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CVSD Profile & Quick Facts

CVSD Mission Statement:

Inspiring and empowering learners to be contributing citizens in our changing world.

Quick Facts:

  • 14,629 students enrolled at 30 schools and learning centers
  • 91% graduation rate
  • 2,100+ employees [1,550 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees]
  • Eighth largest employer in Spokane County
  • 890 highly-qualified teachers
    • 15.1 years of average teacher experience
    • 457 teachers with 15+ years experience
    • 115 Nationally Board Certified teachers (Ranked 3rd in WA State)
    • 15.9 average students per teacher (Student to Teacher Ratio for K-3rd = 17:1, 4-8th = 26-29:1, 9-12th = 32:1)

Did you know?

About Central Valley School District (CVSD):

Serving an 80-square-mile area in the Spokane Valley, WA, CVSD strives to ensure optimal learning opportunities for over 14,600 students attending 30 Central Valley schools and learning centers.
CVSD offers high quality academic and co-curricular programs for students in grades K-12, pre-school and a variety of learning support and highly-capable programs. CVSD’s mission is to inspire and empower learners to be contributing citizens in our changing world.

From the past to the present...

For over 130 years, Central Valley Schools have been committed to educational excellence in the Spokane Valley and region. Since 1890, teachers, administrators, parents, and students have planned, labored, and sacrificed to provide the best possible learning environment.
As school buildings and teaching methods have changed over time, the innovative, caring and committed spirit that characterizes Central Valley School District endures, continuing to create endless opportunities for students.

District Boundaries:

80-square-mile district including: City of Liberty Lake, City of Spokane Valley and Spokane County

Who Leads the District?

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CVSD is governed by a five-member Board of Directors, elected by patrons in specific geographic areas of the district. The Superintendent reports to the School Board and leads the day-to-day operations of the district. Along with the Superintendent, district administration is lead by a team of directors, working closely with principals who oversee school building administration.

What are our programs?

A wide variety of programs and services support student learning in CVSD. Non-traditional and alternative schools, career and technical education, STEM programs, Spokane Valley Tech, Central Valley Virtual Learning, highly capable programs, special education, learning support programs, English language development, home school programs, child care, transportation, food service, school nursing, professional development, early childhood education, and curriculum development are just a few of the many programs offered to support our students, teachers, families and community.

How is the district funded? 

  •  $217 million is CVSD's 2021/2022 General Fund Budget
    • The district receives funding from state, federal and local sources.
    • More than 75% of the district’s funding comes from the State of Washington.
    • The remaining revenues flow from local taxpayers via the School Programs and Operations levy ($28.5 million), the federal government ($25.1 million) and other sources ($3.5 million including Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund ESSER).
    • The district also maintains separate funds for capital projects, transportation vehicles, debt service and associated student body (ASB) activities.


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