansen, Certificated
JoLynn Shafer, Classified
Christopher Cauchon, Community Individual
Sally Cauchon, Community Individual
Leyda Guzman, Community Individual


Riverbend Elementary School:

Nathan Clark, Certificated
Darren Herndon, Certificated
Marybeth Hildahl, Certificated
Rachael Hunt, Certificated
Amanda Jorgenson, Certificated
Barbara Kooima, Certificated
Alisa Lind, Certificated
Madisen McKerrow, Certificated
Sara Olson, Certificated
Kim Rosetti, Certificated
Jennifer Walker, Certificated
Jennifer Wigen, Certificated
Jacy Williams, Certificated
Barbara Witkoe, Certificated
Patti Simmelink, Classified
Terri Stenson, Classified
Riverbend LAP Teachers: Lauren Hollister, Erin Maier
Nursing Team: Rachel Hunt, Tammy Burke
Riverbend Specialists Team: Rob Faucette, Brandon Barthell, Nathan Clark, Maighain Arkoosh
Riverbend Supervisory Assistant Team: Beth Taylor, Charity Philp, Alina Yangolenko, Sam Beauchamp, Kelly Nichols

South Pines Elementary School:

Andrew Phillips, Certificated
Jen Reyes, Certificated
Victoria Wiykovics, Certificated

Sunrise Elementary School:
Connie Ames, Certificated
Tabitha Anderson, Certificated
Aaron Ash, Certificated
Margie Beschta, Certificated
Deidra Dunbar, Certificated
Anna Hampton, Certificated
Craig McIntyre, Certificated
Anna Owens, Certificated
Sara Schmaltz, Certificated
Amy Sheridan, Certificated
Carol Sippola, Certificated
Kari Vigesaa, Classified
Ken and Heidi Farr, Community Individual
Becky Jarvis, Community Individual
Sam Jarvis, Community Individual
Christina Lamb, Community Individual
Michelle Spear, Community Individual
Sunrise Custodial Team: Ray Landry, Todd Faughender, McCaffery Crandall
Kitchen Team: Saori Simpson, Elysia Hayden
My Son's Sunrise Elementary Dream Team: Sarah McNeice, Yara Nemri, Connie Ames, Carly Hemingway, Amy Sheridan, Sarah Schmaltz, Linda Stumbough
Sunrise Elementary Administration: Travis Howell, Paige Laws
Sunrise Secretarial Team: Tera Beier, Stacy Jones, Jennifer Duer
Sunrise School Assistant Team: Katie Horgan, Tim Rassley, Julie Nielsen, Tiffany Franklin

University Elementary School:

Kristin Date, Certificated
Vickie Dawson, Certificated
Kelli Hamm, Certificated
Nora Havens, Certificated
Rose Hone, Certificated
Emily Jackson, Certificated
Melanie Kilgore, Certificated
Cody Kline, Certificated
Emily Miller, Certificated
Alysha Nelson, Certificated
Whitney Oyler, Certificated
Tammy Pelfrey, Certificated
Michelle Womack, Certificated
Trudy Byus, Classified
Christina Jones, Classified
Jeanna Medellin, Classified
Lisa West, Classified

Bowdish Middle School:

Ben Flanigan, Certificated
Kyle Hjelm, Certificated
Laura Lindley, Certificated
Hayley Smith, Certificated
David Stuhlberg, Certificated
Debora Hatchett, Classified
Angella Schoonover, Classified
Justin Simmons, Classified
Andre Zody, Classified
Mary Birkenbuel, Classified
Sue Ewan, Classified
Jon Mickelson, Classified
Jessica Waters, Classified
Administrative Team: Eric Roal, Lane Helgeson
Attendance Team: Lane Helgeson, Kaylin Simmons, Chris Klesch, Kelly Roal
Cafeteria Team: Jadai Frias, Thomas Boyer-Kendrick, Arleen Epley, Gretchen Hillman, Cailyn Rogers

