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Boundary Review - High School

High School Boundary Review: Which Students Go Where?

Our population continues to grow and will change between now and fall of 2021 when Ridgeline High School opens. Because of this, boundaries would be set by the School Board in 2020. A committee of community members and staff would begin work throughout 2019 and take direct input from the community through public forums.

Guiding principles will be established by the school board with the following potentially being considered:

  • Taking a district-wide perspective of enrollment projections and growth trends
  • Balancing enrollment projections with school capacity across all schools
  • Minimizing impact to families and siblings 
  • Minimizing transportation impacts
  • Making efforts to maintain neighborhood school proximity
  • Minimizing disruptions and impacts to special programs or populations

Other guidelines may be considered at the School Board’s discretion.

Adopted Ridgeline HS Student Transition Plan: