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Community Access to Schools / Volunteers

Volunteer in Our Schools

Volunteer your time and talents! As a volunteer, you can help in classrooms, work individually with students, help with office tasks, and more. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, please contact the athletic director in your school. For more information call 558-5400 or email [email protected].

Distribute Flyers or Other Information in Our Schools

We receive many requests from local organizations to distribute flyers and other materials in our schools. We review requests from community-based, non-profit organizations weekly. If approved, the flyer will be placed on an information table in the lobby of our schools for parents, students and visitors to pick up. We do not send approved flyers home with students. Approved flyers intended for school staff are placed in the staff lounge. Review the procedures listed below or call 558-5532, for more information.

Request Use of School Facilities & Playfields

When not needed for school activities, or closed due to construction, some school facilities are available for public use. Facilities are generally available according to priorities established by the school board. If extra custodial or utilities services are not required, the district usually does not charge nonprofit groups. If the use is for-profit, the district establishes a fee schedule, which is in line with rental of similar privately-owned space.

Please follow steps below:
3. Email to: the respective school, or submit in-person.