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Meal Payments & Balances

The USDA has approved free meals for all students through June 30, 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and so there is no need to add money to your student's account at this time. 
Online Payments
This is the most efficient way to put money on your student’s account. Payments made online are posted to student meal accounts within 24-48 hours. Your student’s meal account balance is listed on this website. If the balance is in (parenthesis), it signifies a negative balance.
Note: To request a family account, please email Shelley Ehlert at with your students' names.
Other Payments Accepted
Cash or personal check payments are also accepted at all of our Central Valley school offices.
Parental Control
At any time, parents/guardians may put purchasing limits on their children’s meal accounts. Please contact our office at 558-5417 for more details.
Low and Negative Meal Account Balances
  • Any student requesting a full meal will be allowed one regardless of account balance, unless there are parental controls prohibiting meal account purchases.
  • If a student’s account is negative, only full meals are allowed to be charged; snacks or extra items such as additional milk and extra entrees cannot be purchased.
  • Notifications to parents/guardians are made weekly through email when student balances are negative. To ensure receipt of these notices please keep your contact information up-to date with your student’s school.
  • The district may reach out to parents when students account balances reach negative (-$25.00) or more.
If at any time you are concerned about being able to pay for your child’s meals please contact us.