Sexual Health Education Update

Here is an update about Senate Bill SB 5395, which we are following closely.

Be assured that the Central Valley School District Board of Directors took an official public stance in their CVSD Legislative Platform to maintain local control of curriculum decisions regarding sexual health education.

If a legislative mandate is made, our school district will exercise as much local control as allowable in order to meet any mandated requirements, while at the same time keeping the learning needs of our students at the center of our work.   

If this Bill were to pass and be signed by the Governor, here is how the Central Valley School District will engage our parents and community:

  • Convene a group of community stake holders to review the Bill as passed
  • Gather feedback from community though online surveys
  • Begin the Central Valley School District Curriculum Material Adoption Process (this is a multi-step process with opportunities for parent input throughout the process)
  • Examine multiple pathways for the dissemination of sexual health curriculum that meet the legislative mandates but also give families meaningful preferred options

Central Valley School District is proud of our ongoing open and transparent methods of communication with staff, students, parents and our community. We know that this legislation may be concerning to families in our community. Our pledge is to work collaboratively with our families to honor the multiple viewpoints around comprehensive sexual health curriculum.

UPDATED May 5, 2020 (adding updated SB)

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