CVSD Clarification on Critical Race Theory

CVSD does not currently teach, nor does the district have any plans to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools. There is currently no Washington State law or Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) guidance that requires us to teach this in CVSD.

CVSD’s goal is to provide a learning environment where each and every child is treated with respect and dignity throughout their academic experience. We believe that there is an innate, equal worth of each individual. We strive for a culture of “inclusion” for all students and “belonging through dignity” in our schools.

Professional Development training for our staff is being designed locally by our district staff and will center on this notion of creating a climate in schools and classrooms that promote learning for every student. We have not completed the design yet and do not expect it to be done before October or November of this 2021. When this training is designed, it will be available for the public to review and presented to our CVSD School Board.

Central Valley has always enjoyed a community that is compassionate and caring. Our practice of providing the best possible learning environment for each of our students will continue to be reflective of our Central Valley community.

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