Meritorious Service Awards » 2023 Recipients

2023 Recipients

In the spring of 2023, we held 34 building/department virtual ceremonies, where board members personally recognized Meritorious Service Awards nominees for their outstanding contributions toward student achievement, learning and teaching. Subsequently, the board announced and presented district-wide Meritorious Service Award honorees in each category for 2023.


Congratulations to Our District-Wide Meritorious Service Award Honorees

14 Meritorious Winners with their plaques

Certificated Employees: 

  • Val Clapper, Ponderosa Elementary, Teacher
  • Mark Bitz, Spokane Valley Tech, Teacher
  • Ross Johnson, Broadway Elementary, Dean of Students
  • Kristalyn Peterson, Chester Elementary, Nurse
Classified Employees: 
  • Stacey Jenkin, Greenacres Middle School, Student Intervention Specialist
  • Chuck Warner, Opportunity Elementary, Head Custodian
Employee Teams:
  • Bus Drivers, Mechanics, Dispatchers, District Operations Center
  • Gifts of Hope: Donna Boudreau and Linda Tabish
Community Organizations: 
  • Debra Walker, MultiCare
  • Jim Durning, OpenEye
  • Gifts of Hope: Rennea Kimmel, Cammy Presho, Jenni Spedick, Sun City Church, Donna Boudreau, Linda Tabish 
These recipients were selected by board members from those nominated by colleagues, students and parents below. 

Congratulations to CVSD's 2023 Meritorious Service Nominees

In all, there were 505 total nominations, resulting in 705 Certificates of Recognition for 320 certificated and classified individuals, 60 employee teams, and 24 community members/organizations—nominated by peers, parents, and students. Please click on the arrows to the right to see the nominee lists.


Adams Elementary School:

Melinda Benzel, Certificated
Hannah Breen, Certificated
Abigail Deocariza, Certificated
Sarah Glover, Certificated
Hannah Hirt, Certificated
Nara Spade, Certificated
Aubrey Weekes, Certificated
Katie Oens, Classified
Terry Poffenberger, Classified
Jay Rudd, Classified
Adams Title Team: Patty Scheffer, Karen Landrus, Nara Spade
Casto's AI Team: Sam Casto, Jay Rudd, Jessica Bolyard, Shannah Dunagan
Intervention Teachers: Patty Scheffer, Nara Spade, Karen Landrus

Broadway Elementary School:

Erin Clark, Certificated
Ross Johnson, Certificated
Sarah Larson, Certificated
Jessica Mowatt, Certificated
Julia Simpson, Certificated
Katie Sullivan, Certificated
Ashley Campbell, Classified
Alicia Johnston, Classified
Jon Mickelson, Classified
Broadway Specialists Team: Martha Agnew, Patrick Thomas, Tanya Ward
Corp Substitutes: Julia Simpson, Brianne Bowden
Kitchen Staff: Annette Denney, Rochelle Yates
Solution Tree Leadership Team: Kelsie Herda, Erin Clark, Jill Watson, Analisa McCann, Becky Greene
Broadway PTO: Emily Churilla, Lindsay McLeod, McKyndree Rogers, Paige Erickson

CVVL - Elementary:
Patricia Burns, Certificated
Jenn Murdock, Classified
LINC Mobile Library

Chester Elementary School:

Kristalyn Peterson, Certificated
Jenny Stewart, Certificated
Lauren Wiggins, Certificated
Sarah Barfuss, Classified
Karly Carroll, Classified
Jen Del Mese, Community Individual
Bus Supervisory Team: Amanda Tainio, Stephanie Painter
Chester Nutrition Staff: Tami Knodel, Tara Malone, Jauna Bastine

Greenacres Elementary School:

Haley Bennett, Certificated
Kim Nurvic, Certificated
Kim Rubright, Certificated


Liberty Creek Elementary School:

Alisha Alsaker, Certificated
Sarah Forkner, Certificated
Laura Gottberg, Certificated
Deb Griffith, Certificated
Becky Lunger, Certificated
Lisa Marsh, Certificated
Kasi Miller, Certificated
April Munyon, Certificated
Kendall Poppe, Certificated
Jenni Spear, Certificated
LCE Nursing Team: Hannah Hoy, Rachael Hunt
Room 139 Team: Sarah Pratt, Amy Palmieri, Lorissa Von Wolffradt, Jen Denenny
Liberty Creek Bridges Prep Team: Alicia Watson, Colleen Corral, Erin Morrison, Janel Medley, Theresa Stephens


Liberty Lake Elementary School:

Teresa Gothmann, Certificated
Suzie Madden, Certificated
Alli Peyton, Certificated
Jeff Rachoy, Certificated
Lauren Waterbury, Certificated

Specialist Team: Amy Clark, Renee Williams, Cheryl Monson
The SA Crew of LLES: Rebecca Renken, Julie Baggarley- Walker, Eluterio Melo, Heather Carroll, Christina Zeckser, LLE PTSA Team: Amanda Hutyler, Anni Millard, Carlee Marshall, Connie Asmus, Hallie Butler, Jami Mauro, Tara Cael, Tierney Schuh


McDonald Elementary School:

Mary Bauman, Certificated
Jan Frank, Certificated
Scott Krentel, Certificated
Tina Gering, Classified


Opportunity Elementary School:

Arreal Blakesly, Certificated
Rachel Dunn, Certificated
Christine Henson, Certificated
Susie Kunz, Certificated
Angie Mabry, Certificated
Carina Mauro, Certificated
Katie Norman, Certificated
Mackenzie Svelmoe, Certificated
Becca Taylor, Certificated
Diane Birkner, Classified
Kathy Hansen, Classified
Anita Hofstee, Classified
Natalie Lester Levine, Classified
Anita Ries, Classified
Lily Vergine, Classified
Chuck Warner, Classified
Opportunity Corp/Long Term Sub Team: Ronni Anderson, Krystal McKinley, Callie Reed, Christine Stephens
Opportunity Dance Instructors: Stephanie Walker, Angie Mabry
Reading Intervention Team:  Amber Perry, Jen Hollenbeck, Pam Juliano, Heather Brayman, Ally Dach

Ponderosa Elementary School:

Val Clapper, Certificated
Heidi Goehri, Certificated
Maria Howes, Certificated
Nikki Minnihan, Certificated
Lindsey Morrell, Certificated
Heather Ralph, Certificated
Heather Stanley, Certificated
Andrew Walters, Certificated
Paige Erickson, Community Individual
Mardy Martin, Community Individual
2nd grade Teacher Team: Traci Collins, Dawn Guilbault, Shannon Rigsby, Lisa Vogel
4th Grade Teacher Team: Jen Chisus, Ray Gruis, Samantha Stroh
5th Grade Teacher Team: Kelsey Cartwright, Sherri Rogers, Megan Colyar
Ponderosa Student Teacher Team: Mardi Wiliamson, Sara Bascetta 

Progress Elementary School:

Eric Dobney, Certificated
Ashley Guilbault, Certificated
Sarah Huskov, Certificated
Kelli Jansen, Certificated
Sunshine Mills, Certificated
Devin Moan, Certificated
Rebecca Odaniel, Certificated
Mario Beirouty, Classified
Barbara Carlson, Classified
Janae McGregor, Classified
Brandy Santiago, Classified
Kyndra Bunkleman, Community Individual


Riverbend Elementary School:

Maria Basel, Certificated
Lyndsay Brook, Certificated
Lisa Cleveland, Certificated
Jeff Dufresne, Certificated
Robert Faucette, Certificated
April Freeman, Certificated
Shanna Hale, Certificated
Barb Kooima, Certificated
Alison LaFrance, Certificated
Leah McCollum-Michelsen, Certificated
Traci Mertens, Certificated
Jennifer Moore, Certificated
Kim Rosetti, Certificated
Kimberly Rosetti, Certificated
Brittany Rutter, Certificated
Rick Mourning, Classified
Colleen Nilson, Classified
Linda Shea, Classified
Mary Sherrodd, Classified
Julie Woodring, Classified
Matt Leon, Community Individual
Riverbend Care Team: Darren Herndon, Lindsay Brook, Jeff Dufresne
Riverbend Cross Country Coaches: Brandon Barthell, Shanna Hale, Lauren Hollister, Alison Lafrance, Rob Faucette, Jeff Dufresne
Supervisory Assistants Team: Elizabeth Taylor, Charity Culver, Courtney Rich

South Pines Elementary School:

Casey Ferguson, Certificated
Amanda Hubof, Certificated
Lauren Palmer, Certificated
David York, Certificated
Paula Kircher, Classified
Jeremy Tost, Classified

Sunrise Elementary School:

