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Strategic Plan

Fast Forward CVSD
CVSD and the Board of Directors recognize the goal of high quality education for all students. The Board further recognizes that student achievement requires vision, structure, accountability, and advocacy. The Board commits the district to the process of strategic planning in order to provide fundamental governance and management structure for the district. Planning will enable the district to respond to new developments and continually improve education within the discipline of the planning process. Strategic planning has a strong impact on students, staff and our Central Valley community as a guide to direct the district for the next five years academically and culturally by creating multiple pathways to success.

Four Directions

Strategic Directions

The four Strategic Directions were adopted by the School Board at their April 24, 2023 meeting. The district is now working through a process to determine action steps within these four directions.

Through Equitable Systems, Staffing and Distribution of Resources, the following are the directions we want to see for CVSD in the next five years:




Pursuing a Culture of Belonging & Equitable Opportunities for All



All students deserve to have the tools necessary to be successful

  • Enhanced school culture & connections
  • Recruitment & retention of high quality staff
  • Equitable resource distribution
  • Effective systems





Reimagining Systems & Structures



Ensuring systems and structures best prepare students for post-secondary pursuits and life

  • High quality learning & teaching
  • Effective use of time
  • Enhanced communications
  • Intentional assessment practices
  • Expanded student supports





Prioritizing District-wide Supports for the Whole Child



Enhancing student support services to improve academic, social-emotional
and post-secondary outcomes

  • Increased district-level supports for students (PreK-12)




Launching Infinite Possibilities



Helping each child find their future

  • Expanded educational opportunities
  • Alternative learning experiences (ALE)




The Fast Forward CVSD 2023-2028 Strategic Plan will be our pathway to success for the next five years. Our community's voice is an integral part of this process. As part of this process, Dr. John Parker, CVSD Superintendent held a community webinar on Wednesday, February 8, 2023.