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COVID - Expectations & Protocols

What Parents Can Expect from the School & District Regarding COVID 

Parents will be notified via direct phone calls if:

  • Parents will be contacted directly from the school to pick up their child if they are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Coordination of testing and protocols for the result of the test.

*When your child is tested, please contact the school immediately after you have received the results of your child’s test. You will be able to tell us faster than we will hear from the health district and the information can be critical in identifying close contacts faster.

Parents will be notified by an email and/or recorded phone call if:

  • Another student in your child’s class has exhibited symptoms and is isolating/being tested.

  • Your child has been identified as a close contact of someone who is being tested and your child needs to quarantine.

  • A student in your child’s class is tested. You will be notified of the result of that test and next steps from that result.

  • There is a confirmed case in your student’s class.

  • There are two or more positive cases in a 14 day period in your child’s class and the class will be quarantining and shifting to online learning.

  • In K-6, a class at your child’s school will be quarantining, but your child’s class is not affected.

  • In 7-12, if your child shares a classroom with a positive case and your child needs to be quarantined (will depend on the incidence rate in the community).

  • If there are enough quarantined classrooms at your child’s school that the entire school will be quarantining and shifting to online learning.

Parents will receive a quarantine letter if:

  • Your child has been identified as a close contact of someone with a close case and needs to quarantine.

NOTE: Due to voluntary COVID testing, approved by SRHD, students or staff may be able to return to school sooner than previous protocols. 

COVID Updates & Whether Siblings Should Stay Home:

We are most thankful for our families’ collaboration in this ever-changing environment. We appreciate the attentiveness of our principals, teachers, staff, and especially parents, in helping us follow safety protocols and keeping children home when they have symptoms of any illnesses.
Our reopening plan follows Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) guidance as well as the Governor's, Washington Department of Health's and Washington Department of Labor and Industries' requirements.

Due to our lower county incident rates locally, there have been some recent updates:

Currently as of March 1, 2021, siblings or family members who are ill do NOT require students to stay home from school. ONLY a symptomatic student will be asked to remain home. This does not apply to positive COVID cases or close contacts. 

When COVID county incident rates were above 300 cases per 100 thousand for two weeks, the following did and would apply: 
    • Siblings and parents/guardians of any student kept/sent home for symptoms are also quarantined.
    • For a class B symptom that resolves itself within 24 hours, the entire household can return to school, if there are no other household cases.
    • The ill student can return:
      • with a doctor’s note stating symptoms are not COVID-related; or
      • negative COVID test; or
      • after being out for 10 days.
    • Siblings and parents/guardians will be out for 24 days from the onset the ill student’s symptoms, unless:
      • The ill student has a negative COVID test or a doctor’s note.
We cannot express enough our gratitude to our families as we work through these challenging times together.