Sexual Health Education Update

As the CVSD School Board, we urged the Governor to veto Senate Bill 5395, which was passed by the Legislature and Washington voters in 2020. You can see our letter from March 11, 2020 to the Governor here with our official stance. Governor Inslee signed the bill into law and into effect in December 2020. 

This bill required all public schools in the state of Washington to provide sexual health education by the 2022–2023 school year. Some mandated SB 5395 requirements began in the 2020-2021 school year, of which CVSD was already compliant for 2020-2021 with our previous curriculum and so no changes to curriculum were made.

Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, we felt as a district it was better to focus on the priorities of health and safety of our students, staff, families and community. Now, as we move forward, we will begin our curriculum update process in earnest for the 2022-2023 school year and review if changes are necessary to meet minimum requirements. This work will be done in an open, transparent process that allows us to exert local control to the greatest extent possible within the state mandate, and be reflective of our local community.

We pledge to work collaboratively with our families to honor multiple viewpoints around sexual health education. As part of our ongoing process, we will have open parent meetings to review and provide feedback on any curriculum that will be considered by the district.

The district does not have any plans to provide sexual health education to any grade below fourth grade, which is currently already taught as noted below. Opt-out options are also indicated.

Thank you for your upcoming participation in this process.


Debbie Long

CVSD School Board President


CVSD Health Education Topics Covered by Grade Level: 

Grade 4

Physical changes that occur in the body during puberty

Note: Boys and girls are separated for these lessons

Grade 5

Growing up Girls, Growing up Boys, HIV/AIDS Overview, Abstinence and Refusal Skills

Note: Boys and girls are separated for these lessons

Middle School

HIV/AIDS, Abstinence/Saying No, Birth Control Methods, Reproductive System, Pregnancy, and Preventing STDs

High School

HIV/AIDS, Abstinence, Birth Control Methods, Reproductive System, Pregnancy, Preventing STDs, Communication and Decision Making, and Healthy Relationships


All current CVSD parents are notified of previews and OPT OUT options.

  • Grade 4 OPT OUT:
Parents will also have an opportunity to review the Human Growth and Development program beginning in 4th grade at parent previews. While the State of Washington requires parents to preview the HIV / AIDS curriculum before requesting exclusion for their child, preview is NOT required to exclude your student from the 4th grade Human Growth portion of this curriculum.
  • Grade 5-12 OPT OUT:
Parents of students in grades 5-12 are required by state law to review curriculum before opting out at a parent preview.
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