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2020 School Reopening

Kindergarten Parent Q&A Webinar:

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We will meet our families at their readiness level.

CVSD has been working hard to plan for this coming school year. Our school reopening plan includes detailed plans for both virtual learning and in-person learning. Based on guidance from the Spokane Regional Health District, we will start the school year with a full virtual learning environment for all grade levels. While our goal was to open for in-person learning, given current conditions with COVID-19, virtual learning will be necessary to protect the health of our students, families, teachers, staff and community. We designed four virtual learning options for students. Parents received a student-specific email from CVSD, with a deadline of Aug. 23 to select their choice.

When will Central Valley Schools Reopen to In-person Learning?

Here are the metrics for reopening our schools to in-person learning, based on Spokane County.
The following documents and videos provide a wealth of information for our parents and students. If you have any questions, please visit the pages at right (FAQs, help desk info, etc.) or contact us at:
Our CVSD Guiding Principles:
CVSD will meet our students, staff and community at their readiness level as we return to school in the fall. By doing so, we will build greater confidence in and deliver on our ability to provide a high quality educational experience for our students:
  • We will provide in-person learning and teaching to the greatest extent allowable by local and state officials.
  • We will adopt a robust virtual learning curriculum for all CVSD students that allows for continuity in the event of school closures or lack of in-person options for learning and teaching.
  • We will plan for multiple scenarios and have the necessary health and safety protocols in place to protect students, staff, and community. By doing so we will be a resource to our health department in combating the COVID 19 outbreak.