Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Check back for updates. Last update 5/4/21
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General Questions 

What are school attendance expectations?
Will breakfast & lunch be provided?
Where can I find additional resources for my family?
Will childcare services be available for our families?
  • We are also working with our Outreach Team, Family Engagement Center, Boys & Girls Club, the HUB, community churches, and other community partners for opportunities for families in need of options. If you need additional support, please contact your school principal or counselor. 
  • If you need help finding childcare in general, check here:
Are CVSD school playgrounds open?
  • Yes, public playgrounds are open.
Are events and activities happening? 
  • Yes, we will have activities and athletics as safely allowed. Athletic and activity information is available at each school. We will follow GSL and WIAA guidelines as well as the Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD).
Is graduation happening in 2021? 
  • Yes, we will have outdoor in-person graduation for each of our high schools with four attendees per student and six in our smaller schools. Here is the schedule: 
    • Mica Peak High School - Thurs. June 10, 6:30pm, outside on CVHS Field (6 guests per student)
    • STEM Academy at Spokane Valley Tech - Fri. June 11, 6:00pm, outside on UHS Field (6 guests per student)
    • University High School - June 12, 9am, outside on UHS Field (4 guests per student)
    • Central Valley High School - June 12, 11am, outside on CVHS Field (4 guests per student)
  • These will be ticketed events. Social distancing protocols and mask wearing will be required.
  • The celebrations will also be streamed live on video and recorded for those unable to attend.

Covid-19 and Student Health & Safety 

If my child has flu-like symptoms, when should they return to school after school resumes?
  • All students and staff who are ill must stay home. The CDC provides guidelines for monitoring symptoms, when to contact your health care provider, and how long someone who is sick should isolate and stay home.
  • We will continue to follow all Washington State Department of Health and Department of Labor and Industries requirements as well as the local Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD).
  • See our parent and district expectations and protocols for additional information. 
Will parents be notified if there is a suspected case of COVID-19 in my school?

In-Person & Virtual Leaning Options 

Has CVSD planned for in-person learning?  
  • Yes, CVSD plans to reopen buildings as soon as safely possible, following Washington Department of Health and Spokane Regional Health District guidelines, with a priority on our youngest students. Health and safety protocols are in place for social distancing, daily health checks & cleaning. Meals, transportation and logistics are also in place. Find details in our reopening plan.
  • All students who choose to are currently in person every day of the week. 
What does virtual learning look like?
What is an example of the elementary curriculum?
What are your plans for Special Education?

Option Questions

Do any of the four options un-enroll my student? Do we lose our spot in the school? 
  • None of the options un-enroll your student or lose your enrollment date. If you chose Option 1 and 4 (returning in-person), you have a spot in your neighborhood school this year (2020-2021). If you chose Option 2 and 3 on the virtual track, you will still have a spot in your neighborhood school next school year (2021-2022). All of this will be based on space availability and your enrollment date.  
What are the definitions of the Options?
Can I watch the parent webinar with Q&A on our options?
Can I or how do I change options? 
  • After school starts, it will be more difficult to switch your learning options. It will be easier if you are on a school-paced option. We will work with you as best we are able to switch.
  • If you have questions or need to make changes to your option, please contact your school principal and/or teacher.
  • For effective communications, please make sure your email is updated with the school and/or email