Health and Fitness
Homework and Fitness Logs

 Health and Fitness  Homework and Fitness Logs

September Homework                                                                

October Homework     

November Homework                                                                       

December Homework              

January Homework               

Last day to turn in Fitness Logs is

Wednesday June 4th

March Homework 

April Homework  

May Homework          

Third thru fifth grade students have homework in Health and Fitness at Liberty Lake Elementary.  Homework and Fitness Logs are designed to assist your child in practicing ways to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness Logs are graded as part of the student's Effort grade.

Worksheets are graded as Achievement.

Parents can look for and expect their child to have:

  1. A Fitness Log each month.  The fitness Log will be handed out in class the first week of the new month.  Students work on their Fitness Log throughout the month and turn it in to the envelope in their homeroom teacher's classroom or their class file folder in the gym.

Students will receive a paper copy of their Fitness Log in class.  If it is lost or misplaced, a new copy can be attained on the Liberty Lake Elementary Website on the Health and Fitness homework page by month.