Environmental Forces







            The Blackfoot Indians are immigrants from the east. In the early 19th century they gathered upon a reservation. They lived in Montana, USA and Albert Canada. The Blackfoot Indians covered areas land from Edmonton and Calgary, Albert to Yellowstone River and the Rocky Mountains to our present day, North Dakota. The Blackfoot Indians owned the most land out of any tribe in the Great Plains.



            The climate for the Blackfoot changed gradually, like our weather in Spokane. There were highs of 90 degrees and lows of 10 degrees. The weather affected the Blackfoot because in order to keep warm they had to make warm clothes and then when it was warm they had to make more clothes for when it was hot outside or even medium temperature. The weather also affected them because when the buffalo were near extinction they could barley make enough clothes to keep them warm through the long winter.



            Instead of being compact people with a head chief and central government, the Blackfoot split-up into 3 sub-tribes that all spoke the same languages.  The sub-tribes were, Te Blackfoot, Blood and the Piegan. Each sub-tribe was then divided into bands; there was about 50 Indians in each band. SO the Blackfoot Indians really had no government or head chiefs, there were only sub-tribes and bands.