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School Levy 2021

What is a school levy?

  • School levies support essential programs, staff and services that provide a quality education for our students for 2022-2024.
  • Voter approval will not raise the tax rate.
  • The February 9, 2021 levy replaces the expiring 2018 levy and is not a new tax.
  • The 2022-2024 levy tax rate for schools will be less than the 2021 levy tax rate.

What does the levy pay for?

  • Necessary staffing: teachers to maintain lower class sizes, nurses to meet students' basic health needs, counselors, social workers, security, custodians and support staff
  • Special education programs filling the gap between program costs and funding
  • Curriculum, textbooks, teaching, professional development and instructional materials
  • Co-curricular & extracurricular activities: music, drama, debate, athletics, STEM camps and after-school activities
  • Student intervention & support programs academic, social and emotional supports
  • School safety: resource deputies and officers, crossing guards, playground supervisors and school assistants
  • Technology: Chromebooks for every student that needs one, classroom technology and Wi-Fi support

School funding sources:

Nearly 14% of the school district's annual budget comes from a voter-approved levy, including state matching funds. With an approved local levy, CVSD would also receive an additional $6.46 million in state matching funds, known as Local Effort Assistance (LEA).
district funding

Proposed levy amounts & estimated property tax rate: