April 20, 2014
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Library Media Center

Welcome to the Sunrise Elementary Library! 
Our Library is an exciting place for your student. It is filled with wonderful books to read and it provides engaging learning activities to develop library, information, and technology skills.

Library instruction has changed significantly in the last decade. With the arrival of the information age, the scope of our library program has expanded considerably.  We are the information specialists who teach your student how to navigate technology in a global world.  

Our mission is to ensure students are effective users of ideas and information. 
 We focus on both literacy development (love of reading) and information problem solving (research.) and technology skills. Library classes focus on the English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards. Library instruction also teaches students the information problem solving process, those research strategies of how to find, evaluate, select, and use information.  We then provide students the opportunity to use their technology skills to create and share their learning. Critical skills for today's world.


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 Sunrise Webmix


This table shows the student with the most points who has maintained an average passing percent of 85%, and has an average book level that isn't  below their average minimum book level in the AR program. It also recognizes the student who has shown the most growth in their reading based on STAR test scores. Updated 3/18/2014


AR:  Ed H.

Pts. 7.4

STAR: Alexis P.

207 pts.


AR:  Noah H.

Pts. 3.7

STAR:  Noah H.

360 pts.


AR:  Lola M.

Pts. 3.7

STAR:  Lola M.

303 pts.


AR:  Andrew M.

Pts 6.8

STAR:  Benjamin B.

326 pts.


AR:  Nolan K.

Pts. 9.3

STAR:  Michael S.

241 pts.


AR: Tessa S.

Pts. 44.4

STAR:  Justin A.

292 pts.


AR:  Levi D.

Pts. 45.3

STAR:  Aliese H.

295 pts.


AR:  Branden M.

Pts. 27.0

STAR: Ryder M.

394 pts.


AR:  Dylan G.

Pts. 22.9

STAR:  Landen R.

355 pts.


AR: Abigail M.

Pts. 76.9

STAR:  Faith M.

270 pts.


AR:  Hana O.

Pts. 2.4

STAR: Adreana R.

176 pts.


AR:  Haley S.

Pts 9.0

STAR:  Kevin B.

212 pts.


AR:  Aaron J.

Pts. 435.9

STAR:  Katie W.

205 pts.


AR:  Kate L.

Pts. 336.8

STAR:  Kate L.

378 pts.


AR:  Olivia D.

Pts. 129.6

STAR:  Larsen W.

298 pts.


AR:  Olivia D.

Pts. 108.7

STAR:  Luke B.

237 pts.


AR: Elizabeth Pa.

Pts. 198.2

STAR:  Haley F.

315 pts.


AR:  Dominic T.

Pts. 242.5

STAR:  Dominic T.

429 pts.


AR:  Hanna M

Pts. 645.1

STAR:  Shea H.

369 pts.


AR:  Kelsey J.

Pts. 201.2

STAR:  Bryce F.

284 pts.


Library Staff Hours:
Mrs. Teri Rowell
Full Time Teacher Librarian
Hours: M-F

Mrs. Vickie Cunningham
Part Time Teacher Librarian
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday AM


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