Connie Ames, Certificated
Leslie Decker, Certificated
Rebecca Eismann, Certificated
Heidi Farr, Certificated
Paige Laws, Certificated
Anna Owens, Certificated
Danielle Pedroza, Certificated
Linda Stumbough, Certificated
Shannon Cowee, Classified
Katie Horgan, Classified
Saori Simpson, Classified
Judy Demand, Community Individual
Tara Depew, Community Individual
Theresa Harrison, Community Individual
Sunrise Social Connections Team: Eileen Nelson, Debbie Crow, Kari Vigesaa, Angie Patrick
Sunrise Supervisory Assistants Team: Katie Horgan, Tim Rassley, Julie Nielsen, Maggi Holbert, Chris Johnson, Chris Manos

University Elementary School:

Heidi Downey, Certificated
Carrie Harding, Certificated
Rayeann Hatfield, Certificated
Nora Havens, Certificated
Emily Jackson, Certificated
Craig Nelson, Certificated
Christina Miller, Classified
Extended Resource Room Team: Kristin Date, Sarah Williams, Becky light
University Elementary Special Education Teachers: Kristin Date, Emily Jackson, Emily Miller, Stephanie Martin

Bowdish Middle School:

Pat Dempsey, Certificated
Lane Helgeson, Certificated
Chris Klesch, Certificated
Callee Lasley, Certificated
Hayley Smith, Certificated
Tiffany Thompson, Certificated
Lisa Tupling, Certificated
Jen Wigen, Certificated
Rick Bushyeager, Classified
Rocket Academic Teachers: Serena Manwaring, Lyndee Faust
Secretarial Team: Corey Glover, Shawna Mallonee

CVVL Middle School:
Katrina Bozo, Certificated
Sarah Scates, Certificated
Carolyn Smart, Classified

Evergreen Middle School:

Elizabeth Branning, Certificated
Sam Busse, Certificated
Robin Frick, Certificated
Suzanne Fullmer, Certificated
Andrea Gillette , Certificated
Amanda Jenkins, Certificated
Tara Johnson, Certificated
Tom Molter, Certificated
Natalie Nootenboom , Certificated
Brandi Ottersen, Certificated
Brett Racicot, Certificated
Cami Roberts, Certificated
James Roibal, Certificated
Danielle Stroe, Certificated
Shannon Vickrey, Certificated
Eva Waddell, Certificated
Sharma Walker-Thornton, Certificated
Nik Gosselin, Classified
Cindy Graham, Classified
Mimi Hayes, Classified
Marci Highley, Classified
Victoria  Klemme, Classified
Beth Laska, Classified
Jesse McNabb, Classified
Sivon Mitchell, Classified
Scott Oakshott, Classified
Jessica Trejbal, Classified
Evergreen Middle School Administration Team: Michael Syron, Rachael Crooks
Extended Resource Paraeducator Team: Vicky Klemme, Hayley Jones, Angela Greene, Heidi Robertson, Priscilla Marlow

Greenacres Middle School:

Skylar Belfry, Certificated
Nichole Clegern, Certificated
Michael McClenathen, Certificated
Janet McDonald, Certificated
Chris Smith , Certificated
Katherine Whybrew, Certificated
Trevor Zehm, Certificated
Stacey Jenkin, Classified
Shauna Stanley, Classified
Jami Mauro, Community Individual

Horizon Middle School:

Jennifer Ashlock, Certificated
LeAnn Bianco, Certificated
Tawnya Bruns, Certificated
Justin Chissus, Certificated
Starla Fey, Certificated
Doug Hawley, Certificated
Douglas Hawley, Certificated
Matt Hildahl, Certificated
Amanda Knopp, Certificated
Shelby Poisel, Certificated
Duane Sorensen, Certificated
Julie-Anne Alexander, Classified
Anthony Collins, Classified
Colleen Smallwood, Classified
Todd Collins, Community Individual
Administrative Team: Josh Wolcott, Jason Francek

North Pines Middle School:
Ashley Barker, Certificated
Kate Conley, Certificated
Acacia Gorman, Certificated
Alicia Hardesty, Certificated
Bonnie Lang, Certificated
Ashley Sea, Certificated
Kaylin Simmons, Certificated
Robin Storms, Certificated
Taryn Tubiolo, Certificated
Phil Dorr, Classified
Lisa Hager, Classified
Beth Jorgenson, Classified

