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Virtual Attendance

School-Paced Attendance (Options 1 and 2)

Attendance will be taken by teachers every day for elementary and every class period for middle and high school. Students are expected to attend virtual learning the same way they are expected to attend in-person learning by logging in to the Blackboard Learning Management System, being present and completing assigned work on time. Teachers will have guidelines if a student needs a break.
  • Tardies: Students arriving for class up to ten minutes after class is scheduled to begin will be considered tardy, while students arriving any later will be considered absent.
  • Absences: If students are unable to attend class, parents must call the school attendance line to excuse their absence. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office or your student’s teacher.

Self-Paced Attendance (Options 3 and 4)

Attendance will be taken by teachers weekly. However, students will need to log into the Blackboard Learning Management System daily.

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