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Attending School Board Meetings

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Welcome to a Meeting of your School Board
Board meetings are held for the purpose of setting or amending district policy, acting on recommendations by the Superintendent on matters ranging from personnel to maintenance of facilities, adopting an operating budget and tax rate for the district, and authorizing the spending of budgeted funds. All votes are recorded and minutes are kept on permanent record.

Times and Location

Meetings occur regularly on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. All meetings are held in the Board Room at the Learning and Teaching Support Center (19307 E Cataldo Ave) at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified.


Special meetings and work sessions are called from time to time during the school year. On holidays, or when a conflict occurs, meetings may be cancelled or held at an alternate time and/or date. Work sessions are sometimes scheduled in order to examine complex proposals and issues affecting students, staff, and residents of the district. These sessions are usually held in the Board Room. All regular School Board meeting and work sessions are open to the public and district patrons are encouraged to attend.


Addressing the School Board
The Central Valley School District Board of Directors works for the students, parents, and residents of the district and community input is always welcome. If you wish to address the School Board or are invited to be a presenter at a Board meeting, please use the tips included to help you as you prepare:


Hearing of Individuals
During each regularly-scheduled Central Valley School Board meeting, time is included on the agenda to allow citizens from our community to present their thoughts to the Board, under Public Comment. If you would like to address the Board during this time, please follow this format:
  • You will be asked to fill out a card listing your name, address, and other information. These cards will allow the Board president to introduce you to the other Board members and allow the recording secretary to add your name and information to the official minutes.
  • You will be given three (3) minutes to share your thoughts or ideas with the Board. Time restrictions apply to all speakers and a timekeeper will track the time. A cumulative total of 30 minutes is set aside at each meeting for this agenda item.
  • Any handouts should be given to the Superintendent for distribution to Board members. The Board will not review handouts during your time at the podium.
  • As you share your remarks, please address the Board. Do not turn and speak to the audience.
  • The Board will not respond to your questions or comments during their meeting. Should you have questions, please put them in writing and send to the Superintendent’s office in care of the Central Valley School Board. Every attempt, either by board members or staff, will be made to answer your questions in a timely manner.
School Board Reports
If you are invited to make a presentation during School Board Reports, please keep the following format in mind as you prepare your presentation:
  • Handouts should be sent to the Superintendent’s Office or the Executive Director overseeing your program at least one week in advance. If you’re presenting a specific curriculum, copies of the materials are not expected by the Board, but can be used during your presentation. All curriculum materials being considered for adoption will be left in the Board Room following your presentation to allow board members to review them at a time that best meets their schedule.
  • PowerPoint presentations should be sent to Superintendent’s Office or the Executive Director overseeing your program at least one week in advance. They will make sure the presentation is operational during the meeting. The Board will have direct access to the presentation on their laptop computers at their desks during the presentation. PowerPoint presentations with a white background are encouraged. Remember that the most effective PowerPoint presentation is not one read directly from the screen.
  • A timeline for your presentation will be assigned by the Executive Director overseeing your program. To stay within these parameters, please plan your presentation well in advance.
  • Board members may ask questions during or after your presentation to clarify their thoughts or seek further information. Your willingness to answer their questions to the best of your ability is most appreciated.
Should you have any questions regarding your presentations, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 558-5404 or the Executive Director overseeing your program.