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ELD - High School

Most often, high school students/ELLs attend Central Valley High School where our ELD Program is located for the district. They are assigned to a language arts-based ELD class based on their language proficiency level. For example, students new to the U.S. may be assigned to 1-2 ELD classes while a high performing English Language Learner (ELL) may be assigned to a regular, grade-appropriate language arts class.

The CVHS ELD Program:
  • The ELD teacher/specialist works with counseling staff on the best placement in classes to assure ELL success and on-time graduation. The ELD teacher/specialist also works collaboratively with ELLs, their parents/guardians, and the counseling staff about a student’s academic progress throughout their class schedule and achievement towards graduation, college and career readiness.
  • Students are supported in their high school classes by the ELD teacher/specialist and a bilingual paraeducator with classwork, homework, and testing. The ELD teacher/specialist also works with content area teachers to modify and accommodate instructional strategies and materials.
  • The ELD teacher/specialist and paraeducator work with the content area teachers, counselors, and administrators to provide best possible educational opportunities for ELLs. For example, many ELLs now take the World Languages Assessment in their primary language. A passing grade on this test means up to 4 elective credits towards graduation.
  • The ELD teacher/specialist provides input on accommodations for standardized testing for graduation purposes (Smarter Balanced and End-of-Course tests in Math and Science).
  • The ELD teacher/specialist administers required language proficiency tests, both the intake or placement test and the required annual test (the WELPA).
  • As any student, ELLs are encouraged to participate in the full range of a high school experience, e.g., intramural and extracurricular activites, sports, drama, music, the arts, and community service/leadership.
  • When high school students who have transitioned (L4 on the WELPA) are experiencing challenges with their classes or need help arranging for credit retrieval, they or their parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the ELD teacher or their counselor for additional academic support.
For more information about the High School ELd Program, please contact:
  • Vince Eberly, High School ELD Teacher/Specialist (Russian), World Language Department      Chair
  • Vera Tupikov, Paraeducator (Russian)