CVVL Middle School:
Katrina Bozo, Certificated
Sarah Scates, Certificated
Carolyn Smart, Classified

Evergreen Middle School:

David Black, Certificated
Ty Chalich, Certificated
Rachael Crooks, Certificated
Sarah Hilsen, Certificated
Tara Johnson, Certificated
Connor Kuhl, Certificated
Tom Molter, Certificated
Mandy Mortensen, Certificated
Brett Racicot, Certificated
Cami Roberts, Certificated
Mike Syron, Certificated
Rich Tesmer, Certificated
Shannon Vickrey, Certificated
Sharma Walker-Thornton, Certificated
Kyla Watson, Certificated
Courtney Wright, Certificated
Shaun Blakesley, Classified
Brian Falls, Classified
Josh Gallert, Classified
Steve Hayes, Classified
Brooklyn Kittrell, Classified
Vicki Klemme, Classified
Alex Marley, Classified
Priscilla Marlow, Classified
Jesse McNabb, Classified
Andrea Snelling, Classified
Evergreen Middle School Staff
High 5 Advisors: Kim Trent, Beth Branning 

Greenacres Middle School:

Mitchell Goldman, Certificated
Samantha Griffing, Certificated
Reilly Luedtke, Certificated
Leonard Milne, Certificated
John Moore, Certificated
Lisa Pullman, Certificated
Tamara Barnes, Classified
Teresita Kissinger, Classified
Tonja Laducer, Classified
Rene Shearer, Classified
CI Teaching Team: Lisa Pollman, Katelyn Godfrey
Team Godfrey and Team Pollman: Lisa Pollman, Stacey Boden, Todd Tyner, Cindy Oglesbee, Lucy Profit, Tara Nemitz, Katelyn Godfrey, Karen Duvall, Charlotte Edwards, Lura Southerland, Jenn Stewart

Horizon Middle School:

Tawnya Bruns, Certificated
Justin Chissus, Certificated
Todd Clark, Certificated
Kassandra Daniels, Certificated
Sarah Estes, Certificated
Lawrence Falcon, Certificated
Jason Francek, Certificated
Katherine Hadley Morgan, Certificated
Amanda Knopp, Certificated
James Morrow, Certificated
Carly Purvine, Certificated
Annie Arralde, Classified
Jan Jorg, Classified
Jennifer Pitts, Classified
STRIVE Support Team: Justin Pope, Jan Jorg, Rebecca Lieske, Kim Fletcher, Kai Jackson, Jenny Pitts, Nichole Johnson, Garrett Schmerer

North Pines Middle School:
Sara Bascetta, Certificated
Jordan Cunningham, Certificated
Benjamin Foos, Certificated
Acacia Gorman, Certificated
Rachel Hooper, Certificated
Kim Hunter, Certificated
Michael Kiddy, Certificated
Victoria Pau, Certificated
Wally Rodriguez, Certificated
Mikaila Shaw, Certificated
Zachary Szabrowicz, Certificated
Julie Arlt, Classified
Brad Fluno, Classified
Angela Moeller, Classified
Jody Peters, Classified
NPMS Co-Teaching Team: Zac Woodard, Heather Ford, Victoria Pau, Robin Storms
ELD Team: Betsy Casteel, Alicia Hardesty, Michael Kiddy
North Pines Staff

Selkirk Middle School:
Jordyn Bradley, Certificated
Robin Denser, Certificated
Richard Holestine, Certificated
Cherie Holm, Certificated
Rachael Kettner, Certificated
Alicen Montang, Certificated
Darcy Nord, Certificated
Carolyn Schafer, Certificated
Kristin Taylor, Certificated
Shelly Wolff, Certificated
Amanda Brown, Classified
June Chandler, Classified
Amanda Daniels, Classified
Kay Frank, Classified
Christine Townsend, Classified
Tina Townsend, Classified
Don Trowbridge, Community Individual
Selkirk Custodial Team: Robert Smallwood, John Packwood, Brandon Kindle, Ryker McGrath
Health & Fitness Teaching Team: Ali Bartlett, Audra White, Chase Rasmussen
SMS PE Department: Ali Bartlett, Missie Olson, Chase Rasmussen, Jeremy Vanassche, Audra White, Shelley Wolff
Volleyball Coaching Team: Mark Weis, Ken Wells

