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CVSD Survey Says...

Our Central Valley Parents Spoke & We Listened!

On August 8, 2022 the School Board heard a presentation about our CVSD parent survey results:
  • View the presentation to the School Board describing the above 2022 Parent Survey Results (at 0:14:00 minutes)


Intro to Survey Results:

  • The primary goal in performing this study was to give all parents, guardians, and caretakers in all demographic and income groups a voice.
    • The survey results are broken into preK-12th grade residence areas within CVSD's six middle school attendance areas and also includes non-boundary/choice schools.
    • Additionally, the survey results show responses to each question by ethnic group and by free/reduced or paid lunch families. 
  • The average interview length was 22 minutes. Parents truly wanted to provide their thoughts and input. 
  • Data Strategies was provided the complete list of 14,460 parents, guardians, and caretakers within the district
    • While it was necessary to complete interviews equally within each middle school residence area, the preK-12th grade parent respondents were chosen on an entirely random basis.
    • The leadership team’s overall goal was that in using this random process all ethnic group guardians as well as free/reduced lunch families would be strongly represented.  
  • The confidence level of this study is 98%
    • A confidence level is an expression of how confident a researcher can be of the data obtained from a sample.
    • Confidence levels are expressed as a percentage and indicate how frequently that percentage of the target population would give the answer/response depicted. 
    • This means by calling 1,000 of CVSD parents/guardians, they are 98% confident that even if they called all 14,460 parents they would still be within +/- 2.37% of the same answers. This is a very high significance and representative of the entire CVSD parent population.

Summary of Survey Results:

  • Question:

    Do you feel that your child’s school provides the opportunities such as the classes, extracurricular activities, and school environment that your child needs to succeed?

    • Parents in all groups and areas – 90% overall – feel that their child’s school provides the opportunities their child needs in order to succeed, such as the classes, extracurricular activities and school environment. (results shown divided by resident area of all Pre-K-12 grade levels)Opportunities for Success
  • Question:

    Naming some values that could be important to you as a parent regarding your student’s school, can you please rate CVSD in each area?

Rate each on a 1 to 5 scale with five representing ‘critically important’ down to one which represents ‘not important at all.

    1. The classroom size for your student.
    2. The quality of their teachers.
    3. Communications you receive from the school and the district.
    4. Making your child feel safe at the school and in the classroom.
    5. Celebrating different cultures within your child’s classroom.
    6. The district and school’s actions to address and reduce bullying.
      • Overall, the most important were:  
        • The quality of their teachers - 4.41
        • Classroom size - 4.34 
        • Making your child feel safe in classroom and at school - 4.32 

School Values

  • Question:

Give your input on what education should look like in the future, as your child progresses through middle and high school. Identifying several different areas, please provide us with how important you feel that this area could be for future students?

Rate each on a 1 to 5 scale with five representing ‘extremely important’ down to one which represents ‘not important at all.

    1. Financial management. Balancing a checkbook, managing a credit card, overall managing their finances.
    2. Vocational programs such as construction, engineering, design, robotics, manufacturing, machining.
    3. School credit that could offset college expenses.
    4. More emphasis on computer science, healthcare, technology.
    5. Community engagement and involvement, civic responsibility.
    6. Applying problem solving and learning to real world problems. Teaching innovative thinking and people skills.
    7. More emphasis on environmental and global studies.
      • The top-rated education areas were:  
        • Financial management - 4.82
        • Vocational program - 4.61
        • School credit - 4.59
        • Problem solving - 4.59
Education Areas
  • Question:

    Do you feel that your child or children each have a sense of belonging in the school that they attend?

    1. Yes
    2. Some do and some don’t
        • Can you expand on this?
    3. No
        • What could the district do to improve this?
    • Overall, 80.3% of parents, guardians, and caretakers feel that their child/children have a sense of belonging in their school. (results shown divided by resident area of all Pre-K-12 grade levels)Sense of Belonging
  • Question:

    Aside from the COVID-related issues we struggled through, which effected learning for many, what can CVSD do that would help the struggles and challenges that your child might face? What supports does your family need?

    • While a number of responses were offered, nearly two thirds (61.7%) responded that they do not need anything additional. The requested supports can be found in the full parent survey results found here
  • Question:

    Students are assigned letter grades of A, B, C, D, or F. What letter grade would you give the CVSD overall today?

    • 47.0% of all respondents graded the district an “A,” while an additional 41.4% provided a “B” grade.
(results shown divided by resident area of all Pre-K-12 grade levels)CVSD Grade
  • Question:

    If you could provide one suggestion to the CVSD leaders regarding any area relating to the education of your child, what would that suggestion be?

    • This was asked as an open-ended question and respondents could provide any suggestion whatsoever, thus the variety of suggestions are numerous.
    • Top responses were: 
      • Satisfied/keep up the good work - 38.8% overall
      • Focus on quality of the curriculum/education - 20.4% overall
      • Better or additional communication - 08.4% overall
      • Student safety/bullying - 06.6% overall
      • Teacher access/contact/quality - 05.3% overall
      • Access to special education resources/services - 05.1% overall 
(results shown divided by resident area of all Pre-K-12 grade levels)Suggestions to Leadership


This is just a brief web page summary, for the full results, please view the full PDF report:


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