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2015 Construction Bond Completed Projects


Delivering on our promise on time and on budget

with the completion of the following 2015 construction bond projects:


Mica Peak High School (formerly Barker)

& CV Early Learning Center

Dedicated February 17, 2016

15111 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley


Central Valley Virtual Learning Center

Opened September 2016

13208 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley


Summit School

Completed four additional classrooms

Jan. 2017

13313 E. Broadway Ave., Spokane Valley


Liberty Creek Elementary School

Dedicated August 15, 2017

23909 E. Country Vista Dr., Liberty Lake


Evergreen Middle School

Dedicated August 22, 2017

14221 E. 16th Ave., Spokane Valley


Greenacres Elementary School

Dedicated August 24, 2017

17915 E. 4th Ave., Spokane Valley

Chester Elementary School

Dedicated August 29, 2017

3525 S. Pines Rd., Spokane Valley


Sunrise Elementary School

Dedicated September 14, 2017

14603 E. 24th Ave., Spokane Valley


Opportunity Elementary School

Dedicated January 9, 2018

1109 S. Wilbur Rd., Spokane Valley


Ponderosa Elementary School

Dedicated May 31, 2018

10105 E. Cimmaron Dr., Spokane Valley


Riverbend Elementary School*

Dedicated August 16, 2018

17720 E. Mission Ave., Spokane Valley


North Pines Middle School*

Dedicated August 23, 2018

11900 E. Broadway Ave., Spokane Valley


*Both of these projects were not originally on the 2015 Construction Bond, but were funded with a grant and additional state funds providing two additional schools to solve overcrowding.