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Employment FAQs

How can I find out about open positions?
We post all newly opened positions at each building as well as the District Office, and on our District website - cvsd.org; click on "Employment."

When do you post your positions?
We post newly opened positions as they occur.

If I apply for a position and another similar position occurs after I apply, will I automatically be considered for that second position?
No, you must update your online application for each position for which you wish to be considered.

May I apply for more than one position?
Yes, you may apply for as many positions as you wish for which you are qualified.

How can I tell when the position closes?
Each posting or announcement on the district website states the closing date. Applications must reach the Human Resources office by the specified time on the closing date.

What qualifications must I have to work for the school district?
Each position posted has a list of required and/or preferred qualifications. Washington state certification is required for all positions requiring certification.

Do I have to have a teaching certificate to substitute?
Yes, Washington state certification is required.

Does the district hire retirees under the Retire/Rehire legislation?
The district adheres to the intent of the retire/rehire legislation as a tool to address employee shortages, particularly in hard-to-fill positions. At the current time, the district is not experiencing specific shortages. If such a shortage should occur, retiree applications would be considered.

How will I be notified regarding an interview?
You will be notified of an interview by phone or letter.

Will I be notified if I am not selected for a position?
Typically candidates who are granted an interview are notified of the selection results by phone. Every attempt is made to email candidates not interviewed once a position is filled.

Do I have to use your confidential reference forms or can I just submit letters of reference?
Yes, we require a minimum of two of the electronic confidential reference forms in our application be returned. Additional letters of reference are appropriate and acceptable.

Do you accept late applications?
No, late applications for a specific posting will not be considered.

What is the process for becoming a substitute?
To indicate your interest in substitute positions, mark the substitute box in the application. Completed applications are reviewed when there is a need to increase the substitute pool.

What are the tests required for Educational Assistant positions?
Educational Assistant applicants must take the Scheig online educational assistant assessment.
Title I funded positions also require an AA degree, or two years of college, or passage of the state approved test (ETS ParaPro Assessment) with 461 or more points.

What do I need to do to be considered as a candidate for a secretarial position?
Secretarial candidates are required to take the Scheig online secretary assessment.

How do I obtain a Washington State certificate?
Out-of-state applicants should request certification by direct inquiry to the certification office of the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction in Olympia, Washington (360 725-6400).

Will I be able to work in a smoke-free environment?
Yes, in accordance with Central Valley School District Policy 5201, the use of all tobacco products is prohibited before, during, or after school hours on school property.

How long will my application stay on file?
At the present time, online applications remain active indefinitely.

If I have questions about your equal employment opportunity policies, who do I contact?
Contact the Title IX Compliance Officer, Rick Doehle, at 509 558-5442.

Do I need to be a citizen of the United States to be hired?
In accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Title 8, US Code, section 1.34A), we will hire only United State citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I9), issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, which requires documentation to establish eligibility.