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Meal Payments & Balances

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Online Payments
This is the most efficient way to put money on your student’s account. Payments made online are posted to student meal accounts within 24-48 hours. Your student’s meal account balance is listed on this website. If the balance is in (parenthesis), it signifies a negative balance.
Other Payments Accepted
Cash or personal check payments are also accepted at all of our Central Valley school offices.
Parental Control
At any time, parents/guardians may put purchasing limits on their children’s meal accounts. Please contact our office at 558-5417 for more details.
Low and Negative Meal Account Balances
  • Any student requesting a full meal will be allowed one regardless of account balance, unless there are parental controls prohibiting meal account purchases.
  • If a student’s account is negative, only full meals are allowed to be charged; snacks or extra items such as additional milk and extra entrees cannot be purchased.
  • Notifications to parents/guardians are made weekly through email when student balances are negative. To ensure receipt of these notices please keep your contact information up-to date with your student’s school.
  • The district may reach out to parents when students account balances reach negative (-$25.00) or more.
If at any time you are concerned about being able to pay for your child’s meals please contact us.