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Boundary Review - Middle School

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CVSD is Growing! Thanks to the passage of the 2018 construction bond, our school district is able to respond to growth within our community. This spring we broke ground on the new Selkirk Middle School, which will open in the fall of 2019. As we move forward, we needed to review and revise all middle school boundaries to accommodate our student growth and minimize overflow students throughout our district.


The process to redraw attendance area boundaries for all of our middle schools has been completed with a recommendation to the board in the fall of 2018 with approved boundaries to take effect for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Public Input:

Throughout the process, the Boundary Review Committee worked with current and future data to consider for boundary changes. There were two Community Open Houses to share boundary adjustments with the public and receive input. A survey of 455 parents was conducted to help direct the process. 

Boundary Review Meetings:

4/16/18 - Application/Selection Committee: School Board Chose Members for Boundary Review Committee

4/25/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting: Introduction to the Boundary Review Process

5/9/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting: Review Initial Springboard Proposal
5/14/18 - School Board Update
5/23/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting
5/30/18 - Community Open House
6/13/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting
6/18/18 - Spokane Board Update
9/12/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting
9/19/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting
9/26/18 6-8pm - Community Open House @ Evergreen Middle School 14221 E 16th Ave
10/8/18 6:30pm - School Board Update @ CVSD 19307 E Cataldo Ave.
10/10/18 - Boundary Committee Meeting
10/22/18 6:30pm - School Board Boundary Recommendation @ CVSD 19307 E Cataldo Ave.

Boundary Review Committee:

The Boundary Review Committee is comprised of parents and principals representing multiple schools, including all middle schools. An application process was conducted and the CVSD School Board selected the committee members listed below: 

Parent Committee Member

Current School(s) of 


Staff Committee 


Sarah Boden CES, HMS, UHS   Ty Larsen SMS
Jennifer Gray EMS, SES   Janice Boyd EMS
Marcus Bresko EMS, SVT   Josh Wolcott HMS
Rachelle Lathan GES, GMS   Vern Digiovanni GMS
Kevin Lind GMS, GES   Laura Lindley BMS
Jen Hurst LCES, LLES, GMS, CVHS   Nate Bartlett NPMS
Joe Phipps LLES    Jesse Hardt New HS
Margo Allen LLES, CVHS   Brandon Deyarmin LTC
Mark Holthaus SES   Kent Martin LTC
Jeff Smith SES      
Melissa Shriver SES, 7th transfer to online      
Betsy Casteel SES, EMS, CVHS, MPHS      
Monty Lewis PES, NP, CES, RES      
A Technical Advisory Team representing Learning & Teaching, Transportation, and Communications departments will assist the Boundary Review Committee. An experienced facilitator will guide the process. 

Guiding the Process:

Guiding the work of the Boundary Review Committee is School Board Policy 3130. The following considerations shall be taken into account when recommending boundary changes and transfers:

  1. Maintain a district-wide perspective
  2. Consider growth trends and their impact on school capacity
  3. Include special education classrooms as part of the analysis of school capacity and reasonable space for staff
  4. Consider transportation costs as well as health and safety in transportation and walking.
  5. Efforts to minimize the disruption of the students’ established learning programs shall be given priority. 
  6. Efforts shall be made to keep siblings in the same elementary school.
  7. Efforts shall be made to maintain neighborhood schools and, if appropriate, the feeder system. 
  8. Students residing within an attendance area shall be given preference over nonresident students.
  9. Students, except children with disabilities, may be transported to and from the school which is geographically located nearest or next-nearest to the student’s place of residence within the district offering the appropriate grade level, course of study, or special academics program or designated by the school board.
  10. Consider natural boundaries if possible.