Important Update on Return of 7-12th Graders on Feb. 1st

After a decision at the CVSD School Board meeting on January 11th, we are excited to welcome our 7-12th graders back to in-person learning starting February 1st.

Seventh through twelfth graders, who have chosen Option 1 or 4, will return to in-person learning starting in a phased-in hybrid schedule starting on Monday February 1st.

It is a priority for us to ensure that as we transition to in-person learning, we are making direct daily contact with our students. This allows for the continuity of teaching and learning that our teachers have effectively provided thus far. In the ensuing days, we will continue to work with building administration with regard to rolling out of the hybrid schedule to our 7-12th grade staff and families. Therefore, there will be follow-up communication about schedules as we move forward with this plan.

Transportation will be provided; however, we are encouraging parents to transport their child to school if possible, as our buses will run at 50% capacity for safe social distancing. New bus route schedules will be updated on the transportation web page as we near February 1st.

As we transition to in-person learning, our schools are ready to seamlessly switch between virtual and in-person learning and back as needed, by utilizing our virtual learning management system and curriculum as a platform for both learning models. We also ask for parent collaboration to help make in-person learning a success with our common expectations.

We will continue to meet our families at your readiness level for in-person learning. If you had selected an option to return to in-person, but have concerns about returning; please contact your school principal about alternative plans.

We look forward to seeing our students at school again in person—at an appropriate distance.

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