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School Policies

Student Responsibilities & Rights

The Student Responsibilities & Rights booklet (below) is printed and distributed annually to all students in Central Valley School District.

This booklet contains notification information that is required to be published and distributed to parents annually:

  • Absences/truancy (attendance policies & procedures)
  • Annual notifications
  • Disciplinary action
  • Dress/apparel (district dress code)
  • Due process
  • Educational records
  • Enrollment information
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Graduation requirements
  • Harassment, intimidation or bullying
  • Notification of threats of violence or harm; penalty for threats to bomb or injure property
  • Participation in surveys, examinations or other information gathering activities 
  • Private transportation of students; parking violations
  • Search, seizure & inspection
  • Student discipline
  • Student electronic information systems acceptable use policy (AUP)
  • Student rights; student expression, assembly
  • Teacher responsibilities & rights