Central Valley High School:

Trystian Arnold, Certificated
Joshua Barber, Certificated
Kat Barrett, Certificated
Lindsay Beal, Certificated
Ron Beard, Certificated
Katie Bousley, Certificated
Charles Bowden, Certificated
Leanne Donley, Certificated
Erik Flodin, Certificated
Wendy Ford, Certificated
Heather Galloway, Certificated
Julia Goble, Certificated
Randy Hendrick, Certificated
Katie Louie, Certificated
Rachelle Mattingly-Gore, Certificated
Jacquie Monks, Certificated
Tamara Mosar, Certificated
Tamryn Parker-Carver, Certificated
Joseph Pauley, Certificated
Todd Rowell, Certificated
Lara Schoener, Certificated
Anne Siebert, Certificated
Brian Spencer, Certificated
Joe Stanton, Certificated
Stephen Stow, Certificated
Jennifer Williams, Certificated
Kathy Wolrehammer, Certificated
Brett Wyborney, Certificated
Sabrina Barthell, Classified
Bryan Depew, Classified
Cindie Holloway, Classified
Hayley Jones, Classified
Roger Kraft, Classified
Keri McNabb, Classified
Richie Medeiros, Classified
Jason Nevills, Classified
Jason Wilson, Classified
Kris Gist, Community Individual
Rachel Lawson, Community Individual
Tanya Nichols, Community Individual
Barb Oviatt, Community Individual
CI Instruction Team: Brett Wyborney, Erin Teterud, Darla Diaz, Lisa Wolfe, Shelly Regis, Hailey Moore
ELA Impact Team: Brian Spencer, Kathy Wolrehammer, Kristin Tomlinson
School Security Team: Tana Moorehead, Francie Rabedeaux

Mica Peak High School:

Rusty Lee, Certificated
Shannon Truitt, Certificated
Lynne Wilberding, Certificated
Kamiel Youseph, Certificated
Chie D'Amico, Classified
Angela Priest, Classified
Rebecca Warga-Stroder, Classified
Valerie Ward, Community Individual

Teachers at Mica Peak: Shannon Truitt, Kamiel Youseph, Lisa Williksen, Elana Hall, Marcy James, Taunya Luckey, John Griffiths, Mike Johnson, Leslie Heffernan, Katherine Wagner

Night Custodial Crew: Yaroslav Gerasymchuk, Glenn Case, Preston Forrest


Ridgeline High School:

Brandon Dailey, Certificated
Jason Daniel, Certificated
Grady Emmerson, Certificated
Stephanie Etter, Certificated
Ashley Fuller, Certificated
Heather Graham, Certificated
Brice Gretch, Certificated
Leah Grisafi, Certificated
Sherri Jeske, Certificated
Chelsea Kenison, Certificated
Miranda Lasz, Certificated
Kieran Mahoney, Certificated
Lori Maupin, Certificated
Megan McMurtrey, Certificated
Camille Nielsen, Certificated
Nate Paul, Certificated
Nathan Paul, Certificated
Leisa Wick, Certificated
Molly Adams, Classified
Pamela Brown, Classified
Dawn Faughender, Classified
Cathy Franks, Classified
Officer Dave Howard, Classified
Tessa Johnston, Classified
Tony Oukrainets, Classified
Lori Wilson, Classified
Geoff Deane, Community Individual
John R Koons III, Community Individual
David Stone, Community Individual
Admin Team: Jesse Hardt, Grady Emmerson, Abby Frandsen, Kyle LeGrant, Megan Fraser
Ridgeline Counseling Team: Megan McMurtrey, Ashley Fuller, Kara Twining, Brian Spraggins, Kelli Plaster
Pilot Intervention Program Team: Nicola Sanchez, Dawn Faughender
RHS Spirit Squad: Abbie Lentz, Jackie Roberts, Eric Parker
Secretary Team: Molly Adams, Elizabeth Brummet, Elizabeth Driscoll, Angie Harmon, Tessa Johnston, Chrissy Miller, Jenni Voelker, Lori Wilson, Angela Fontain


