6th Grade Cross Country


6th Grade Cross Country Intramurals

Approximately 22 sixth graders turned out for their first taste of Cross Country this

year. We met from September 21 through October 2nd for training and then

participated in a 1 mile run at Terrace View Park. 

Every one of these students trained hard. 

This year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners were:

                                        1st place    went to    Joseph     with a time of     6:53

                                       2nd place  went to     Ryan        with a time of     6:59

                                       3rd Place   went to  Michaela   with a time of     7:32

All of our runners were winners this year.  Click here to see more pictures:

6th Grade Cross Country Pictures

Congratulations to all of our 6th grade runners!

Coach herman