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Communication Preferences

CVSD is committed to effective communications. We use email/phone calls/text messages through the SchoolMessenger communications system to share timely, important information. Parents consent to receive these communications when you register your child for school. Your school and/or the district will send messages about school delays/closures, emergency information, attendance reports and general announcements. 


Manage your communication preferences online. Want to have phone calls for some messages, but only email or text messages for others? No problem. NOTE: Schools may have unique communications patterns in terms of message type and frequency and this may vary if you have more than one student at more than one school. 
  • Visit
  • Select "SIGN UP" on the top right of the page and create an account and password using the email on file at your school.
    • An email will be sent to that address with a secure token. 
    • OR download the SchoolMessenger App with the links below.
  • After you authenticate your email and log in, select "Preferences" in the menu and update how we can best connect with you.
    • Fine-tune your settings by message category and student (if you have several).
  • DOWNLOAD THE APP and get notifications and a 30-day history of messages on your Smartphone.
  • It's that easy! If you have difficulties logging in, please ensure your correct email address is on file at your school. Or, if you need to change your email address on file, contact your school. (For CVSD employees, please contact HR to ensure you have the correct contact info on file.)


Make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information. Check with your school office to make sure we have accurate information on file. (For CVSD employees, please contact HR to ensure you have the correct contact info on file.)


SchoolMessenger app from SchoolMessenger on Vimeo.

What Caller ID will I see?

District messages will be from the main SchoolMessenger phone number (509) 558-5410. School messages will be from that school's attendance line phone number. Text messages will come from 67587. To make it easier on mobile phone users, it is a good idea to add your school's attendance line and the district's SchoolMessenger phone number and text number to your contact list . 

How do I change the language of my SchoolMessenger communications?

Your SchoolMessenger communications will be delivered in the primary language spoken at home that you selected for your child during registration. If you need to change the language, please contact your child's school.

Why am I getting messages? I don't have a child in the school district.

Sometimes mobile carriers reassign phone numbers to new phones. If you are receiving messages in error, contact [email protected] and we will try to track down the phone number and make sure it is updated.