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ELD - Elementary

K-5 ELLs attend their neighborhood schools. This promotes a sense of belongingness to their school, and provides an opportunity for ELLs and their parents to become acquainted with peers and neighbors. An Academic Learning Plan is created for each student to determine services and classroom accommodations. Classroom teachers are supported with instructional materials, strategies, and professional development.

CVSD uses Content-Based ESL, an instructional model where the classroom teacher modifies instruction presented in English only. The Elementary ELD Specialists work closely with classroom teachers and parents/guardians regarding accommodations given a child’s previous experience in formal schooling, their language level, and their overall stage of acculturation. Supplementary resources are also provided for the students and their teachers, such as access to bilingual picture dictionaries and Imagine Learning® which is an intensive online literacy and oral language program.

Professional development with teachers is provided through Focused ELD Book Studies using research-validated instructional strategies, e.g., Classroom Instruction That Works with ELLs and Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) Training. Paraeducators also participate in the book studies and specialized trainings as Project ASPIRE.

Once students reach the Transitional or L4 level, if there are concerns about their academic progress, parents/guardians and classroom teachers or school counselors are encouraged to contact one of the ELD Specialists to review the academic progress and needs for additional services.

Parents/guardians are always welcome to contact our elementary ELD Specialists with questions and concerns.

For more information about the Elementary ELD Program, please contact:

Natasha Gerasimchuk, K-5 ELD Specialist (Russian and Ukrainian)

Kristin Day, K-8 ELD Specialist (Spanish)