Spokane Valley Tech / STEM Academy:

Ashley Loncon, Certificated
Arlana Nielsen, Certificated
Tyler Robbins, Certificated
Chrisy Schultz, Certificated
John Traxler, Certificated
Elizabeth Warren, Certificated
Shawna Mallonee, Classified

University High School:

John Berryman, Certificated
William Bialozor, Certificated
Deb Cochran, Certificated
Jennifer Compau, Certificated
Michael Conklin, Certificated
Scott Cooley, Certificated
Kristen Creese, Certificated
Rosi Day, Certificated
Lindy Dixon, Certificated
Dan Dodge, Certificated
Julie Evans, Certificated
Tara Everhart, Certificated
Julisa Green, Certificated
Kevin Houston, Certificated
Jay Humphrey, Certificated
Nedra Hunt, Certificated
Mikaylie King, Certificated
Loretta Kron, Certificated
Svetlana Kushnerchuk, Certificated
Alex Laughery, Certificated
Alexander Laughery, Certificated
Kaleb Madison, Certificated
Ken Matheison, Certificated
Hana Miller, Certificated
Ryan Montang, Certificated
Garrett Newbill, Certificated
Garrick Phillips, Certificated
Eric Puyear, Certificated
Nicole Rippee, Certificated
Carly Schuh, Certificated
Joel Seitz, Certificated
Kara Sharpe, Certificated
Cory Siddoway, Certificated
David Smith, Certificated
Heather Speziale, Certificated
Joseph Turman, Certificated
Wally Watson, Certificated
John White, Certificated
Teresa Whittall, Certificated
Julie-Anne Alexander, Classified
Lauri Cook, Classified
Douglas Durheim, Classified
Hope Harper, Classified
Quinn Hughes, Classified
Debbie Marchand, Classified
Lorene Sandoval, Classified
Vicky Seward, Classified
Emily Theirl, Classified
Christine Wyatt, Classified
Melissa Spacek, Community Individual
Jen Thomas, Community Individual
Kiara Wiedman, Community Individual
5th grade teachers at University Elementary: Erin Clark, Ktee Burget
The University Elementary Reading Intervention Team: Vickie Dawson, Patti Smith
Room 21 ParaTeam: Debbie Reincke, Jeanna Medellin
AI Paraeducators: Lauri Cook, Cindy Dimmler, Elizabeth Fonteyne, Lorene Sandoval, Maureen Steward, Emily Theirl
Alternative Learning Classroom Team: John Berryman, Kara Sharpe, Chrissy Francek, Dan Dodge, Kristi Walshon
UHS C.I. Classroom Team: Heidi Downey, Christine Wyatt, Julie-Anne Alexander, Quinn Hicks, Emily Barville, Cassie McDaniel    
University High School Counseling Team: Loretta Kron, Ernie Aguilar, Matthew Flieger, Pat Shelley, Julie Evans, Nicole Rippee
Custodian Team: Jesse Moreno,  Doug Durheim
UHS Football & Track Coaches: Kaleb Madison, Scott Sutherland, Dan Dodge, Alex Laughery, Eric Puyear, Austin Upmeyer, Ernie Aguilar, Laura Kramer
My support system: Brandon Deyarmin, Garrick Phillips, Scott Sutherland, Brittany Hawkins, Kaleb Madison 
UHS Special Ed Team: Kylie Paluck, Laura Kramer, Kristine Hendrickson, Kara Sharpe, Brittany Hawkins, Doris Tharp, Heidi Seaman, Geri McIntire, Emily Digiovanni, Julisa Green, Alex Laughery, Heidi Downy, Kaleb Madison, Dan Dodge
The Study Skill Teaching Team: Josh Nichols, Mikayla Thomas 
UHS Sunshine Committee: Heidi Seaman, Kristen Creese

