ELD - Middle School

Students in grades 6-8 who score in the Emerging or Progressing levels on the ELPA21 are recommended for the comprehensive ELD program at North Pines Middle School (NPMS). NPMS offers students a school environment where they can build English skills, utilize their primary language to support learning, be proud of their heritage and feel supported while they are navigating middle school.

Emerging students enroll in 1-2 ELD class periods each day as their language arts class. Progressing students enroll in 1-2 ELD class periods each day in addition to a grade-level language arts class. All ELD students participate in a full middle school schedule that includes access to music, PE, art and a variety of sports and activities. 

ELD class sizes are small so students receive more individual instruction and support. The ELD specialist collaborates with all staff to build and modify instruction and assignments based on the language level of the student that will most help the student succeed. Students needing special education services are able to access these services in conjunction with ELD services. 
Each ELL student has an individual Academic Learning Plan which is used in collaboration with school counselors and the teachers. This plan identifies the level of language proficiency and recommended accommodations for each student. Whenever ELLs experience academic challenges (including students recently achieving proficient status), parents/guardians, teachers or counselors are encouraged to meet with the ELD specialist to review the student’s Academic Learning Plan and collaboratively address the students’ individual needs. 
For more information about the Middle School ELD Program, please contact:
Betsy Casteel
6-8 ELD Specialist
National Board Certified Teacher
(North Pines MS, Bowdish MS, Horizon MS, Selkirk MS)
(509) 558-5083

Tamara Mosar
5-12 ELD Specialist
National Board Certified Teacher
(Evergreen MS, Greenacres MS, Central Valley HS, University HS)
(509) 558-5219