Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 4/6/20)

Regarding COVID-19 planning in the Central Valley School District


  • Where do I get the most comprehensive up-to-date information on the Spokane COVID Response?

Here is your official factual source: 

  • Are food services available for our families during this school closure?

Yes, kids, age 18 and under, can enjoy a free, nutritious, grab-and-go, drive-through or walk-up breakfast and lunch while our schools are closed. Weekdays, 10am-1pm at fifteen specific designated locations. Registration is not required and children do not need to be a CVSD student to participate. No paperwork or ID is required. Children must be present to pick up.



  • Are food sources and other resources for our families during this school closure and while social distancing?


  • Why is CVSD Schools Playground use limited?

  • If my child has flu-like symptoms, when should they return to school after school resumes?

Parents with a child with flu-like symptoms are recommended to keep sick children at home until their symptoms are gone and until they have been free of fever (less than 100°F, without the use of fever-reducing medicine) for at least 72 hours.


  • Are events and activities being cancelled? 

Yes, for as long as schools are closed and until further notice.



  • Will fees or tickets be refunded for events and activities that are cancelled? 

We will start a process to refund fees and tickets beginning April 6th. This process may take several weeks, so please be patient during this change.



  • Will childcare services be available for our families during this school closure?

As per the suggestion from the Governor, K-5 children whose parents work in the medical field or who are first responders as well as pharmacy and grocery workers will be provided child. If this applies to you, register here.


If you need help finding childcare in general, check here:



  • Will parents be notified if there is a suspected case of COVID-19 in my school?

Yes. We will share this information, while still protecting the individual privacy and identity of student or staff.



  • Will current in person instruction transfer to online learning services when schools are closed? Will homework packets be given out? 

While our Central Valley schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year to in-person instruction, we will continue our efforts to improve virtual face-to-face classroom meetings and teacher-to-student engagement. We acknowledge concerns that others have experienced with Zoom meetings and will have a secure platform in place after Spring Break. With this extended closure, and as we return from Spring Break, we will be increasing our academic outreach to extend beyond our current Authentic Academic Engagement Opportunities.


Also, please see our free online extended learning resources, home internet options and home technology support.


  • Will state assessments be rescheduled?

No. OSPI has decided that all state testing will be canceled for the 2019-20 school year. 


  • Will graduations timelines be affected by school closures?

We will evaluate graduation ceremonies based on health guidelines. 


This frequently asked questions (FAQ) page will be update on an ongoing basis. If you have questions that you would like answered, please email We will answer questions as we have information available. 
UPDATED April 6, 2020