Central Valley Early Learning Center:

Jenni Stockdale, Certificated
Whitney Anderson, Classified
Amanda Bowers, Classified
Jennifer Butler, Classified
Faith Czarapata, Classified
Janelle Geer, Classified
Tyler Giffing, Classified
Lisa Gilden, Classified
Leslie Helms, Classified
Rebecca Hultquist, Classified
Candace Leach, Classified
Casey Lee, Classified
Vanessa Malloy, Classified
J'me Mitchell, Classified
April Murry, Classified
Katie Nesbitt, Classified
Adrienne Roberts, Classified
Jolene Severs, Classified
Joanie Tart, Classified
Lisa Winkler, Classified
CV Early Learning Center Staff 
Team Room 208: Sara Michaud, Nadine Gielish, Teresa Nelson, Holly Valley, Bailey Bergdahl, Nathan Wilkinson, Brenda Dutton. 
CVVL - K-8:
Kylee Garitone, Certificated
Laura McKee, Certificated
Melinda Mertens, Certificated
Hayley Mills, Certificated
Ikram El-Bakkush, Classified
Rise Espresso and Dough, Community 

Learning and Teaching Center (District Office):

Janice Boyd, Certificated
Eric Brewer, Certificated
Lisa Hagen, Certificated
Kim Kyle, Certificated
Caesy Morphis, Certificated
Janeace Dilla, Classified
Corey Groh, Classified
Kristi King, Classified
Jin Ko, Classified
Marla Nunberg, Classified
Terry Tallan, Classified
Lauri Trader, Classified
Teresa Tapao Hunt, Community Individual
Lindsay Miller, Community Individual
Learning & Teaching EAO Secretaries: Andrea Wilson, Sally Reynolds, Janeace Dilla
High School English Language Arts Curriculum Review Committee: Sydney Baird, Leanne Donley, Tara Everharrt, Megan Ferguson, Heather Galloway, Megan McGrath, Adrienne Williams, Kacie Hoard, Sherie Van Orsow, Jason Allen, Malia Duncan, Erika Walters, Aaron Gruis, Abbie Lentz, Heather Speziale, Erika Maxwell-Elgee, Michael Connelly 
Nutrition Services Office Staff: Denice Kwate, Shanda Simpson, Deanna Almeida, Shelley Ehlert, Heida Cowperthwaite
CVSD Social Workers: Katelynn Clark, Veronica Risken-Oakes, Pat Reinland, Caesy Morphis, Anise Masterson
CVSD Campus Security Team: Brad Smith, Trevor Jones, Gil Lee, Dave Howard, Branden Carlos, Brian Lawler 

District Operations Center (Facilities and Transportation):

Teddi Harvey Calhoun, Classified
Bob Bower, Classified
Melissa Hammer, Classified
Kelly Kindle, Classified
Doug Lawson, Classified
ShelMarie Moe, Classified
The Entire Transportation Team
Bus Route 313 Team: Cassandra Henry, Shannon Cowee
Transportation Department: James Schofield, Karla Graham-Hauck, Jennifer Hepkema, Shannon Forester, Karen DeRuwe, Melissa Hammer
Student and Family Engagement Center:
Samantha Blair, Classified
Linda Tabish, Classified

Spokane Valley Learning Academy:

Karen Thompson, Certificated
SVLA Teaching Team: Karen Thompson, Grace Cook, Megan Suda, Paula Ward

Summit School:

Lisa Brandal, Certificated
Walt Clemons, Certificated
Sucia Dhillon, Certificated
Ben Jones, Certificated
Jennifer Olsen, Certificated
Kamin Sandford, Classified
General Ed/ Special Ed Team: Meagan Sheldon; Tauni Rickard, Lisa Chan, Kamin Sandford