Selkirk Middle School:
Jordyn Bradley, Certificated
Cherie Holm , Certificated
Bri Kirsch, Certificated
Brianne Kirsch, Certificated
Ty Larsen, Certificated
Connie Mott, Certificated
Constance Mott, Certificated
Timothy Northern, Certificated
Jason Putz, Certificated
Michael Smith, Certificated
Angela Warner, Certificated
Brad Hamblet, Classified
Tina Townsend, Classified
Abbey Shuster, Community Individual
Selkirk MS PTO: Dianna Brown, Jessica Mott, Laina Schutz, Laura Cael, Maura Williams, Sydne Wheeler, Tara Cael


Central Valley High School:

Lindsay Beal, Certificated
Katie Bousley, Certificated
Adam Daniel, Certificated
Leanne Donley, Certificated
Mason Flemmer, Certificated
Brandon Mack, Certificated
Chris Mitchell, Certificated
Michael Muzatko, Certificated
Mary Naccarato, Certificated
Tamryn Parker-Carver, Certificated
Joseph Pauly, Certificated
Steve Stow, Certificated
Quin Wilder, Certificated
Jesse McNabb, Classified
Nancy Wing, Community Individual
Counseling Team: Heidi Averett, Rachelle Gore, Mary Naccarato, Kate Miller, Michelle Rogers, Jeff Smith
AI Classroom Team: Chris Mitchell, Maria Olson, Rebecca Juhnke, Jason Nevills, Aimee Gores, Hunter Wells, Isabelle Duffy
CI Classroom Team: Brett Wyborney, Darla Diaz, Shelli Regis, Lisa Wolfe
Custodial Staff: Larry Belcher, Brad Fluno, Cindie Holloway, Michelle Verment, Bill Erickson, John Heitshu, Roger Kraft, Kevin Schweiger, Kay Irons
Resource Room Special Education Team: Erin Teterud, Cari Nielsen, Hannah Ekstrom, Matt DiDesidero, Katherine Hoot
Secretarial Team: Shannon Arlt, Angie Ranniger, Chris Campanella, Karolyn McDevitt, Karen Santora, Elizabeth Brummett, Marie Hamilton, Lani Osusky, Becky Rossler, Jen Daniel

Mica Peak High School:

John Griffiths, Certificated
Taunya Luckey, Certificated
Nancy Combs, Classified
Sally Tracy, Classified

Ridgeline High School:

Kelli Demarest, Certificated
Jeremy Gering, Certificated
Bryce Gretch, Certificated
Ashley Hamlin, Certificated
Jesse Hardt, Certificated
Wendy Jones, Certificated
Abbie Lentz, Certificated
Erika Maxwell, Certificated
Camille Nielsen, Certificated
Eric Parker, Certificated
Nathan Paul, Certificated
Stefani Peterson, Certificated
Nicola Sanchez, Certificated
Brian Schmidt, Certificated
Nick Seaman, Certificated
Michelle Sutton, Certificated
Kara Twining, Certificated
Danae Unland, Certificated
Pamela Brown, Classified
Dawn Faughender, Classified
Angela Fontaine, Classified
Lynn Frucci, Classified
TJ Horgan, Classified
Amber Hunt, Classified
Tessa Johnston, Classified
Linda Langsett, Classified
Tony Oukrainets, Classified
Ron Rizzuto, Classified
Nicole Sternod, Classified
CI Paras: Christine Morris, Shawn Rowand
Custodian Crew: Paul Gerard, Ron Rizzuto, Jerry Duncan, Dustin Crane, Tony Oukrainets, Steven Limlaw, Shkendije Sadiku, Lee Bailey
RHS admin team: Jesse Hardt, Abby Frandsen, Grady Emmerson, Kyle LeGrant, Megan Fraser
Ridgeline Office Staff: Elizabeth Driscoll, Tessa Johnston, Lori Wilson, Jenni Voelker, Angela Harmon, Kim Wrenchey, Lynn Frucci
The AI and CI Classroom Special Education Teams: Danae Unland, Tonya Mechling, Ben Seckington, Jordyn Crane, Jennifer Fisher, Chris Morris, Angela Townsend, Dawn Faughender, Gina Medeiros, Mandi Nixon, Shawn Rowand

Spokane Valley Tech / STEM Academy:

Mark Bitz, Certificated
Heather Dresback, Certificated
Eugenie Farrow, Certificated
Salvatore Lorenzen, Certificated
Chrisy Schultz, Certificated
Birgit Hodgson, Classified

University High School:

