2018 Construction Bond Projects

Original Projects Promised to Our Community:

All 2018 bond projects were completed on time and on budget. The $129.9 million bond provided for much-needed expanded capacity for our secondary students:

Additional Projects Delivered to Our Community:

Because of comprehensive planning, state match, and a cost-effective bid for the new high school construction, we are able to – yet again – deliver more than originally promised.
  • Synthetic Turf at all 3 Comprehensive High Schools

Because we received a cost-effective bid for not only building the new Ridgeline High School, but also for the addition of a synthetic turf field, we were able to get competitive pricing for upgrading Central Valley and University High School's fields as well. All three will have green synthetic turf branded with their names and logos.

Without the need for grass recovery in between playing or practice time, we are able to increase the opportunity for student activities by as much as four times (or more) than the current on-field time. That's a lot of opportunity for kids in band, color guard, soccer, Lacrosse, football, our middle school teams, youth leagues and more. The existing fields will be complete by fall of 2020 and the new field will open with Ridgeline in 2021.

CV Turf     UHS Turf

  • Riverbend Elementary Addition

Riverbend Elementary was originally designed with the ability to add a wing and space to serve another 88 students—for a total of 624. The available funds will allow us to complete Phase 2 construction by fall 2020. The increased capacity will help us minimize the need for overflowing students.

  • HVAC Upgrades

We are already upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) at Broadway, Progress and University elementary schools as well as Summit as part of the bond to be completed by summer 2020. Now, we were also able to upgrade the HVAC system at our next school slated for improvements due to age and normal wear and tear – Central Valley High School – completed in November 2019.

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