Central Valley's School Board approves the district's annual budget in August of each year. The Board also certifies annual levy amounts for general fund and debt service funds to be collected from taxpayers on the district's behalf by the Spokane County Treasurer's Office.

The Central Valley School District’s 2020/2021 general fund budget is $206.2 million. The district receives funding from state, federal and local sources. More than 81% of the district’s funding comes from the State of Washington. The remaining revenues flow from local taxpayers via the School Programs and Operations levy ($21.8 million), the federal government ($12.7 million) and other sources ($3.5 million). The district also maintains separate funds for capital projects, transportation vehicles, debt service and Associated Student Body (ASB) activities.

CVSD Budgets & Financial Reports
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ASB Fund Balance Reports
School years 2015-16 through 2019-20
2020-21 ASB Card and Athletic Participation Data
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