Rob Bartlett, Certificated
Michael Conklin, Certificated
Scott Cooley, Certificated
Kristen Creese, Certificated
Mary Hansen, Certificated
Brittany Hawkins, Certificated
Carly Jordan, Certificated
Jacquie Monks, Certificated
Lori Schneider, Certificated
Kara Sharpe, Certificated
David Smith, Certificated
Heather Speziale, Certificated
Doris Tharp, Certificated
Teresa Whittall, Certificated
Kristine Date, Classified
Doug Durheim, Classified
Hope Harper, Classified
Deputy Brian Lawler, Classified
Bertha Paluck, Classified
Nancy Wagner, Classified
Kristi Walshon, Classified
BI Teacher Team: Kaleb Madison, Dan Dodge
My Teachers and Coaches: Scott Sutherland,  Garrick Phillips,  Austin Upmeyer,  Ernie  Aguilar, Brittany  Hawkins
Special Education Team: Kaleb Madison, Dan Dodge, Paul Robinson, Alex Laughery
SPED Teachers/Paraeducators Team for Myles: Julisa Green, Josalyn Green, Hope Harper
Titan Gameday Team: Joe Turman, Scott Sutherland, Garrick Phillips, Kristine Walshon, Ryan Cornell, Matt Flieger, Sharon Graves, Kathy Williamson, Teresa Whittall, Josh Nichols, Chrissy Francek, Ryan Montang, JT Straka, Kiefer Behler, Doug Durheim.  
UHS MTSS Team: Jacquie Monks, Ali Daschbach, Julie-Anne Alexander, Deb Cochran, Kristen Creese, Matt Flieger, Laura Kramer, Svetlana Kushnerchuk, Megan Perkins, Nicole Rippee, Danielle Roberson, Morgan Robinson, Mikayla Thomas

Central Valley Early Learning Center:

Traci Brown, Certificated
Lisa Chan, Certificated
Brenda Dutton, Certificated
Rebecca Hultquist, Certificated
Jennifer Stockdale, Certificated
Leslie Helms, Classified
Margaret Lampert, Classified
Sarah Wallis, Classified
CV Early Learning Center Staff 
LEAP Team: Tiffany FLorez, Whitney Anderson, Sara Michaud, Laura Hanson, Teresa Nelson, Faith Gartner, Bailey Bergdahl, Holly Valley, Nate Wilkenson, Jennifer Butler, Kami Smith, Heather Potack

Learning and Teaching Center (District Office):

Jennifer Chase, Certificated
Mary Kay Hughes, Certificated
Tim Nootenboom, Certificated
Brian Asmus, Classified
Jim Durning, Community Individual
Tom Sahlberg, Community Individual
Deborah Walker, Community Individual
ELD Elementary Specialists for Russian and Spanish: Natasha Gerasimchuk, Mary Kay Hughes
Campus Resource Officers: Trevor Jones, Brad Smith, Gil Lee
Law Enforcement Resource Officers: Braden Carlos, Brian Lawler, Mark Holthaus
Professional Development Team: Elisa Cayce, Emily Fletcher
Bridges Implementation Teacher Leaders: Larry Beck, Jennifer Chissus, Mandee Ennis, Sarah Forkner, Leslie Geldien, Michelle Hancock, Carly Hemingway, Sarah Huskov, Baylee Martin, Lindsey Pell, Brittany Rutter, Amy Sheridan, Kathleen Sullivan, Rebecca Taylor, Jill Watson
Central Valley Sexual Health Curriculum Adoption Committee: Alisa Spears, Allen Skidmore, Audra White, Chena Zimmerman, Gretchen Satran, Jen Chase, Jessica Carroll, Kirsten Albrect, Maria Garcia-Bachman, Mark Walker, Michael Dobson, Natalie Van, Suzanne Groves

District Operations Center (Facilities and Transportation):

Michael Carpenter, Classified
Earl Chapman, Classified
Melissa Hammer, Classified
Jeff Haynes, Classified
James Schofield, Classified
Bus Route 302 Team: Lori Carlstrom, Sally Tracy
School Bus Drivers, Dispatchers, and Mechanics
Student and Family Engagement Center:
Samantha Blair, Classified
Linda Tabish, Classified
Gifts of Hope CVSD Organizers Team: Donna Boudreau, Linda Tabish
Gifts of Hope 2022: Cammy Presho, Jenni Spedick, Rennea Kimmel


Spokane Valley Learning Academy:

Traci Mantz, Certificated
Sarah Powell, Community Individual


Summit School:

Marlene Davis, Certificated
Sucia Dhillon, Certificated
DM Freed , Certificated
Stephanie Koch , Certificated
Jennifer Olsen, Certificated
Molly Adams , Classified
Lloyd Stallings, Community Individual