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7th Grade Advanced Math


In advanced math students are asked to open their mind to new and challenging mathematics.  Students who are in advanced math are typically one full grade level above their peers in their math skills.  We will be covering all of the 7th grade math standards and approximately half of the 8th grade standards in just one year.  Due to this, the workload is more than a typical math class.  Students are expected to keep their grade at a B- or above or the student will be placed on probation for three weeks.  If at that time the grade is not improved, the student will be placed in a general math classroom. 

 Use the links on the right to find information about the curriculum, as well as specific help on problems.  For every lesson there are extra examples, a personal tutor, and a self check quiz.  There is also a sample chapter test, and the Hotmath site which will guide you through any odd numbered problem in the entire book.   An online version of the book is also available.  If you need any help navigating through the site, please do not hesitate to contact me.  The code to access the 7th grade book online is B6A0E2E11D and the code for the 8th grade book is C67BB97154





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