ELD Resources for Staff

English language learners are immersed in all of our schools. We work hard to provide professional development, student and classroom support, and family advocacy around issues of language acquisition, cultural adaptation, and academic success. 

ELD Staff provide:

  • Training in OCDE Project GLAD ®  (Guided Language Acquisition Design), Imagine Learning®, Academic Language, and Culturally Responsive Practices
  • Follow-up, such as collaborative work sessions (OCDE Project GLAD ® Network: Refresh & Refine, Collaborate & Create), Imagine Learning data review and planning sessions
  • Consultation and problem-solving to address ELL individual and family needs
  • Collaboration with district, building and grade level teams to ensure our work is aligned with district initiatives


Information/Resources from WA State Bilingual Program:

Lesson Ideas, articles, blogs for Teaching CLD Students:

Information on Immigrants and Refugees in WA State:

Sites for Leveled Text:



Immigrant/Refugee Experience:

Best Practices for ELLs in the Classroom:

This professional development activity examines common beliefs that help and hinder work with racially and ethnically diverse students. http://www.tolerance.org/supplement/common-beliefs-survey-working-racially-and-ethnically-diverse-students

Language Line Instructions
(requires staff logon)


Natasha Gerasimchuk
K-5 (Russian/Ukrainian) 558-5715 ngerasimchuk@cvsd.org

Kristin Day
K-8  (Spanish) 558-5712 kday@cvsd.org

Mary Kay Hughes
K-8 (Spanish) 558-5706 mhughes@cvsd.org

Tamara Mosar
5-12 (Spanish) 558-5219 tmosar@cvsd.org

Betsy Casteel
6-8 NPMS (Spanish) 558-5083 bcasteel@cvsd.org

Vince Eberly
9-12 CVHS (Russian) 558-5219  veberly@cvsd.org