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How does my student log into a Chromebook?
User name/email = <StudentID#> @cvsd356.org
Password = normal district password they use at school

How do I log in to a Chromebook for the first time?
Students that have never logged onto a Chromebook will initially need to log in with their student ID and the default password. (See your school instructions) They will be required to reset their password the first time they log in.
How do I confirm acceptance of my students Chromebook in VIZOR?
When a Chromebook is checked out to your student, you will receive an email from VIZOR asking you to confirm acceptance of the device. Use your student's @cvsd356.org Google account to log in to VIZOR. If you do not receive an email, go to https://cvsd.vizor.cloud/ and follow the instructions for accepting your student's Chromebook. If you have multiple students, it can be easier to login to VIZOR from each of your students devices. Here is a walk-through for logging in and accepting your student's device in VIZOR:
Can I use my own Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer?
  • If you have your own personal Chromebook, then you can use that and log in with the students CVSD username/email and password and it will work just as if it was a CVSD Chromebook.
  • You can use your own laptop or desktop computer, if it has a web camera available, as this would help facilitate the best virtual learning environment. 
  • If your child signs on to your own computer with their CVSD account, then you can download Microsoft 365 for free. However, our CVSD Chromebooks already have what you need and do not require Microsoft 365.
How can I remove a student account from a Chromebook?
If a student is no longer using the Chromebook, you can remove their account.
  • On the Chromebook sign-in screen, select the profile you want to remove. When you remove an account, it’s only removed from the Chromebook. The Google Account itself, including its data and settings, will still exist. 
  • Next to the profile name, select the down arrow
  • Select 'Remove this User'
  • In the box that appears, select 'Remove this User'
How do I connect the Chromebook to my home Wi-Fi?
Here is the Google support site for Connecting Your Chromebook To Wi-Fi
What is GoGuardian block page?
  • GoGuardian is a filtering solution on all district Chromebooks. It provides a layer of filtering on student devices when away from the district network and used at home. GoGuardian provides teachers the ability to remotely see student screens in real time and direct or limit the student’s ability to visit websites while in the classroom session. GoGuardian logs all web traffic and provides comprehensive historical information complete with screen shots and URL information.
  • If there is a site that that needs to be opened, please work with your teacher, who can coordinate the process for opening those sites if necessary.
The Chromebook was working but now will not turn on or charge, what happened?
Every once in a while, a Chromebook will seem like it does not work or charge. To fix this, plug in the Chromebook to the charger and hold down the power button for 30-60 seconds. Most times that will force a reboot and the Chromebook will work. If that does not work, contact your student's building principal to get a replacement device. 

Logons to PowerSchool, CVVL and other sites

How do I create an account in Powerschool to view my student's schedule, attendance or grades?
Where do I log in for Central Valley Virtual Learning (CVVL)?
CVVL Learning log in is: https://www.cvvl.org
User name/email = <StudentID#> @cvsd356.org
Password = normal district password they use at school
My student can't log into an account that the teacher said we should use, who do I contact?
Please contact the teacher. If it is new and the student has not used the site before you may need to create an account.

Backup your student Google Account with Takeout

Internet Options

What are my internet options? 
Please contact your school if you are unable to find internet access. If you do not have home internet, here is an Internet Wi-fi Hot Spot Finder. Or, the following providers are offering resources and discounts: *Company participates in the FCC Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers.
Entities are not endorsed by CVSD and some may have their own requirements, such as existing customers.
Internet Safety
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